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    [–] How should we add Elden Ring to Soulsborne? KGSD13 1 points ago in Eldenring

    Personally I think they should just be called from software games but like you said that won’t change.

    [–] How should we add Elden Ring to Soulsborne? KGSD13 2 points ago in Eldenring

    So Dark Souls is a “Souls-like”? Bloodborne is a “Souls-like”? The genre was created by From. Any game not developed by From deriving inspiration from their games is a Souls like. A game can’t be a “Souls-like” if it is in fact a Soulsborne game.

    [–] Lordran\Drangleic\Yharnam\Lothric\Ashina. What's your favorite? KGSD13 11 points ago in Eldenring

    Why are you people downvoting him? It’s either a simple mistake or a funny joke on his part.

    [–] it's about that time again boys KGSD13 14 points ago in destiny2

    This would be a great design foundation for the eventual 5th race. Imagine one of these dudes as a raid boss.

    [–] What situation is a good test of someone's character? KGSD13 170 points ago in AskReddit

    I’m a server and let me tell you if I saw one of my friends or family treating another person the way some of my customers treat me at the table, I would disown them. If you want food then treat your server with respect. The customer isn’t always right.

    [–] Bethseda good? KGSD13 24 points ago in Gamingcirclejerk

    Paul Tassi

    [–] NotKenM on how to not get shot KGSD13 2 points ago in NotKenM

    Because people are idiots

    [–] NotKenM on how to not get shot KGSD13 19 points ago in NotKenM

    Aww fuck how could you have done this

    [–] NotKenM on how to not get shot KGSD13 3 points ago in NotKenM

    The man keeps walking in front of the house and getting shot, normally you wouldn’t want to get shot more than once if at all

    [–] What are your favourite standard enemies? KGSD13 1 points ago in Sekiro

    The Red Guard Samurai/Captains, Shinobi, and Flame-throwers. Quality designs for that faction. The ninjas looks like their wearing Guy Faux masks!

    [–] Most embarassing Sekiro moments KGSD13 1 points ago in Sekiro

    Genocide Asshole is my new name for him. A nickname is worth a thousand words