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    [–] Let's Go Leafs! @GilaRivArena Kill_Frosty 2 points ago in leafs

    Hopefully the beer is helping!

    Edit: u aren't op soory am high

    [–] Why? Kill_Frosty 1 points ago in leafs

    He watches the hunting channel

    [–] Let's Go Leafs! @GilaRivArena Kill_Frosty 5 points ago in leafs

    I'm sorry you paid to witness this trash heap

    [–] I want another sequel! Kill_Frosty 11 points ago in BanjoKazooie

    We need a massive game on the scale of Oddessy with Banjo. Let's do it.

    [–] At what point do you move Nylander back with Matthews? Kill_Frosty 0 points ago in leafs

    On the other side, it took like 25 games to get things working. Why not put them together while both are feeling it to allow their chemistry to get going? Making it so Matthews is a threat to have a 3 point night every game >> Nylander on the third line.

    [–] Wooboy that "keto makes you a lightweight " biz is no joke. Kill_Frosty 1 points ago in keto

    See like most things it varies person to person. I had a drink for the first time in 6 weeks and got as hammered as I normally did and drank my normal amount. Maybe it's because I am still a big guy and these posts are referring to people who drank at their heaviest then drop a ton of weight and try again?

    [–] 69% of Canadians Support a Wealth Tax on The Super Rich Kill_Frosty 11 points ago in canada

    What do you mean? Of course it would! They would all support taxing the rich more (vote for me plz) but once it comes time to actually vote on it? Well they know that lobbyists are willing to pay them not to and the average Canadian won't check how they vote, and just remember their PR statement.

    [–] If your salty at the Nintendo direct, remember that they are most likely saving stuff for E3 Kill_Frosty 0 points ago in nintendo

    Yeah this is pretty spot on for me. I was hoping for pokemon and basically everything else aside from Zelda didn't really appeal to me. I miss the old days of rare platformers and stuff, now everything looks as if it is made for 5 year old kids.

    [–] Body Recomp or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Hate the Scale. Kill_Frosty 1 points ago in keto

    I am pretty sure if you are just starting (like /u/marisa131 ) that your body retains water a lot more for the first several weeks. If you think about it it makes sense, working out rips your muscle and your body uses water to help repair them.

    Usually after a while you see the water weight drop off once you becoming adapted to the process of rebuilding muscle.

    [–] Anyone else get irrationally just angry at how the narrative has formed around Mitch? Kill_Frosty 0 points ago in leafs

    There were countless posts about Matthews not getting the deal he did either. Many posts speculating he won't get more than JT on maybe the same term.

    The fact is, players are not taking discounts and Dubas isn't a great negotiator. He seems to be good at scouting and ok at trades (he's won some and lost some).

    It's completely realistic that Marner gets severely overpaid.

    [–] Auston Matthews is the first Toronto Maple Leaf in the team's history to score 25 goals in his first three seasons! Kill_Frosty 1 points ago in leafs

    That's because society is way too dependent on nostalgia. Usually the older something is the better for a lot of people. Look no further than something coming out and being made fun of and then 20 years goes by and suddenly everyone loves it.

    [–] Reddit’s 2018 transparency report (and maybe other stuff) Kill_Frosty 83 points ago in announcements

    Huh now that you say that, there was a post late last year of the President's limo with the door open and you could see how thick it was. In the comments, people were speculating about how it was reinforced and how much damage it could take, and people were linking articles that had tidbits about it's specs.

    I wonder if that was it because it fits perfectly. I just can't remember what the post was called.

    [–] 31 Thoughts - #6. The Maple Leafs told potential trade partners they will not move Timothy Liljegren, Rasmus Sandin or a first-round pick for a rental. Kill_Frosty -19 points ago in leafs

    Maybe unpopular but I would take the 4 first rounders or trade him if I seriously thought he would sign an offer sheet. You want guys who want to play here not guys looking for the max dollar.

    His contract is just terrible value.

    [–] Wilson-Raybould resigns from Trudeau cabinet in wake of SNC-Lavalin claims Kill_Frosty 13 points ago in canada

    NDP are just a more SJW Liberal party. They don't have a chance so long as things like Elbow-gate keep happening.

    [–] How Florida watches their 2 NHL teams play each other Kill_Frosty 1 points ago in hockey

    I just came back from my first ever Montreal trip and never driving in that city again. There are no lines on the road and apparently the concepts of lanes do not exist people just drive where ever they want.

    [–] We all know these guys Kill_Frosty 1 points ago in Blackops4

    They only play those 4 because most of the new maps suck. People don't want more bad maps they want more classic maps. Something that feels different than the others coming off the assembly line.

    [–] Suggestion: Make 2XP while waiting for the next major update Kill_Frosty 9 points ago in Blackops4

    I got dark matter camo and have barely touched it since. Basically no content for MP at all. Even with the pass we got two maps half way through it's life cycle.

    How about some new modes? Party modes? Prop hunt? Infected? Come on Treyarch

    [–] DoN'T lIsTeN tO yOUr haTeRs Kill_Frosty 14 points ago in dankmemes

    Propaganda is in full force in the US and it reflects on Reddit. A lot of misinformation on here and a lot of smear campaigns about the movement.

    Obviously some guys at the top in the US are scared at the thought of America finally snapping and demanding a standard that their parents once had. It's just easier to shame such things in the media so that if the idea ever comes up, people make fun of them.

    [–] Revenge of the sith remains the best film in my opinion. Kill_Frosty 1 points ago in StarWars

    no plot armor.

    I am one with the force scene where he walks through the battle field is kind of plot armor. It's been a while since I watched it but he didn't actually have any sort of force ability right? He was just a believer in the force and followed the teachings. He should have been taken down rather easily.