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    [–] Smh dude cmon. Don’t be that dumb Kaynxrhaast 5 points ago in woooosh

    The one on the right isn't even 2 years old

    [–] Wowie zowie Kaynxrhaast 3 points ago in kidsarefuckingdark

    This is real. I was the dad

    [–] How to prevent burnout in Granblue? Kaynxrhaast -1 points ago in Granblue_en

    Been playing for two months at a normal pace Already have 4 complete grids and one is even full SL 10 About to reach lvl 101 Mhhh... joking aside and with the collaboration of your analytic understanding: "Git Gud"

    [–] The Original. Kaynxrhaast 3 points ago in kidsarefuckingdark

    When you want to do a "r/subsyoufellfor" and a sub is born

    [–] The Original. Kaynxrhaast 7 points ago in kidsarefuckingdark


    [–] Just American Things Kaynxrhaast -2 points ago in dankmemes

    I wonder If y'all think there's an island next to Mexico called "Latinolandia" and all brown people come from there"

    [–] A rookie fox having the worst first day ever. A rabbit searching for her 17 brothers. Kaynxrhaast 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in residentevil

    So you ate telling me...that the guy gets to play the adamant MALE rookie. And the girl gets to play the bad ass cyclist looking for her brother? Shocker. If you people were ahead of bUt ShE wAs A cOp you would realize that the personalities match pretty well.

    [–] my history class doing our part Kaynxrhaast 6 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    I'm legally allowed to think she is a cutie. We do have something about girls with glasses

    [–] Add it to Dr. Bright's list Kaynxrhaast 7 points ago in DankMemesFromSite19

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA How the fuck are memetic kill agents real HAHAHAHAHA Nigga just walk away from the screen like nigga close your eyes