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    [–] Insurgency: Sandstorm BENCHMARK - i7-4790K (CM 212 EVO)/GTX 1080 8GB/16GB DDR3/1080p KazumaKat 1 points ago in insurgency

    Pretty much all settings use up 8GB ram on its own. Explains a lot about how many complain about jittery performance even at the low end.

    Game should be re-qualified to not have 8GB RAM as minimum req, but at least 12GB. That gives enough room for Windows processes.

    [–] Steve: Melee 2.9 Workshop Friday. Gun/Glaive works now, if you rebound melee attack there will be an option just for you KazumaKat 2 points ago in Warframe

    Humorously my funnybone is sticking on that thought. Do the VFX team potluck the child support of that? Also that'll be a big family picture for sure :P

    [–] How has IS Sandstorm improved / optimized / changed since release? KazumaKat -2 points ago in insurgency

    patch right around the corner

    All we're seeing is smoke and mirrors. Nothing solid. Yes, even those MP5 videos.

    Its like us, the entire enemy team, are about to pie NWI's corner and they're still going "Intimidate" and fumbling a reload.

    [–] Microsoft, Paradox allow open game modding on Xbox One for the first time KazumaKat 4 points ago in Games

    It may.

    What may likely happen in this case that PC ends up having beta-branch releases, open to the public via Steam's beta-branch setup (aka, opt-in). This will likely weed out the majority of issues for a new update (after Paradox does their own QA first, right Paradox? RIGHT?!), and solidifies mainline updates to a more manageable schedule, easily given over to the console porting team to port for cert.

    Once that's done, release on both at the same time, keep parity.

    This will however incur a lot more dev time and resources, which means more money. I hope Paradox is getting some cuts to cert costs at least in this deal.

    [–] My first ticket of the day: "Computer has data on the screen. Please fix!" KazumaKat 35 points ago in talesfromtechsupport

    This better not turn into this TFTS's version of The Safe because goddamit not again!

    [–] excuse me sir but WHAT? KazumaKat 1 points ago in insurgency

    can confirm. Been playing since release and when I was lv130 2 weeks ago I already started seeing 200+ folk.

    [–] Modern problems require modern solutions KazumaKat 3 points ago in insurgency

    Isn’t Mikee both Station and Cleric now?

    [–] What's the point... KazumaKat 3 points ago in insurgency

    he takes his time to effing caress the bolt release switch.

    Hey, some guns are delicate things that need some lovin' too, you know.

    [–] I spent about a month re-writing The Witcher 3's "Steel For Humans" song to fit the style of Cyberpunk 2077. It took a lot of time but I'm really proud of how it turned out. What do you think? KazumaKat 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in cyberpunkgame

    Hey @OP, I'm just gonna echo the name for that Silver For Monsters remix from that Youtube page's comments:

    "Silicon for Cyborgs".

    They said its a freebie. I'd take it man. Fits too well :D

    Also instantly favorited, subbed, and next to be added to my music medium :D

    [–] What's the point... KazumaKat 5 points ago in insurgency

    Known bug with quick reload ending up as full reload

    [–] Glock renamed inbound KazumaKat 1 points ago in insurgency


    I like this name better than whatever NWI uses for this gun.

    [–] It's confirmed my fellow Tenno , Warframe doujins are real. KazumaKat 31 points ago in Warframe


    I’m going to a deep level of hell for this, but..




    Freebies, rest will cost your soul to join me in said hell.

    [–] Google Station: Coming to Philippines soon - YouTube KazumaKat 2 points ago in Philippines

    No longer. They already have more than enough information about you down to your biological and mental makeup to remake you in digital form once AI comes around.

    Facebook is cheating, at this point.

    The only real way one can achieve true online privacy is to not be online from the start. Its a Catch 22. If not Google, it'll be Facebook. If not Facebook, it'll be someone else.

    And that's the private entities alone. Think about the governmental ones...

    [–] 5 Games You Never Knew Contained Actual Viruses & Malware | Fact Hunt KazumaKat 2 points ago in Games

    Was around during that time. The memes alongside the actual assistance given by other players for what is obviously a major CCP fuckup were the highlight of the entire fiasco.

    Best meme I remember from that time was a boot.ini meme involving the Jawas from Star Wars instead of saying "Utini!" saying "Boot.ini!"

    [–] February 16, 1998. China Airlines failed to go around and crashed into a residential area while landing at Taoyuan Int'l Airport, killing 6 on the ground and all 196 people on board. Pilot error. KazumaKat 8 points ago in CatastrophicFailure

    On Airbus planes yes. Part of procedure to inform the onboard fly-by-wire one's intentions to go-around, thereby avoiding issues of the fly-by-wire system still trying to assist a landing when the pilot is intending to go-around.

    In this case, the pilot was under the mistaken assumption (and why its supposed to be deeply trained out of them) that the autopilot will do it all by itself. Obviously it doesnt when its inadvertently turned off.

    [–] NVMA m.2 ssd wouldn't boot after changing from old drive. I fixed it, but it took around 6 hours of troubleshooting with no help from google. Hope this will help anyone in the future. KazumaKat 8 points ago in buildapc


    This has been true since the days of XP, actually. Even when younger techs tell me it isnt needed, I still do it.

    Peace of mind that the only drive the Windows install sees is the one I want it to install on. Period.

    [–] [WW2] US Marines on Saipan clearing out remaining pockets of Japanese Soldiers. KazumaKat 9 points ago in CombatFootage

    At that point it wasnt about taking back the land. It was making the enemy pay dearly for invading sacred home soil.