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    [–] I’d love to be in this cozy little cabin right now. KK427LH 5 points ago in CozyPlaces

    An earlier reddit post says it's "around Nora, Sweden", but I didn't find any reason that confirms it. The image is probably cropped from a larger one, since finding the original is so difficult

    [–] Paper straws that come in a plastic package. KK427LH 1 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    It does, but it doesn't show in the picture. The black "stamp" just to the left contains "20" with a large font

    [–] When you have full signal WiFi and two bars but nothing is loading KK427LH 1 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    If a phone can't connect to a WiFi, it uses cell network. OP's point is that there couldn't be a problem with network connectivity.

    [–] Jimmy Neutron has never been better KK427LH 3 points ago in FellowKids

    Neutron is a particle that doesn't have a charge. The person is called Jimmy Neutron. It's a shittier version of an already shitty joke.

    [–] Alankomaiden DENK -muslimipuolueen johtaja: Jos ette pidä muuttuvasta Hollannista, häipykää! KK427LH 9 points ago in Suomi

    Vaatisi paitsi sitä että uskonnolliset muslimit äänestäisivät, niin että he äänestäisivät sankoin joukoin uskonnollisten jättäessä niin tekemättä

    Kyllä niitäkin maailmanparantajia löytyy, jotka äänestäisivät vähemmistön hallitukseen tasavertaisuuden puolesta tjsp

    [–] Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norway. Where Ex Machina was filmed. KK427LH 8 points ago in CozyPlaces

    From their website

    A double room with breakfast costs NOK 1750 per person in a double room. A landscape room for single occupancy attracts a supplementary charge of NOK 1250.

    If you would like a three-course evening meal, the price is an additional NOK 600. If you are travelling alone, you can stay in one of the two new small rooms (“birdhouses”) for the same price as one person in a double room (NOK 1750 per night). When two persons share a “birdhouse”, the price is NOK 1250 per person per night

    1750 NOK = 215,3 USD

    1250 NOK = 153,79 USD

    600 NOK = 73,82 USD

    [–] Shade and water, a double win. KK427LH 3 points ago in AnimalsBeingDerps

    I don't think the dog is wearing any

    [–] Erosion over the years KK427LH 3 points ago in natureismetal

    I think that's your cue

    [–] 21? Looks like a 9 year old Kim Jong Un KK427LH 92 points ago in 13or30

    Aye, clearly a baby. And I'm not quite certain about comparing all chubby asians to Kim Jong Un, as seems customary.

    [–] my type of soccer game KK427LH 3 points ago in gaming

    Japanese wikipedia page for soccer uses the title サッカー which is pronounced pretty much the same as the word "soccer"

    [–] Anet delivering new content already! KK427LH 1 points ago in Guildwars2

    You are kinda making it quite hard for yourself, send it to me pls :3

    [–] Oof my environment bone KK427LH 26 points ago in bonehurtingjuice

    Having multiple people driving the same vehicle isn't safe

    [–] WHO DID THAT KK427LH 12 points ago in Unexpected

    for the prank video?

    [–] Trying to catch steam KK427LH 3 points ago in aww

    this is scaring me

    [–] Vampires don't have a mirror image but they're somehow still often very well groomed and good looking KK427LH 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    My bad, I went after the "silver" a bit too agressively. With a bit of further research I found that it(the reason why vampires don't reflect in mirrors) is more likely that it's because they have no soul (and like the saying goes, mirror is the mirror of your soul, or something). In any case it seems like the original intent would have been for vampires to not have been reflected in anything, not just mirrors.

    Anything in fiction is really hard to argue about, really, since nothing can be proven, and people have different views on what can be considered "canon". The reality is that most depictions of vampires vary from each other in at least a couple of ways.