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    [–] And spin Kaminoa_ 213 points ago in gifs


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    [–] Who thought it was a good idea to ruin maps with the density changes? Kaminoa_ 16 points ago in pathofexile

    Hey can anyone remember that time Chris said that the Xbox release won't affect PC? lul

    [–] Nano spores are awful for new players. Kaminoa_ 5 points ago in Warframe

    Other new player here. Just completed Uranus Junction yesterday and yes it fucking sucks but heres a few tips if you're still stuck in there.

    1. Spam the first capture mission with melee for the Junction req. super easy n fast.

    2. Get Frost for Natah because nobody Is doing it on public queue and it features a ton of defence.

    3. Thief's Wit and patience for the Grineer caches.