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    [–] Art Van has died at 87 K0pp3r 1 points ago in Michigan

    About 2 months ago, my wife and I were at the Lakeside store and Tech Plaza store. No cribs or nursery furniture then. I’m glad they entered into this market though. Now that they’re owned by a private equity firm, they’re probably trying a bunch of new things.

    Also, for your original question, AV Friends and Family was 2x per year and 20% off when you didn’t use their financing. However, I too, am seeing a lot of 20% off offers. That’s a pretty strong offer. I doubt you’ll find much better than that.

    [–] Art Van has died at 87 K0pp3r 2 points ago in Michigan

    We were at Lakeside and Tech Plaza (14/vandyke) and didn’t see cribs or nursery furniture. This was about 2 months ago. With such limited styles I’m gonna guess that it has to be a new market for them.

    [–] Art Van has died at 87 K0pp3r 1 points ago in Michigan

    I stand corrected. I’m actually shocked. They’ve never sold cribs and nursery furniture before. My wife and I were in 2 different ones by us recently and neither had nursery furniture. What locations are you going to?

    [–] Art Van has died at 87 K0pp3r 1 points ago in Michigan

    They don’t sell cribs.

    [–] Art Van has died at 87 K0pp3r 5 points ago in Michigan

    Right. But no one called him that. It was always Mr. Van.

    [–] Art Van has died at 87 K0pp3r 5 points ago in Michigan

    I’m not an employee any longer. I was a couple of years ago, but the answer is the same. When I first started it was just like this. 100% commission and pretty aggressive. As a result of negative guest feedback they wanted to change this tactic (greeting you right away). So, they had some consultants come in and sell the VanElslanders on the idea to be less aggressive and let you walk around. Us salespeople were supposed to let you roam around for a bit then greet you and “watch from a distance” unless you needed us. Unfortunately, not every salesperson changed. Some salespeople kept the same old aggressive sales approach and those people actually sold more than the ones who were less aggressive. It’s 100% commission and I guess that’s just the nature of the beast.

    My advice: If you don’t want to get hounded, then find a salesperson you like, stick with that person every time you shop. Let them know how you want them to interact with you (shop with you or let you look) and then drop their name every time you go into AV.

    [–] Art Van has died at 87 K0pp3r 36 points ago in Michigan

    Here’s a knowledge bomb for ya: his real first name isn’t Art. It’s actually Archie. But you never ever called him that. For us employees (and most people), it was always “Mr. Van”.

    [–] Art Van has died at 87 K0pp3r 13 points ago in Michigan

    He was always super generous. He was credited with saving the Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit many years ago.

    [–] Art Van has died at 87 K0pp3r 1 points ago in Michigan

    Good catch. I fixed the error.

    [–] Art Van has died at 87 K0pp3r 15 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in Michigan

    I know you’re getting downvoted for this comment, but I really hope they don’t run a RIP Art Sale. I used to work in sales at AV and I really wouldn’t put it past them. Art was a super nice guy and very charitable so his passing is pretty sad.

    [–] [Electronics] Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro - $ 119.99 K0pp3r 1 points ago in DiscountedProducts

    I personally own these headphones. I bought them with the recommendations of both r/BIFL and r/headphones. The sound is very neutral so you can safely use them with a lot of different music types. The quality is top notch. Very well made, still made in Germany. Nearly every part is replaceable. I highly recommend them.

    [–] Glary Utilities Pro 1-year license giveaway (available till Feb 15th, 2018) K0pp3r 4 points ago in eFreebies

    I actually got a free code for this a few years ago. It’s been updating as a free lifetime subscription ever since. I really like it. It’s worth trying out.

    [–] Leviton 3-way switch is kicking my butt. Help! K0pp3r 1 points ago in HomeKit

    I installed 3 of the 2 way switches. One trick I learned is that if it have multiple white wires they ALL need to be connected to the switch or it won’t work. It’s a pain in the ass but they all work now.

    [–] (X-post) $10 Salvation Army find K0pp3r 2 points ago in goodyearwelt

    The soles are actually in really good condition.

    [–] $10 Salvation Army Find K0pp3r -13 points ago in BuyItForLife

    So how’d I do? Are these any good?

    [–] Anybody find that buying in bulk at Costco saves them money? K0pp3r 6 points ago in Frugal

    I agree with the other comments. If you buy all of your gas exclusively at Costco, the membership practically pays for itself. Plus, they have the best return policy. I love my Costco membership.

    [–] Best not-plastic strap for Apple Watch? K0pp3r 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in AppleWatch

    I know it’s a few days late, but here is the pic I promised (even though some asshat is apparently downvoting all of my comments anyway).

    Edit: The color looks off because the Apple Band is in a case. The Apple employee at Best Buy also confirmed that my 3rd party band looks exactly like his $50 band. I cannot vouch for how this is gonna wear compared to the real deal. As for looks, it’s identical.