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    [–] Samsung Quickly Sold Out of the $2,000 Galaxy Fold KidsTryThisAtHome 1 points ago in Android

    Exactly, if the point of opening it up into a "tablet" form is to get a tablet-sized screen, why restrict that?

    [–] Oh how the turn tables KidsTryThisAtHome 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    According to another comment higher up, yes, she doesn't believe in doors

    [–] Wrong order KidsTryThisAtHome 4 points ago in ChildrenFallingOver

    I'm bleeding, making me the victor!

    [–] meirl KidsTryThisAtHome 8 points ago in meirl

    I didn't even mention that but ok.

    You too were disagreeing on whether or not he was a funny comedian. Both of your comments are controversial. Seems both of you got downvoted at least a bit. I was only making a joke because it's kind of pointless to let others tell you who you find funny. It's personal preference, it's what you find funny, yet people still downvote just for disagreeing.

    I don't disagree Reddit can be very left-leaning and I try to stay out of the politics of it, but they were discussing a comedian. You are the one that brought politics up.

    [–] meirl KidsTryThisAtHome 6 points ago in meirl

    Seems like some people think he's funny and some people don't. Weird how people have different opinions, right? Yet both your comments are somehow controversial.

    [–] Samsung Quickly Sold Out of the $2,000 Galaxy Fold KidsTryThisAtHome 8 points ago in Android

    Bigger screen on the outside, get rid of the cameras/notch on the inside (seriously wtf were you thinking Samsung), it comes with Galaxy buds so it doesn't need a headphone jack but I'd still like one, and, if they're able to, make it a bit less clunky when folded. I'm definitely down to get one in 2-3 years if they can work out the kinks (heh)

    [–] Watch out for that door KidsTryThisAtHome 2 points ago in WTF

    If only there were more options

    God bless the usa

    [–] Trust no one. KidsTryThisAtHome 7 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Maybe.... Just maybe..... This is the game they'll use to try to get everyone back

    Maybe this one will actually be worth it, and they'll use it to lure people into a sense of calm about EA

    Maybe I buy this game and then never buy another EA game again.... Assuming it's worth it

    Maybe..... please

    [–] The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice KidsTryThisAtHome 0 points ago in videos

    They did know (or at least had an idea), many refused to fly. The ones that did must've been scared shitless.

    [–] [A] Calms me down every time KidsTryThisAtHome 4 points ago in perfectloops

    You can start reading whenever you want

    [–] ball control KidsTryThisAtHome 1 points ago in blackmagicfuckery

    Have you ever seen a person do contact juggling without a pony tail? Some questions just don't have answers. I'm warning you now, stop digging, before you get hurt.

    [–] Much Better KidsTryThisAtHome 3 points ago in iphone

    That one is definitely not better. Look at the picture you uploaded and compare the moons

    [–] just came across an art gallery near where i live when something caught my eye... KidsTryThisAtHome 1 points ago in Minecraft

    Lol each one made me think I was missing something. Then finally that half-a-zoom right before the video cut out and I was like oooooh

    [–] Baby boomer murdered KidsTryThisAtHome 1 points ago in MurderedByWords

    Is there a country I can move to like that where my tens of thousands of dollars of debt won't follow me?

    [–] Oof ouch owie my aspirations KidsTryThisAtHome 2 points ago in bonehurtingjuice

    The article says he claimed to have no problem passing it

    [–] TIFU by not washing anything I own for over a year KidsTryThisAtHome 1 points ago in tifu

    Please explain your edit, which way are you holding the cap when you refer to the "top"?

    [–] A Christmas Story KidsTryThisAtHome 2 points ago in bidenbro

    Should say, "I'm not saying I'm the one who told the secret service Trump was krampus, but I'm not denying it"