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    [–] Who else was on the old message board? KaptKrunch21 1 points ago in SavesTheDay

    There were a couple of message boards IIRC. I was on the meanstobe message board.

    [–] How to get from PTY to BOC KaptKrunch21 1 points ago in Panama

    I hung out in the city for a few days then went to Albrook and took a flight on AirPanama to Bocas then walked from the airport to our accommodation.

    [–] PSA: TURN YOUR FUCKING HEADLIGHTS ON KaptKrunch21 18 points ago in SeattleWA

    Are you suggesting it’s hard to see a dark grey car on dark grey pavement against a dark grey sky at dusk!? Pfft you haven’t grown your Seattle eyes yet transplant.

    [–] Seattle Suns? Amidst arena renovation dispute, Phoenix Suns owner threatens to move team to Seattle or Las Vegas KaptKrunch21 3 points ago in SeattleWA

    Modell Law

    "Ohio Revised Code Section 9.67 – better known as the "Art Model law" – says owners whose teams use tax-supported facilities and accept financial assistance from the state are prohibited from moving to another city unless they give at least six months' notice and give individuals who live in the area an opportunity to purchase the team."

    [–] Seattle’s minimum wage goes up to $16 an hour in January KaptKrunch21 15 points ago in SeattleWA

    Whatever dude, they’ll just be replaced with Amazon Go stores... wait shit.

    [–] Commute from Tacoma to Bellevue KaptKrunch21 7 points ago in Tacoma

    Buy a car with adaptive cruise control, autopilot, eyesight, etc. So you don’t have to do a ton of the driving yourself.

    It really reduces the stress of stop and go traffic.

    [–] All areas on AirNow map in "unhealthy" zone :( KaptKrunch21 46 points ago in SeattleWA

    Have you tried running your AC? I hear that helps.

    [–] Football player saved by other football player KaptKrunch21 80 points ago in footbaww

    Salomón Rondón with the save of DeAndre Yedlin.

    [–] Traveling to Panama City and some northern cities, should I try to speak Spanish? KaptKrunch21 3 points ago in Panama

    That level of Spanish is perfectly fine for Bocas del Toro . In fact your Spanish will get better the more you use it within a couple of days because you are immersed.

    [–] MCSA Bootcamp Questions KaptKrunch21 2 points ago in Seattle

    I got my MCSA and MCSE a long time ago. I can't help you with the specifically instructor led stuff. I can say the MCSA and MCSE were completely doable just reading the study material cover to cover, following along in a VM, and then scheduling the test.

    [–] Funny math: Seattle drivers will pay $1 billion in tolls to cover a $200 million debt KaptKrunch21 4 points ago in SeattleWA

    I love municipal bonds and best of all they are tax-exempt. They are big in states with income tax because interest on them is tax-exempt on federal taxes AND state income tax if you get them for that state.

    [–] New to Renton KaptKrunch21 3 points ago in Renton

    I lived in Forestview on Duvall Ave for awhile and it was great. It was under $1600 for a 1br last I checked.

    [–] is this sub dead? KaptKrunch21 3 points ago in SavesTheDay

    I feel like I've said all I needed to say about them on message boards at 17.

    But yeah pretty dead.

    [–] Arsenal v Leicester City - Premier League, 11-Aug-2017 KaptKrunch21 2 points ago in footballdownload

    Is anyone able to watch any of these streams without it buffering every 5 seconds?