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    [–] Revamped Ascendancy Class Reveal: Necromancer Kaminoa_ 24 points ago in pathofexile

    Probably because getting 35/35 block with 1 skill is fucking stupid.

    [–] Some people are way too concerned about how balanced this game is instead of how fun it is. Kaminoa_ 3 points ago in pathofexile

    Except that at the moment ignite isn't even an augment to your damage. You have to heavily invest in it to get it up to the level of current bleed. The reason I bring up bleed is that the mechanics are fairly similar but bleed requires practically no investment to actually have an effect while ignite requires you to demolish your initial hit numbers to do anything.

    [–] [ASC] Best bow craft this league for me Kaminoa_ 6 points ago in pathofexile

    Uhh poison isnt the current meta buddy. Not even close

    [–] What should I do with this? Kaminoa_ 3 points ago in pathofexile

    Ask yourself would you use those supports in any build and then scour and start over.

    [–] [Image] One definition of a winner Kaminoa_ 1 points ago in GetMotivated

    Couldn't find a source for your quote. Would you please provide one or kindly fuck off.

    [–] What is that one build/skill you just can’t quit? Kaminoa_ 2 points ago in pathofexile

    Same here. This league i've experimented with esh's visage hybrid rf builds. Surprisingly viable.

    [–] Leveling as LL, RF, SR (namely "mana" es based) Kaminoa_ 1 points ago in pathofexile

    No reason to play in to high 80s. Just respec at 70 and buy corrupted lvl 20 purities for a couple of chaos and ur golden. With shavs u get about 7-8k es at 70. With a Solaris Lorica its around 6k or a little less.

    [–] RF JUGG with dual DYADUS is pretty decent! Kaminoa_ 1 points ago in pathofexile

    very interested in the 5k hp regen part can you link profile or PoB?

    [–] Finnish ski jumping team Kaminoa_ 11 points ago in Suomi

    Ei kiinnosta.

    [–] Best builds with the least downsides this season? Kaminoa_ 1 points ago in pathofexile

    True true.. I was only pointing out that making a low life rf guardian isn't as expensive as people think. The common misconception is that that the build costs big $$ to even get it started :)

    [–] Best builds with the least downsides this season? Kaminoa_ 1 points ago in pathofexile

    Played the build in hc with 50c initial investment just buying memory vault and healthy minds. I had almost 9k es with a solaris lorica at lvl 85 and the build worked fine in yellow and early red maps. So you really dont need a lot of money for it.

    [–] And spin Kaminoa_ 214 points ago in gifs