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    [–] Extra Atk when stat is divisible by 10, bugged? KeiosTheory 1 points ago in RagnarokMEternalLove

    The bonus from additional stats is only applies once you finalise it

    [–] Unlock Sakura Puppet (Guide) KeiosTheory 2 points ago in RagnarokMobile

    It adds 3x your base level to your auto attack. It only triggers however when the bleed status is applied to you by the Sakura, only auto attack procs it.

    At level 95 that's at least 285 atk added. You need to theoretically have at least 5k atk unbuffed for Quiver/D. wing to outperform it

    [–] Rant: What's the obsession with 'authenticity?' KeiosTheory 2 points ago in Cooking

    For countries and cultures that have faced a mass erasure of culture and history due to colonialism having someone come in from outside of it to "reinterpret" a recipe can come off as rude to say the least.

    I'm Filipino and while our dishes have recipes that vary from town to town, it can rub us the wrong way when someone who hasn't lived here tells us a "better" way to cook adobo or any other local dish. The closest thing we have to memories of a precolonial era are the hints that we can get from the extremely vague, spirit of a dish.

    [–] Just reached Job lvl 70 at base lvl 96. What’s next? KeiosTheory 1 points ago in RagnarokMobile

    The move speed is important. More than any other food it increase the kill rate over time. And if you do well enough you can kill mobs even before other ranged players get into range

    [–] Just reached Job lvl 70 at base lvl 96. What’s next? KeiosTheory 2 points ago in RagnarokMobile

    Stalker from Sniper is worth it. I did the same Rideword route and was only gaining 10% less than I did with Sniper which I more than covered up for with Group Hunt.

    Averaged around 2.3k Brigan daily over 360CT and peaked at 4k Brigan over 480CT

    Did a test with a friend who did TS and in the same spot was I was killing 2.5-3 Ridewords for each of his kills as I was killing them fast enough that half the time he didn't get TS off.

    Disclaimer tho: This was with almost end game sniper gear and 280k contri.

    [–] another ban wave. How many days of "permanent" ban this time? KeiosTheory 1 points ago in RagnarokMobile

    Not everyone who was banned is on the list.

    A friend got banned before and none of his characters were posted

    [–] Machete attack towards a guard KeiosTheory 1 points ago in nonononoyes

    Ippon is the full point iirc

    Also I might be remembering this wrong but I'm almost sure seoi nage and seoi otoshi are both judo throws and not jiu-jitsu.

    [–] Machete attack towards a guard KeiosTheory 1 points ago in nonononoyes

    Mildly pedantic question

    Isn't it judo as opposed to jiu-jitsu?

    [–] WWE Poster to celebrate the newest Grand Slam Champion, Kofi Kingston [Raw Spoilers] KeiosTheory 3 points ago in SquaredCircle

    Holy hell this is amazing. I haven't been following for a while. From around what month should I start watching to maybe see where this started to come into fruition

    [–] perfect aerodynamics by nature. KeiosTheory 5 points ago in funny

    Crows know how to use tools. Guess nature's just telling you what you are.

    [–] How long can you see yourself playing this game? KeiosTheory 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in RagnarokMobile

    I've played worse games for years. I'm giving this at least another 6 months.

    SEA. Played since opening and am in a semi-hardcore guild

    [–] [Text and Video Guide] Trapper Sniper 1hit Sky Petites. No Runes KeiosTheory 1 points ago in RagnarokMobile

    I'll have a go at it again to try. I've always noted higher damage from each int point when I went 40 Dex, rest int.