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    [–] (wsib) calm games to sink lots of time into that aren't Minecraft or Terraria KazumaKat 25 points ago in ShouldIbuythisgame

    I'm... not so sure about Rimworld. Fucking excellent game, but calm? I mean, if one can be calm about casual amputation and heavy drug abuse, sure...

    [–] Disturbed Sleep -1 KazumaKat 11 points ago in RimWorld

    As they say, the real LPT is always in the comments.

    [–] "He's...a predator!!!" KazumaKat 3 points ago in acecombat

    Mihaly being the man-eating F-16 however...

    [–] YouTube shuts down 210 channels posting about Hong Kong KazumaKat 1 points ago in worldnews

    Didnt even bother to try. Suffice it to say that ISP isnt exactly around anymore.

    [–] When you get the LAMS just right KazumaKat 2 points ago in FromTheDepths

    you're missing out. Watch all three in sequence. Dive back into that rabbit hole.

    [–] YouTube shuts down 210 channels posting about Hong Kong KazumaKat 60 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in worldnews

    Shorthand: Most VPN's require one to log in into the VPN service, thereby presenting a weakpoint that can be exploited. Deny them login access at the start and they cant VPN the rest.

    Also VPN's alongside most other internet communications methods work on current TCP/UDP protocols, via a SSH tunnel mostly. Whilst most layers in an internet suite are pretty much cut-and-dry out there in the open, a lot of them can be denied at the provider level at any point. Heck, I'm not even in China and I already have a internet provider on my permanent blacklist for having the gall to tell me VPN traffic is "not supported" by their service. I mean, wtf?!

    The above is also too heavily utilized for such methods in China that crackdowns on such communication methods will be inevitable. They're just figuring out how to curtail them without impeding on legitimate banking/business/governmental usage (given that a very significant majority of VPN/encrypted communications are of this type).

    VPN traffic is encrypted (or at least should be), so whilst middle-men snooping will reveal it to be VPN traffic, you cant exactly tell who's VPN traffic it is (or at least you should not). And as such you can bet your life savings that world governmental intelligence agencies (amongst other major/minor actors of the field) are working on methods to control that without crippling ones self.

    So alternative methods of communication via the Internet will be required, ones that will likely have to operate on alternative protocols or methods. It'll happen eventually. Its just a matter of how, when, and why.

    [–] Kerbal Ship Program KazumaKat 2 points ago in KerbalSpaceProgram

    Gonna have to echo From The Depths here for equally bonkers ship building (amongst others).

    And that one's on the road to release as well, whilst already being a solid game in its own right.

    I wonder, however, if KSP2 will allow for maritime creations for planets that are majority liquid. I mean, we see aerodynamic creations in the trailer slipping through alien skies, and terrestrial rovers on the ground. What's stopping them to extend that concept onto alien seas?

    I for one would love to see traditional hull boats to hovercraft to more besides. More avenues of creation, more Kraken ways to experiment...

    [–] FINALLY...Geared Flight via Driveshaft WOOT! KazumaKat 6 points ago in KerbalSpaceProgram

    Not yet. Let it reach its maximum altitude.

    ...then release the Kraken.

    [–] You have my attention KazumaKat 6 points ago in KerbalSpaceProgram

    But more real.

    ManKerbal knows what they want.

    [–] YouTube shuts down 210 channels posting about Hong Kong KazumaKat 102 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in worldnews

    The Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai's Presidential Suite gives you unrestricted internet access if you are a foreign passport holder.

    Probably for geopolitical/legal reasons. Lots of other countries outside China would consider internet restriction a human rights violation at worst, to a political scandal at best. Would not be surprised that service is now a standard for any foreign passport holder no matter the room tier.

    Also would not be surprised that "unrestricted internet access" is middle-manned to the high heavens by Chinese internal security anyway.

    And yes, VPN's built on current infastructure are a dying breed, and unless VPN/secure privacy connection providers innovate, they're going to go the way of the dodo.

    [–] YouTube shuts down 210 channels posting about Hong Kong KazumaKat 11 points ago in worldnews

    ... which ones?

    Valid question, as there's a lot of Nazi-related material on Youtube that goes across the entire gamut, from Nazi apologism (of WWII and related) to Neo-Nazism.

    That entire spectrum runs a very broad range. Cant exactly ban one without the other looking like its being spared for a reason.

    [–] Space Engineers: Economy Update, Economy Deluxe Pack & Free Additions to Previous DLCs KazumaKat 5 points ago in Games

    but that you have to conquer to gain access to new resources. It'd give structure to the game, and avoid the sandbox issue of threats destroying your work.

    Legit, if I have to take over, destroy, or otherwise fight for a near-infinite loot/mining spot to set down more permanent roots in (via a resource outpost or larger) for far less tedium in resource gathering, I'll take it.

    I mean, No Man's Sky just got that in the very recent Beyond update, without fighting for said resource spots. Well, not "fighting" in the traditional sense insomuch as fighting the RNG for a good one to set down upon.

    [–] Elite: Dangerous - ANNOUNCEMENT Gamescom Reveals - Fleet Carrier Details KazumaKat 7 points ago in Games

    To be fair, the now-multiple mining game-loops open to the player at multiple levels of depth do make it an interesting section of the game to partake in.

    However, it is still mining. Some will just (consciously or subconsciously) balk at that.

    [–] They always get us wrong. KazumaKat 34 points ago in memes

    Scars heal. Scars never go away.

    It gets better. But it never goes away.

    Let yourself heal, and let the scar remind you of the good times.

    [–] Low effort meme KazumaKat 3 points ago in mountandblade

    Dem spinner rims better be butter-lubricated or I'm requesting a refund!

    [–] Bannerlord when? KazumaKat 76 points ago in mountandblade

    ... serious talk, I'd kill for an official Gekokujo in Bannerlord.

    [–] Tekken content creators on YouTube facing copyright claims for in-game music, Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray respond KazumaKat 32 points ago in Games

    According to the article it seems to be an automated third-party claim. Bandai Namco is apparently handling it with said third-party.

    That sucks, not only as a content creator, but as the IP holder as well, when your IP isnt even under your full control on one of the biggest media platforms on the Internet half the time.

    [–] The Modified Version Of DayZ Has Been Approved and Rated MA15+ (Cannabis Item Removed) KazumaKat 17 points ago in Games

    ^ needs to be higher.

    There's some real straight-up fucked logic with that classification board now.

    [–] Now we are free KazumaKat 4 points ago in mountandblade

    Highly obligatory.

    On the side, Gladiator could be said to be highly applicable to the plight of long-standing folks here waiting practically a full decade for Bannerlord.

    Lets just hope we dont end up like Maximus in the end (OH SHIT SPOILER!)

    [–] Who the f- harvests in early Spring?! KazumaKat 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in mountandblade

    ... I expect all of those crops to be in Bannerlord as foodstuffs now.

    I will blame you for disappointment if one or more are missing come March >:(