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    [–] Most embarassing Sekiro moments KGSD13 1 points ago in Sekiro

    Genocide Asshole is my new name for him. A nickname is worth a thousand words

    [–] Profile Review - Week of March 05, 2019 KGSD13 2 points ago in Tinder

    I think it’s your first pic, it should be more flattering. Mirror shots never look good imo.

    [–] The Big One, by Bastien Grivet KGSD13 1 points ago in SpecArt

    Reminds me of interstellar, there’s something about waves that makes them simultaneously daunting and beautiful. I love it!

    [–] Anyone else rest their hands like this on PC? KGSD13 39 points ago in gaming

    This is the best post on this sub in a while

    [–] What is your "didn't get enough Oscar love" film for this year? KGSD13 -1 points ago in movies

    It should be up for and win best picture. Guess it’s going to be a sleeper. In my opinion it’s the only 10/10 film released in 2018.

    [–] Is 25 years old too late to turn life around? KGSD13 1 points ago in depression

    Look at Harrison Ford, Ford was a carpenter until his mid thirties and is now considered to be one of the most iconic and successful actors of our time. 25 is very young in the scheme of things. It’s never too late to turn your life around.

    [–] What do you fear? KGSD13 7 points ago in AskReddit

    You should avoid neckbeards.

    [–] I shit on my hamster KGSD13 7 points ago in confession

    He got on Reddit at 11:09 pm (or am?) and got off at 11:09 because this was so scarring.

    [–] One of many wishes for the Collection KGSD13 6 points ago in criterion

    “Are you gonna kill me?”

    “That depends.....can you see me?”

    [–] Totally lethargic. KGSD13 2 points ago in cats