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    [–] Apple killing AR glasses points to much bigger product design problem Karaselt 0 points ago in gadgets

    It's ok, Elon is making brain chips, we wont need AR. Let's just hope they don't overheat in our brains?

    [–] Your mama was right Karaselt 1 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    Sometimes you just have to rage, I guess. Sucks when you have freeloader "friends" that actually make you have to think about shit like this.

    [–] Jack knifing solutions Karaselt 1 points ago in BIKEPOLO

    It is when you slam the back of your bike into another bike. Back in the day, asshats would do this to you and knock you down. Nowadays it is more common for people to do this because they just don't pay enough attention to where you are at on the court when they are swinging their back ends around. Either way it sucks.

    [–] Jack knifing solutions Karaselt 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in BIKEPOLO

    I would caution you to be careful changing your fork to a lesser rake, because you may get toe overlap with your front wheel. Granted, that would definitely help with preventing jackknifing, but in certain pedal positions, reduce turn radius. I'm almost certain Fixcraft wouldve had a fork with less rake if they could. And yeah, someone talked about increasing rake. Don't do that either, you want as little rake as you can get away with if you want optimal manueverability.

    [–] Jack knifing solutions Karaselt 2 points ago in BIKEPOLO

    So textured wheels usually have a hard edge that can be caught when turning. I used to run knobby mtb tires and was at a na wild card jackknifing everywhere, then someone told me the secret....

    For endos at high speeds and in games, you just gotta try it. It's like jumping off a high dive. They don't always work, but I would recommend just trying them in pickup games or in seeding days at tourneys, because you really need that in game experience to see how they fit into your play. I'm not the best at endos when I practice alone, but in High pressure games, I've totally nailed 180 endos at high speeds (it feels great, except the first few times you feel like throwing up). Not saying I've nailed them all, but trying them is the first step. Also, make sure not to whaletail, whaletail bad.

    [–] Jack knifing solutions Karaselt 2 points ago in BIKEPOLO

    I haven't seen this posted yet, but your tires matter a lot as well. Make sure you are riding with round smooths. I use adastera as well but don't jackknife in it much. I do have a moderately long stem too.

    Another good thing to do is strengthen up your steering arm. You should he doing this anyways because many people in competitions still hit those penalties either by messing with your front wheel or arm directly. The stronger that arm is, the better control and stability you will have.

    In addition, it could be that you are just trying to make turns that are way too sharp. The adastera is actually designed to feel and match the maneuverability of a 26' bike, so you may well experience the same issue on a 26' bike. If you feel your turns are too sharp, you can prevent jackknifing by learning how to endo better. Learning the endo can enable you to move your front wheel less in a turn initially and correct for a sharper turn upon body rotation. Having a sturdy steering arm helps a lot with these as well.

    Last piece of advice: have true wheels. I let mine get all wobbly from time to time (mostly after taco repair) and they have an increased tendency to jackknife at higher speeds or the introduction of weird surface bumps.

    [–] This tomato sprouting its seeds Karaselt 35 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Probably. Tomatoes are nightshades, you don't eat the leaves. As they are sprouts, maybe not very poisonous yet, but I wouldn't chance it.

    [–] An Update On Partnerships Karaselt 4 points ago in 2007scape

    If Jagex want to profit more from the game, they need to start selling Nieve body pillows. They will be swimming in cash from that.

    [–] Wait wut Karaselt 12 points ago in 2007scape

    Or player is herself a girl and calls her girl friends girlfriends.

    [–] An Update On Partnerships Karaselt 1 points ago in 2007scape

    I understand that jagex wants to make more money from osrs. The thing is, and why I think the poll is so one sided, is you guys did a really bad job with rs3 monetization. I can almost guarantee you that any similar polls will be voted out in a similar way because we cant trust you anymore. I don't want to say this, but rs3 is dead. Sure you can say that some large number of people play the game, but just look at any streaming services, rs3 streamers arent watched. On most days, even the top rs3 streamers have less than 100 viewers. Blame eoc if you want, blame mtx, I don't care, but the game is dead and because of this it is really hard for people who love this game to trust you guys to make good choices when talking about big changes or additions to the game.

    I remember when I heard in 2002 that rs2 was coming I was super stoked and when it did come out, it was awesome and fantastic, I remember hoping the same thing for when rs3 was announced and the sadness that came from most of my friends leaving the game with the issues thereafter. I don't mean to sound like a downer, and maybe I'm just saying things you already know very well. Like I said earlier, I want you guys to make good money off this game. You've done good with osrs so far. Build our trust and keep making this game great, I believe you can get that money in a smart and innovative way, but it has to be foolproof, because you should know by now how easy it is to ruin a good thing.

    [–] Swampletics EXPOSED Karaselt 1 points ago in 2007scape

    The guy has a youtube channel and the views are so low

    [–] This is how you make live action anime fights. Karaselt 72 points ago in videos

    Yeah, so anime is already only really a marketing technique for selling manga, so if you adapt an anime to live action, it is moved one more degree towards irrelevancy. Pretty sure the funding and shits given for the live action adaptations is very low.

    [–] Questions Thread - June 18, 2019 Karaselt 2 points ago in pathofexile

    Whoever said that was a troll. I would quality it to 20% though, that gives 100% increased xp gain, which makes 1.4b(?) Xp go much faster.

    [–] Questions Thread - June 18, 2019 Karaselt 2 points ago in pathofexile

    The way the encounters work is in waves. You get 1min per stone, I think. So 4 stones 4mins. You kill as much as you can and if you defeat all the generals you go to the center inside the ring to spawn more mobs and generals. You also start it by traveling up to the inside of the ring. Each wave is harder than the last. I have leech slayer build and haven't died but my friends have because of the usual mechanics. Would say it isn't as rippy as t16 legions unless you get past 5 waves, which I would assume you can't if ur soloing.

    More stones means more generals to defeat to bring the next wave I guess. Loot is prolly better too. Not much of a change in difficulty imo. If you run 4 stones, you unlock 5 socket map device.