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    [–] What was your school's 'incident'? K0pp3r 1 points ago in AskReddit

    A couple of years before I went to my high school, a kid attempted to build a homemade nuclear breeder reactor in his back yard. My chemistry teacher used to talk about him often. Here’s a a Wikipedia source:

    You can also google “nuclear Boy Scout” for more reading.

    [–] How do you guys save on floss? K0pp3r 7 points ago in Frugal

    I use my kids old kite string.

    [–] BIFL: My Tupperware Orange Peeler K0pp3r 2 points ago in BuyItForLife

    I had a yellow one too, but it went missing and I could never find it. Got this red one from a guy giving them away at a Tupperware vendor booth in Marine City for their “Maritime Days”. To have one again made me so happy.

    [–] BIFL: My Tupperware Orange Peeler K0pp3r 5 points ago in BuyItForLife

    Sometimes you have to keep it simple, and this orange peeler is hands down the best peeler I’ve ever used.

    [–] Black Friday Smart Thermostat Advice K0pp3r 1 points ago in homeautomation

    Have you used the Ecobee thermostat at all? I’m wondering what people think of it and if it works well.

    [–] Filter for 5/10 gallon tank K0pp3r 1 points ago in Aquariums

    Perfect. Thanks!

    [–] Filter for 5/10 gallon tank K0pp3r 1 points ago in Aquariums

    Is there any difference between the different aquaclear brands?

    [–] [Bug] Images not uploading for new posts. K0pp3r 1 points ago in getnarwhal

    I did last night. I tried uploading something and it just wouldn't go. Ended up having to upload via Imgur and posting a link. What iOS are you on? I'm on iOS 11.1 public beta 1

    [–] Pure sandalwood scents? K0pp3r 1 points ago in wicked_edge

    I have both TOBS Sandalwood and WSP Sandalwood soaps. The WSP is a lot more woody smelling than TOBS. Side note that's kinda related: the Sandalwood and Cypress cologne from April is fantastic smelling.

    [–] $50 Krispy Kreme Gift Card! K0pp3r 2 points ago in deals

    My choice of $1000 or $500 gift cards?? This seems legit.

    [–] He's not Picasso, but my 5 year old son drew a picture using shapes. K0pp3r 6 points ago in daddit

    It's supposed to be a person. My wife and I are glad he added arms.

    [–] Need tank advice: is SpongeBob freaking the betta out? K0pp3r 1 points ago in bettafish

    UPDATE: I removed spongebob and friends and replaced them with 3 neon tetras and a snail. Also took back the plants and got different ones. Everyone in the tank appears to be getting along. My son is super excited. The snail is badass.