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    [–] This tik tok user Kennyjive 1 points ago in hittableFaces

    Just this one?

    [–] This tiktoker Kennyjive 1 points ago in hittableFaces

    Don't insult Weird Al

    [–] Random vibration when using slider. Kennyjive 1 points ago in oneplus

    It's a bummer cause I've always wanted a OnePlus device but have held back because there was always one thing that was off about it. I didn't see this coming but it's a lot of devices having this issue and there's no official fix or reason why it's happening.

    [–] Walmart Game Fuel swag Kennyjive 1 points ago in thedivision

    I went to pick up mine I store and had no prize pack. They tried to say other didn't come with one because the website didn't say so. Well my order did. Ended up getting a refund and got to keep the Dew.

    [–] Picked this up from the 100 yen bin at a closing down sale at a used CD shop in Yokohama Kennyjive 8 points ago in SquaredCircle

    That song is the shit. I always loved the lyrics Edge and Christian made up for it.

    Name redacted is here and really mad, name redacted is here and he's really aaaangry.

    [–] Jason Reitman to Direct a New 'Ghostbusters' Film, Set in the Original Universe Kennyjive 3 points ago in movies

    Are we sure this isn't an elaborate super bowl ad like the Crocodile Dundee bit from last year?

    [–] Ghostbusters 3 Teaser Trailer Kennyjive 541 points ago in movies

    I just had a thought....what if this ends up being a Super Bowl commercial like the Crocodile Dundee shit from last year?

    [–] SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME DEBUT TRAILER Kennyjive 1 points ago in marvelstudios

    It's gotta be. Unless a significant amount of time passes that school resumes normally and they're allowed to travel overseas.

    [–] [NXT UK Takeover SPOILERS] New Signings Kennyjive 3 points ago in SquaredCircle

    Jazzy Gabert! Great to hear her signed. She was great!

    [–] Behind the scenes Kennyjive 1 points ago in movies

    It's a Comedy Central bit.

    [–] Nova Launcher Prime On Sale For $0.99 Kennyjive 2 points ago in Android

    My parents got a pixel and I LITERALLY just paid full price.

    [–] New image of the new 'Shaft' movie Kennyjive 2 points ago in movies

    Oh shit! Too bad Peoples Hernandez won't be back.

    [–] Xbox Elite or Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller??? Kennyjive 1 points ago in xboxone

    I got the Wolverine Tournament and it's great. This coming from an Elite with stick drift, peeled grips and loose thumbsticks. Never again.

    [–] Weezer - SNL Kennyjive 41 points ago in television

    I knew I wasn't alone in thinking this.

    [–] 2ds xl vs. 3ds xl battery life Kennyjive 1 points ago in 3DS

    I don't understand the issue with the audio. I was in Target and turned it to Max and it was loud as shit.