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    [–] Materialists are Mean Kile147 7 points ago in Stellaris

    Meanwhile I name my cats after Biblical demons, because I have no issue with harboring tiny, adorable demons.

    [–] Hong Kong protesters surround police station, dismantle 'surveillance' lampposts Kile147 29 points ago in worldnews

    The difference is that it's much easier to accidentally gas yourself than it is to run yourself over with a tank.

    [–] Elimination of up to 40% of game lag! Kile147 67 points ago in Stellaris

    I never realized why I always had such few problems compared to the other people complaining. With any empire I eventually just stop caring about taking enemy planets because it takes too much work to fix AI jank, so I cleanse them all.

    [–] Multikill Kile147 45 points ago in DnDGreentext

    Some say he is still putting in codes to this day.

    If you still play with the guy you should have his character reappear in a current campaign. He finally gets the code right centuries later and is now out slay the gods who saw fit to trap him in a labyrinth.

    [–] Sword of the Divine vs Infinity Edge - how much time unit has to be alive for SD to do more damage Kile147 1 points ago in TeamfightTactics

    Check out my edit. It could counter CC by mitigating the impact it has on the champion's dps, while not directly reducing the cc duration.

    [–] This golden retriever named Luna is so gentle with this fawn Kile147 2 points ago in Eyebleach

    Eh, depends. Not as usual as with dogs, but I've had plenty of cats pant when I play with them. Basically cats pant about as often as humans do and for roughly the same reasons. So if your cat is panting and you would consider it normal for yourself to be panting in that situation then don't worry, and if it's abnormal and you would consider telling your doctor about it in the cats place, take the cat to a vet.

    [–] *heavy breathing* Kile147 1 points ago in gaming

    draw 3 cards

    I've seen this a couple of times, I thought Pot of Greed only drew 2. Maybe I'm steering too hard into the meme here... But what does Pot of Greed do?

    [–] I dont think it means- Kile147 11 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in funny

    She died, and he basically turned her into a Time-Lich thing to bring her back. She however became an unaging immortal being out of the deal which is pretty sweet. She then basically pulled a Doctor by reversing his scheme and wiped his mind then took the TARDIS that they stole together. This cumulated in her basically becoming a Doctor 2.0.

    She isn't always an equal to the Doctor, but she does pretty well given that he has well over a thousand years worth of experience on her.

    She's such a Mary-Sue that her defining personality flaw is that she is too capable leading to overconfidence and recklessness.

    Keep in mind that despite all of this I liked Clara, because Mary-Sue doesn't always make a bad story. In the case of Doctor Who a Mary-Sue companion just means that there are two Doctor-Like characters in the story, which just changes the dynamic and makes each individual episode more hit or miss because it relies more on the background characters/villains.

    Edit: completed an open sentence because mobile sucks

    [–] I dont think it means- Kile147 5 points ago in funny

    All of which are character flaws which leads to her end, but none of which are entirely unjustified because she is immensely capable. In the beginning even as a novice she basically becomes a multi-dimensional being of godlike power to save the Doctor. She then Mary-Sues her way through the rest of the series as being unreasonably competent, so much so that she becomes a mini-Doctor on her own in the end.

    [–] I dont think it means- Kile147 16 points ago in funny

    She literally out-Doctored the Doctor in the end, and basically became an immortal time traveler like him, she ascended to Doctor status. I really liked her, but she was ludicrously capable in a large number of situations that a Schoolteacher absolutely shouldn't have been. Even as they got more experienced many of the companions still were essentially children who the Doctor had to explain everything to, whereas Clara never seemed like she was out of her element even when standing with The Doctor and The Master.

    [–] Sword of the Divine vs Infinity Edge - how much time unit has to be alive for SD to do more damage Kile147 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in TeamfightTactics

    Maybe give it the tenacity effect people have asked for? All negative status effects (CC and burn damage) have 50% reduced duration.

    Also if it's going to be changed from Auto crit make the item Stormrazer instead. It's at least still in the game.

    Edit: Now that I think about it, old Stormrazer effect could be interesting. Have it so that it deals bonus damage on the first hit of the round, and you regain some of that bonus damage any time you are not attacking, either because of using an ability, being cc'ed, or being revived by GA. Would be a way to soft counter CC by making it so that the unit is still getting some value even when not attacking because it's building up to the next attack. Could also be decent on someone like Tristana, Varus, or Garen whose abilities tend to interrupt their auto attacks. Finally you could just put it and GA on an assassin to gaurentee that they blow someone up at the start of the round, and then another when GA goes off.

    [–] The absolute state of /tg/ Kile147 13 points ago in DnDGreentext

    Asmodeus in person appeared to return the cat

    Or it's just a very ornery cat.

    [–] *heavy breathing* Kile147 2 points ago in gaming

    I more meant cards like Chemister's Insight, which are "cast to gain a 1 card advantage" type effects. The obvious difference being that those cards have a (mana)cost. It's also not difficult to set up card advantage engines on the field, but that is obviously a little different.

    [–] What house rules do you think are the best improvement to the core rules? Kile147 1 points ago in dndnext

    I run this rule in my game alongside a rule to make monster basic attacks always dealing avg damage (easier for me). When the basic attacks crit I just double the avg value which is also technically doubling the modifier, but mathematically it usually comes out as roughly the same and is a lot less work for me.


    Adult Green Dragon Tail attack is 2D8+6 (15). My NPC rule just uses the 15 value.

    Normal Crit rules is essentially rolling 2D8*2+6 (24).

    PC "Big Crit" Rule would be 2D8+6+16 (31).

    My NPC "Big Crit" Rule would be 4D8+12 (30), and would always use the average value of 30.

    [–] *heavy breathing* Kile147 17 points ago in gaming

    It's not just that, in the shows the card shows up regularly and they make sure to explain what it does every single time. It's lead to the meme "but what does Pot of Greed do?"

    Edit: I also find it amusing that one of the strongest cards in YuGiOh is a pretty standard effect in MTG, which just showcases how different the games are despite looking similar from the outside.

    [–] dying father throwing away medical bills Kile147 20 points ago in personalfinance

    Tbh he could get around that. As soon as they state their purpose he asks if he could record the conversation, and if they say no then ask that they send any communication in a traceable format instead then and hang up.

    [–] How to tell PC's that they can't win the fight? Kile147 39 points ago in dndnext

    Imagine a T-Rex, except it flys, breathes fire, is wearing armor (scales), and is probably* smarter than you.

    *Definitely smarter if you still think fighting it as a level 5 PC is a good idea.

    [–] DM makes an oof Kile147 76 points ago in DnDGreentext

    But it's the crush, not OP.

    [–] Would a +0 magic weapon be considered common Kile147 1 points ago in dndnext

    Another option would be to make it made of an unusual metal.

    Adamantine Weapons from Xanathar's deal auto crit damage to objects.

    Lot of Homebrew Mithril equipment has it being half the weight as normal and decreasing the object's weight class (removes heavy property, adds light if it didn't have heavy).

    Additionally I would rule that these extraordinary metals also are rust and acid proof. This would give them some extra power and cool factor without breaking balance too much.

    [–] How have you customized vanilla magic items? Kile147 2 points ago in dndnext

    Feel like the biggest difference is that a scroll can teach a wizard how to cast the spell, whereas an item is a bit more of a stretch for that to happen.