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    [–] Flood Totems are more than halfway underwater! Kill_Frosty 8 points ago in fredericton

    Legit. Wish I could say I was surprised but they really should at least do something for the on/off ramps for the bridges. It floods the downtown every year. Invest and keep the city moving.

    [–] [visible disappointment] Kill_Frosty 46 points ago in PrequelMemes

    Padme is black.

    J.K is that you?

    [–] Ontario's cannabis plan needs a rethink to curb black market, Chamber of Commerce says Kill_Frosty 5 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in canada

    To be honest, no one really gives a shit about it. If anything, it's just the experience of claiming you tried a strain. At the end of the day, weed is weed. As long as it gets you high, no one is going to care that their purple monkey is actually some kind of kush or whatever.

    The thing is, the people who don't want to be blasted are the target market. The target market is people who smoke a gram a week at most. People such as yourself tried to tell us that it would kill the black market and it didn't. Now listen to those of us who smoke more than a ounce a month and have been buying large amounts for decades.

    We've been buying illegally our entire lives, there is a lot more honor with dealers than you give them credit for. We are comfortable with the process. The Government needs to step up either the experience of buying / the price / the quality massively to compete... Likely all three.

    At the very least it should be in line with street prices. I would buy an ounce there over my dealer if I could get top shelf stuff for 150 bucks / ounce. I can't though, and most of the time if you enjoy a strain and go back they never have it again.

    Just been a giant shit show that makes you wonder who exactly they consulted, if anyone at all. Or did they just ask guys who smoked weed once in their cousins car in high school?

    [–] Gimme the News Kill_Frosty 9 points ago in standupshots

    !remind me 24 hours


    Why are people offended by this? Like are you guys missing the point of the joke? It's not trying to say muslims are bad lol

    [–] As posted in r/pornhubcomments. Can we #freetheboner like we did for #freethenipple ? Kill_Frosty 6 points ago in MensRights

    Nah sorry. I am not going to advocate for equal rights and then not say anything when I see POS sexist comments like that.

    [–] As posted in r/pornhubcomments. Can we #freetheboner like we did for #freethenipple ? Kill_Frosty 3 points ago in MensRights

    Wow what is this sub becoming. This shit isn't funny and all you are doing is giving ammo to people who shit on the productive messages we try to make.

    [–] Leafs Lunch, since the 2016-2017 playoffs, Toronto has the worst PK of all teams in the playoffs at 65%! Kill_Frosty 20 points ago in leafs

    Craziest thing is, with our talent, the PP is just unacceptable, and there have been NO adjustments. No strategy changes, no line moves, they haven't even really moved guys around. Just try switching the side Matthews and JT/whoever were playing.

    And the PK hasn't really been any better. The only thing that has salvaged it from being bottom 5 has been Freddy standing on his head and the emergence of Marner as a PKer.

    [–] [NHLPR] Zach Hyman announced as the Maple Leafs nominee for the King Clancy Memorial Trophy Kill_Frosty 1 points ago in leafs

    Same. They shut the door and drain all air from the room. Only way to breath is through that tube. And then they ask you to breath, and then cut the air and basically measure your lung's ability. And then give you a bit of air and then cut it.


    [–] Why is conservative politics such a natural home for white supremacists? Kill_Frosty 2 points ago in CanadaPolitics

    How many white supremacists are there in Canada? Have we gotten any numbers? The way you are talking is as if these guys are taking over the country but from my understanding, there are a few dozen at most and every time there is ever a rally they are several times outnumbered by counter protests.

    [–] Why is conservative politics such a natural home for white supremacists? Kill_Frosty 0 points ago in CanadaPolitics

    Why do Jews overwhelmingly vote with progressives? Why do minorities and women lean left? Why do white supremacists lean right? Why do environmentalists lean left?

    Because people tend to lean towards the party that they feel panders to them the best. It comes down to they think this party / person will make their life easier / better because they are saying they will.

    I am sure there are some conservative people who feel like that now, sure. That doesn't make them white supremacists though. 100% there are people who are feeling alienated about their skin color, and it's not just minorities. Lots of hate online in every way.

    But this is getting off topic. Your original point was

    "fuck...that doesn't look good...I wonder why these disgusting people associate with us and why minorities and women prefer the other side?".

    Which to me is nonsense. I don't really care what other people think I just vote for who I think is best for myself and my family.

    [–] Why is conservative politics such a natural home for white supremacists? Kill_Frosty 1 points ago in CanadaPolitics

    So your logic is because some bad people agree with you on a topic, you must share all of their opinions? Like if a white supremacist said that child molesters should be locked up for life and I agree with that I should go "Oh damn.. Maybe Child molesters are good people"?

    I just don't get your logic.

    [–] Why is conservative politics such a natural home for white supremacists? Kill_Frosty 3 points ago in CanadaPolitics

    What kind of logic is this? It's like saying because there is an asshole fan at a game that you should reconsider your sports fandom. Nah, I can't control other people. Maybe I disagree with some of the policies of the Liberals? Maybe I dislike the scandals, them finding ways to always add more taxes? Or maybe I align with their economy platform and that is the most important topic for me?

    And I am not even Conservative or Liberal, but I am damn tired of this "you are either a Liberal or you are racist"

    [–] Nazem Kadri suspended for remainder of first round Kill_Frosty 0 points ago in leafs

    Wow too far man. Comments like this is why no one likes Leaf fans