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    [–] Container ship side-swipes another in Karachi port today (with sound) Kerberos42 13 points ago in u_namraka

    I'm curious how shit like this happens. I know accidents can happen, but I've watched enough Mighty Ships to know that amateurs are not put in charge of vessels like this, and every movement in port is carefully planned and monitored by multiple crew.

    Could it be wind, similar to the Celebrity ship in Ketchikan?

    [–] ELI5:How do submarines resurface, or go up in general? Kerberos42 1 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    In case you haven't heard US subs don't do that anymore.

    Is that because of the USS Greeneville incident?

    [–] What popular movie have you never enjoyed? Kerberos42 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Bladerunner. Both the original, and 2049. I just don't get it. I love sci-fi, but that world just didn't capture me.

    [–] Sky above, depths below Kerberos42 1 points ago in woahdude

    This is probably the first woahdude post that actually made me say woah! I saw the sky first and thought... huh. neat. Then I realized the underwater part was moving too.

    [–] [Homemade] Mini Egg Cake Kerberos42 8 points ago in food

    This is pretty much me anytime I need to do something that is detailed and repetitive. The first 20%-30% of the iterations are perfect, after that the quality and precisenes trends towards "fuck it" territory.

    Making meatballs for example. Everyone knows on which end of the baking sheet I started.

    [–] Lovely view of Las Vegas a few days ago. Kerberos42 2 points ago in aviation

    Its definitely getting to the point now that you have to look twice to make sure.

    [–] Reddit, what is something that you can't believe is actually a REAL thing? Kerberos42 12 points ago in AskReddit

    How the hell did that happen exactly. I used to be glued to Discovery with shows like Frontiers of Construction, Beyond 2000 and the like. Then Deadliest Catch came along, and while I enjoyed that show (and still do) it seemed to spawn a slew of similar shows, and that’s all there is. Also TLC went way downhill and History has very little actual history on it.

    [–] Standing ground for a Max Power B-1 engine run. Kerberos42 1 points ago in aviation

    I imagine that's a crap tonne of power, more than brakes or even chocks could hold back, is there something else keeping her from moving? This was an A340 that jumped its chocks during an engine test, I feel like there's a bit more TWR in the BOne.

    [–] Jealous of people going on planes Kerberos42 13 points ago in aviation

    I just ask them what time their flight is and where they are going. I can look it up from there.

    [–] "The girls are comin!" Kerberos42 1 points ago in funny

    I read "The girls are camming"

    [–] "The girls are comin!" Kerberos42 1 points ago in funny

    I remember on a Mac Classic I think it was, the Chessmaster program had a Boss screen built in. It showed a fake spreadsheet.

    [–] Now this is getting serious Kerberos42 30 points ago in gaming

    Lol, I handed my wife the controller, and she drove around as Trevor, smashing into everything trying to pick up a hooker.

    [–] Space Shuttle Endeavour and Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (modified Boeing 747) over San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge Kerberos42 1 points ago in aviation

    When the Concorde arrived at the Seattle Museum of Flight on its last flight there were several rear enders on I5 that parallels the runway at KBFI

    [–] Considering buying a 2003 325xi - Opinions? Kerberos42 1 points ago in BMW

    Thanks for the info. I went and saw the car today, took it for a drive. Everything feels and sounds great, there’s some minor cosmetic stuff: worn leather on the drivers seat etc, but everything works.

    Two things that weren’t mentioned, drivers window doesn’t work (seems a common issue) and a cracked windshield. These things are show stoppers, but will definitely factor in on my offer. I’m going back tomorrow with a mechanic for proper inspection.

    When you say to check the rear subframe, what should be checked exactly?

    [–] B787 nose gear collapse Kerberos42 5 points ago in aviation

    Pretty sure it’s the stick with rubber bits on it at the front that’s missing.

    [–] When you’re waiting for the ATC to send you to Unicom. Kerberos42 1 points ago in flightsim

    This wouldn't give you the ability to interact with VATSIM, and trying to navigate a PC screen on a phone is not the best, not to mention trying to interact with the sim.