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    [–] Holding for the cold front. Kerberos42 2 points ago in aviation

    Me too, thought it was one of those water cannon salutes at first. Was wondering how that worked with a helicopter - did it hover-taxi through the stream? That just seems like a bad idea to me.

    [–] Whoops Kerberos42 1 points ago in aviation

    Didn’t look that bad, they couldn’t have fixed the wheel and flown it out?

    [–] Looking for cash work, under the table Kerberos42 1 points ago in kelowna

    My wife is in the exact same position as you. She’s desperate to do something and hopefully make a few extra bucks, losing her income last year has been extra tough. She got a pt job at a local cafe, only to discover that our neighbour who works at Service Canada frequents the place. Oops. So now she’s extra paranoid. I’d be interested to hear if you find anything.

    [–] Jettainers at airports question Kerberos42 2 points ago in aviation

    AA may not serve Abu Dhabi, but definitely one of its OneWorld partners does (BA or Qatar perhaps?) and I'm sure they must transport each others containers.

    [–] Well this just happened Kerberos42 3 points ago in aviation

    Nothing one of those compressed air cans that I use to blast crumbs out of my keyboard won't fix.

    [–] Well this just happened Kerberos42 11 points ago in aviation

    Looks like a plane derailment?


    [–] Well this just happened Kerberos42 3 points ago in aviation

    Found the Mayday fan.

    [–] Well this just happened Kerberos42 232 points ago in aviation

    Thats an interesting angle to evacuate at. Cant exactly jump down the slide. Didnt seem to go over the edge with much energy (other wise I'd imagine it would be in the water), yet it managed to still rip off number 2 engine.

    Edit: More pics here

    [–] 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3' To Be Released In 2020 Kerberos42 13 points ago in movies

    Never really got into the MCU, I've seen most of the movies, and was entertained by each one, but was mostly meh... good action flix, don't really get all the intertwined story lines, and dont really care.

    Then one night I had a fight with my wife and went to the cheap theater to escape a bit. What's this Guardians of the Galaxy? A talking racoon? Sure, why not, its 3 bucks, cant go wrong. I was blown away. A little Star Wars, a bit of Indiana Jones, and a lot of awesome! Definitely one of my all time favs. I couldn't wait for Vol 2, and I wasn't disappointed. So here's to Vol 3, and in the meantime at least there's Infinity War.

    [–] Bruce Lee lightsaber scene recreation Kerberos42 3 points ago in videos

    I need to figure out how to download the internet so during the apocalypse I'll have access to this useful stuff.

    [–] Bruce Lee lightsaber scene recreation Kerberos42 1 points ago in videos

    Captian Georgiou?

    (I need to watch this again, forgot how awesome Michelle Yeoh is until I started watching Discovery.)

    [–] First time seeing a seaplane “land”. Kerberos42 2 points ago in aviation

    Lol. I was definitely a baller that day. Probably spent less than $100, and a good chunk of that was for parking in Vancouver.

    [–] First time seeing a seaplane “land”. Kerberos42 2 points ago in aviation

    I used 4 of the passes to fly my girlfriend to Whistler for lunch, completely on a whim. That was an amazing flight up though the mountains.

    [–] TOP 10 Biggest Airplanes Ever Kerberos42 2 points ago in aviation

    I'm surprised the thumbnail doesn't show a Cirrus B-A38744 taking off inverted.

    [–] What do pilots do during the flight? Kerberos42 4 points ago in aviation

    the ill pax may receive better care onboard the aircraft than at a divert airport/city

    Thats encouraging...

    [–] Second time flying; got to sit on the flight deck of a CRJ700! Kerberos42 2 points ago in aviation

    My very first time flying was at the tender age of 9, unaccompanied on a CP Air 747 YVR to AMS. I got put into first class right at the front in 1D so the FAs could keep a better eye on me. Then I was invited to the cockpit while somewhere over Greenland, and just before landing I was asked to come up again and sit in the jump seat. That was 33 years ago and I still remember it like it just happened.

    [–] First time seeing a seaplane “land”. Kerberos42 4 points ago in aviation

    This is how you "land" a float plane

    If you ever find yourself in Vancouver, even for a layover, you need to head over to the Flying Beaver Bar and Grill. Its a pub inside a float plane terminal where you can sit with a burger and beer and watch these come and go all day long.

    [–] First time seeing a seaplane “land”. Kerberos42 2 points ago in aviation

    Once on my train commute there was a guy (one of the regulars I'd see pretty much every day) getting pissed off with his laptop. He looks over at me and says "I hate fucking computers, give me torque wrench any day." I asked him what the problem was and he went on in the usual way users do when mad at their computer. I helped him fix his issue, and he was very grateful. A couple days later he sits opposite me, and asks if I'd mind fixing his sons computer, it hasn't been running right. I'm like sure, always happy to help improve users' computer experience. I take the computer home for the weekend, clean all the porn viruses off it, and bring it back to him on Monday. Tuesday morning, he comes on the train and hand me an envelope. Inside are 6 buddy passes for Harbor Air - turns out the guy was the Chief Mechanic. Having never been on a float plane before, I was absolutely ecstatic! I've got some nice computer repair perks in my time, but nothing this cool before.

    I grew up in Vancouver, I never get tired of watching the Otters, Twotters, and Beavers some and go.

    [–] Impressing a girl Kerberos42 33 points ago in woahdude

    There was an episode of Star Trek Enterprise that featured a rogue planet, drifting through interstellar space that sustained life via geo thermal energy. Terrible episode, but interesting concept.

    [–] Australian Bicycle Race Finish Kerberos42 1 points ago in gifs

    I’m mildly disappointed that it wasn’t one of those Aussie road trains