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    [–] Seattle’s minimum wage goes up to $16 an hour in January KaptKrunch21 14 points ago in SeattleWA

    Whatever dude, they’ll just be replaced with Amazon Go stores... wait shit.

    [–] Commute from Tacoma to Bellevue KaptKrunch21 6 points ago in Tacoma

    Buy a car with adaptive cruise control, autopilot, eyesight, etc. So you don’t have to do a ton of the driving yourself.

    It really reduces the stress of stop and go traffic.

    [–] All areas on AirNow map in "unhealthy" zone :( KaptKrunch21 44 points ago in SeattleWA

    Have you tried running your AC? I hear that helps.

    [–] Football player saved by other football player KaptKrunch21 73 points ago in footbaww

    Salomón Rondón with the save of DeAndre Yedlin.

    [–] Traveling to Panama City and some northern cities, should I try to speak Spanish? KaptKrunch21 3 points ago in Panama

    That level of Spanish is perfectly fine for Bocas del Toro . In fact your Spanish will get better the more you use it within a couple of days because you are immersed.

    [–] MCSA Bootcamp Questions KaptKrunch21 2 points ago in Seattle

    I got my MCSA and MCSE a long time ago. I can't help you with the specifically instructor led stuff. I can say the MCSA and MCSE were completely doable just reading the study material cover to cover, following along in a VM, and then scheduling the test.

    [–] Funny math: Seattle drivers will pay $1 billion in tolls to cover a $200 million debt KaptKrunch21 4 points ago in SeattleWA

    I love municipal bonds and best of all they are tax-exempt. They are big in states with income tax because interest on them is tax-exempt on federal taxes AND state income tax if you get them for that state.

    [–] New to Renton KaptKrunch21 3 points ago in Renton

    I lived in Forestview on Duvall Ave for awhile and it was great. It was under $1600 for a 1br last I checked.

    [–] is this sub dead? KaptKrunch21 4 points ago in SavesTheDay

    I feel like I've said all I needed to say about them on message boards at 17.

    But yeah pretty dead.

    [–] Arsenal v Leicester City - Premier League, 11-Aug-2017 KaptKrunch21 2 points ago in footballdownload

    Is anyone able to watch any of these streams without it buffering every 5 seconds?

    [–] Pass this guy the aux KaptKrunch21 10 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    I'm more interested in why someone would skip that song...

    [–] A ITIL certification route KaptKrunch21 1 points ago in personalfinance

    I have an ITIL V3 cert from awhile ago and it was helpful in getting better paying systems engineering roles, but I also had an MCSE 2003 at that point.

    I'd personally recommend entry level A+, Network+, MCSA: Windows 10, Linux+, or applicable AWS entry level certification. These all offer more bang for the buck in my opinion, I'd focus on the ITIL after getting one or similar of the above.

    [–] 147 MPH pursuit in Everett leads to arrest (video from a state patrol plane following a motorcycle) KaptKrunch21 5 points ago in SeattleWA

    There is an invisible upside down wedding cake over Sea-Tac that makes up Class B airspace. Which requires clearance from the tower to enter. The only requirement is to be at least a private pilot and have a radio and transponder. So they wouldn't suspend traffic they'd work you around it.