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    [–] You know the government's too big when the average citizen commits 3 felonies a day KhabaLox 1 points ago in Libertarian

    What's an example of a felony the average person commits 3 times a day? Insider trading is obviously an edge case.

    [–] Communism Kills In Times Square KhabaLox 8 points ago in Libertarian

    Latin America needs to step up its game.

    [–] Maria has intensified into an extremely dangerous Category 5 hurricane KhabaLox 10 points ago in worldnews

    They can and are, when there is money. Hugo devastated the VI (late 80s), and codes were updated. But people didn't invest in their buildings and got around inspections, so Marilyn (only a cat 3) repeated the job in 1995. After that, people wised up and there was far less damage from Irma, despite it being a much stronger storm. My sister who lives on St Thomas estimates that only 20-30% of roofs were lost.

    [–] Maria has intensified into an extremely dangerous Category 5 hurricane KhabaLox 1 points ago in worldnews

    That is fucking cool. Does the app report in local time when you select a location?

    [–] Maria has intensified into an extremely dangerous Category 5 hurricane KhabaLox 66 points ago in worldnews

    Not really. The forecast over the past couple days has said it was going to strengthen significantly and reach at least Cat 4. I think the only real surprising thing is that it got to 160 mph winds.

    [–] No touch da mousey! KhabaLox 1 points ago in AnimalsBeingJerks

    That last one he's, "I have not extended my claws. Yet."

    [–] There is a video on the Front Page about the Navy's Railgun being developed. What kind of energy, damage would these sort of rounds do? KhabaLox 2 points ago in askscience

    One potential issue is that railguns tend to use very dense materials for their projectiles, which are liable to penetrate through targets rather than deliver energy to them. This is easily solved by modifying the projectile to scatter many smaller projectiles near the target.

    It seems like it would also be useful to have a explosive round on a very short impact delay/fuse so the round can penetrate armor and then explode.

    [–] Completely annoyed by this bottle of wine... KhabaLox 3 points ago in chess

    ( •_•) You just have to look at it...

    ( •_•)>⌐■-■

    (⌐■_■) Sideways

    [–] What repeatedly debunked hoax do you STILL see people claiming to be real? KhabaLox 1 points ago in AskReddit

    a farm being one letter away from a fart

    You mean all my food came from pretty close to a butthole? Why aren't more people aware of this?!?

    From Farm To Fart -- the hippest new restaurant in LA.

    [–] Whats a book that made you cry? KhabaLox 1 points ago in books

    The Road.

    I had a kid when I was in college, but was young, stupid and irresponsible and wasn't around for him. Years later I got married and had my second son. When he was about a year old my grandmother died. I picked up The Road at the airport on the way to her funeral (travelling alone) because it looked a lot better than the usual spy/action novel cap that was there. My only exposure to McCarthy had been seeing the film No Country For Old Men. I couldn't finish the book on the flight down because it was making me cry too much.

    [–] Amazon didn't kill small online business, charging $15 shipping on a $4 item did. KhabaLox 0 points ago in Showerthoughts

    the comment you replied to specifically mentioned the cost not being added to Amazon items

    He's wrong. People who sell through Amazon Prime include the cost of shipping when they determine what price they sell at. You said so yourself.

    Of course they figure out what their overhead is and add that to the item's markup.

    He's correct that the cost isn't added to the base price at checkout. Rather it's included in the base price, so I guess we're just arguing semantics. It's a psychological tactic to make people think they are getting a deal. It's similar to pricing things at $X.99 to make them appear cheaper.

    Another similar tactic is used by BevMo! with their 5 cent wines. If you buy one bottle, it's $14.95 (for example). If you buy two, it's $15.00. Basically you have a bottle that should sell for around $7.50, but they use the 5 cent price on the second bottle to induce people to spend more than they might otherwise.

    There is a ton of psychology that goes into pricing. Free Shipping for Amazon Prime is just one example. Here's a question: do you think the subscription fee for Prime goes to pay the retailers, Amazon's bottom line, or the video streaming service?

    [–] Amazon didn't kill small online business, charging $15 shipping on a $4 item did. KhabaLox 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Literally every competent business on the face of the planet does this.

    Except for the ones OP refers to in his post. The point is that "Free Shipping" is a marketing trick. If small online businesses offered free or reduced shipping and increased their prices to compensate, they would (likely) have more success. Free shipping isn't free.

    Case in point:

    [–] Amazon didn't kill small online business, charging $15 shipping on a $4 item did. KhabaLox 0 points ago in Showerthoughts

    its not added any more

    Correction: it's added to the base price of the item. You are still paying for shipping as an Amazon Prime member, it's just hidden in the cost of the item.

    [–] On J.J. Abrams being chosen to direct Star Wars: Episode IX KhabaLox 1 points ago in TumblrInAction

    I totally get that. I think part of my (positive) reaction to it is coming from the low point of the prequels. I just found the writing to be so bad in them. I remembered being wow'd by them the first time, and my jaw hit the floor when Anakin jumped out the window at the beginning of II, but in the end they just felt like an awkward cash in. they didn't have the magical mythology of the original trilogy.

    TFA copied that mythology wholesale. It was derivative, and there were certainly marketing decisions made regarding casting, but it worked for me. When it first came out, I commented that it was a reboot, and got heavily downvoted. But it mostly is. It copies the major plot points of ANH from secret plans on a droid to a capture princess to a martyred mentor. bit it did it well, and it returned to that Man of a Thousand Faces core that made the originals so universal.