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    [–] Four seasons on an island in Finland Kaikuzzz -3 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    Oon kyl ylpee et oon syntyny suomee

    [–] She doesn't like bad pick up lines Kaikuzzz 1 points ago in Tinder

    You took this from "What happens when girls play r6" Didn't you?

    [–] I miss my bro. Kaikuzzz 348 points ago in pcmasterrace

    One day he just said. "I gotta go sleep now, see you tomorrow" and i answered "Ye, see ya"

    [–] What did you see exactly, boi? Kaikuzzz 4 points ago in youseeingthisshit

    This is the video when the dog saw humans cutting a cake that looked like dog.

    [–] My Throne Kaikuzzz 3 points ago in battlestations

    Throne of games

    [–] Magical scene Kaikuzzz 1 points ago in BeAmazed

    Plot twist... Those are piranhas

    [–] Favoritism. Kaikuzzz 5 points ago in funny

    This is sad