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    [–] don't attack my laziness and food choices all in one post Kartoffel1891 1 points ago in gatekeeping

    Let’s ban wheat and wheat byproducts! And cheese and cheese byproducts!

    [–] Whoa! This is worthless! Kartoffel1891 1 points ago in papermoney

    It’s hard to keep track of the hyper inflation!

    [–] Happy Fourth of July! 🇺🇸🎆🎇🎉 Kartoffel1891 9 points ago in coins

    It was the 70s man... you just had to be there...

    [–] Whoa! This is worthless! Kartoffel1891 2 points ago in papermoney

    They also made one cent bills around the same time

    [–] Weekly Discussion - [June 21] Kartoffel1891 1 points ago in CallMeKevin

    Alphabet Park Adventure

    I’ve been watching my 3 year old play this and I kinda want to watch Kevin play it

    [–] Jessica Rabbit didn’t deserve this Kartoffel1891 65 points ago in WTFwish

    The reverse probs says “Heads I get tail”. I think I’ve seen old tokens like this dating back to the 70s

    [–] Always check the coinstar, boys! Kartoffel1891 11 points ago in CRH

    Oooh the 1776-1976 - C giant quarter is very rare. They didnt mint much in Charlotte that year!

    [–] The evolution of the MN drivers license and I guess a Minnesotan too. Kartoffel1891 3 points ago in minnesota

    When you do renew, I strongly suggest using the preapplication function on the DVS website. It’ll get your info in and walk you through the documents you need. It’s what I did for my Enhanced ID and it shortened my visit to the DMV office a lot. I was in and out in 20 min (your office of course may vary when it opens)