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    [–] Pet insurance. Katthedog12 2 points ago in DogAdvice


    [–] Pet insurance. Katthedog12 2 points ago in DogAdvice

    My pet insurance covered $3,500 of $5,000 emergency vet bills after my dog got really sick. I pay $36 a month and it has payed for itself for the next 4.5 years (I’ve had my dog for 2.5 years.)

    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex Katthedog12 6 points ago in legaladvice

    In my experience the mandates report would be sent to the ongoing Child Protection worker which might get you into the same spot. Since the report is against the foster parent who we can assume does not have an open case against them a new worker may be assigned. If the OP doesn’t want to go directly to the Child Protection then going to the school social worker/school counselor/teacher may be a good option, however the Child Protection Worker could still be unresponsive. Unfortunately the quality of care and advocacy that you get in the Child Protection is dependent on the worker.

    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex Katthedog12 23 points ago in legaladvice

    I work adjacent to Child Protection in MN. I agree you should go to your worker but I also know that sometimes it’s just about impossible to get ahold of your worker. If you’re in Hennepin County and your worker is unresponsive you can find your Child Protection Workers Supervisors name and phone number on the Hennepin Child Protection website. I’m unsure if other counties have similar directories.

    [–] What is the most hurtful thing a medical professional has ever said to you? Katthedog12 1 points ago in AskReddit

    This was a yearly physical with a new doctor. SHe started with “wow you’re really overweight” while reviewing my chart. Kept talking about how overweight I was. I was about 20 pounds away from a healthy weight. When she did the Pap smear she said you have really muscular legs for being so overweight. Then she told me my cervix was in the wrong place (which the next doctor I got disagreed with). Cried for 20 minutes outside the office and never went back.

    [–] My son is out of control. Katthedog12 3 points ago in needadvice

    Before going with a boot camp or wilderness program try to have him talk to a therapist. Doing family therapy might be helpful too. In my experience an in home family therapist has a good chance of helping you and him change the negative dynamic where sending him away may reinforce whatever is in his head.

    [–] Been an incredibly emotional day. Katthedog12 2 points ago in toastme

    I LOVE your hair color and wish I was brave enough to rock all the colors, especially purple!!!

    [–] Dog barks every time my SO touches me Katthedog12 2 points ago in DogAdvice

    Mine barked when my boyfriend sat with me so I started to sit after him. We’ve had some success with petting her while he sits down but that is hit or miss. Have you tried having your SO give the dog a treat/piece of food when the SO touches you?

    [–] I want dinner too!!!! Katthedog12 3 points ago in jackrussellterrier

    That’s her tail wag when she’s excited!

    [–] BFF's forever 🐾🐈🐕💖 Katthedog12 1 points ago in jackrussellterrier

    Your pup looks just like mine!!!!

    [–] I hate the dichotomy of dating and interest. Katthedog12 7 points ago in dating

    The best way I have found to deal with this is to just tell the other person that you are really interested in them and be upfront about what you want while making it clear that you won’t push if they aren’t there yet or don’t like the same thing.

    Plus if they can’t or don’t want to be with someone who is enthusiastic then maybe it’s for the best.

    [–] First Date Tips Advice Needed!!!! Katthedog12 1 points ago in dating

    Make sure you ask her questions to get her talking. But make sure you answer her questions too! It sucks when you’re out with someone and you only get one word answers.

    Also know it will be awkward because it’s a first date and don’t let pauses or whatever psych you out. Try to laugh about it!

    You got this!

    [–] Question for those of you who just started dating someone within the last month... Katthedog12 1 points ago in dating

    The best thing to do would be to ask her if she wants to do gifts. However, you could do something small like a bag of coffee, (cheap) bottle of wine, funny fridge magnet, etc. My boyfriend and I had been officially dating for a week on my birthday and he got me a bag of his favorite coffee. I loved it because it showed he thought but it wasn’t big or over the top so I didn’t feel bad.

    [–] AITA for asking my anxious wife for a little relaxing time to myself every week or so? Katthedog12 6 points ago in AITA

    NTA I would agree it’s important for both of you to get alone time but I wouldn’t push it with her. You could just tell her you need x amount of time alone (maybe while the baby naps?) each week and if she wants it to let you know. Then take the time (while she runs errands with the baby or does a mom/baby class or something.

    [–] Moving anxiety Katthedog12 2 points ago in DogAdvice

    Also bring any blankets that have smells she’s used to and don’t wash them for a while.

    [–] Profile Review - Week of September 25, 2018 Katthedog12 5 points ago in Tinder

    Disclaimer writing from the US. It may be personal preference. The problem isn’t the body pic, if you feel confident, show it off! I think the fuckboy vibes I get are more the mirror selfie (guessing) than the fact it’s a workout pic. Plus the rest show you having a good time and that one seems more cliched. So maybe something out at the beach or after a run might be more on point.

    Don’t get me wrong. Good profile! If I was single and in Australia you’d get a right swipe!

    [–] Profile Review - Week of September 25, 2018 Katthedog12 2 points ago in Tinder

    I’d loose 4 and 5. 4 is an awesome picture, but not super relevant for a dating profile. And although 5 shows off your body it’s a little fuckboy/cliche. Love the rest though! Good luck!

    [–] Profile Review - Week of September 25, 2018 Katthedog12 2 points ago in Tinder

    Make sure the ones where you can see your face (holding trumpet, smiling, silly pic, dog pic) are first. Also my fav is the silly one. It shows personality.

    [–] Mother moved to hospice, niece refusing to reveal her location to me even though I am next-of-kin [LA] Katthedog12 9 points ago in legaladvice

    This isn’t a direct answer to your question but still may be helpful. Delta Airlines does do Bereavement flights which are heavily discounted if you do need to get to LA and you can get the time off (aka ridiculous airfare is your barrier). I think this policy can be used if someone is terminally ill as well. They will need the name of her doctor though.

    [–] Should a person work on there mental health first before dating or should they date then fix there mental health? Katthedog12 4 points ago in dating

    Mental health first. Use your current support system and get healthy. Then work on dating. Dating can be hard and you don’t want to make yourself worse. Plus unhealthy person in a relationship usually means unhealthy relationship.