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    [–] Joji Sets His Face on Fire While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones Kimbobbins 17 points ago in videos

    I'd watch it, his Frank stuff is pretty funny, but the pink guy stuff and the weird shit he does with Max and Ian is kinda' offputting haha

    [–] An Incel does an Casual AMA...need I say more? Kimbobbins 14 points ago in AMADisasters

    This is genuinely upsetting... Imagine if all this guy's crazy came down to never having a relationship. The hell's wrong with being a virgin anyway? Realistically, nobody gives a shit except you.

    Maybe he'll grow out of it, or get help.

    [–] Dolly Parton in denim (1976) Kimbobbins 45 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    Nah, the alien that latched on to her brain ran out of crazy and hopped on over to Katy Perry.

    [–] Notch is on fire today Kimbobbins 51 points ago in iamverysmart

    The guy has enough money to do basically anything he can realistically think of... But spends most of his day bitching and making an arse of himself on twitter.

    Go bang supermodels, crash ferraris, travel the world.

    [–] City maps from Airbnb location ratings [OC] [2123x2123] Kimbobbins 13 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    charm of the North

    Nothing like the smell of dogshite and ketamin in the morning...

    [–] Ban bad owners not good dogs Kimbobbins 8 points ago in aww

    Why do I bother reading comments in this sub, so sick of seeing a nice picture just for people to be screaming "REEEE DOG PULLING BAD OWNER" every other comment.

    Every dog is different. The dogs all look happy and loved, please shut the fuck up with you cynicism.

    [–] Election software firm confirms Venezuela altered outcome by 1 million votes Kimbobbins 0 points ago in worldnews

    Yes, a country so wealthy that if you can't afford healthcare, you die! Sounds lovely.

    [–] Election software firm confirms Venezuela altered outcome by 1 million votes Kimbobbins 2 points ago in worldnews

    And that is why we, as Democrats, lost.

    I'm not American, there is no "We".

    America lost. From a leadership standpoint, your country is a joke.

    [–] Election software firm confirms Venezuela altered outcome by 1 million votes Kimbobbins 9 points ago in worldnews

    Rather have the lesser of two evils, granted she's proven she can actually lead a fucking country, not spent 5 days a week bitching about how everything isn't his fault, then golfing for the other 2.

    [–] Election software firm confirms Venezuela altered outcome by 1 million votes Kimbobbins 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in worldnews

    Then a large part of the usa stood up and voted for donald trump as a BIG FUCK U to the establishment

    A large part (more like 1/4'th) stood up and voted for Trump because a large part are nothing but rural bible bashing bigots, who he happened to pander to with his racist and homophobic views.

    Dangerous words to be saying in this shithole of a sub, I know.

    [–] /r/The_Donald is a transgender hate subreddit. Kimbobbins 78 points ago in AgainstHateSubreddits

    It's really starting to annoy me as someone who uses /r/all a lot. Why the fuck are they still here? They're just Stormfront at this point. The mods have yet to punish them at all.

    "Oh we'll just stop them from appearing at the top of your page every day"

    "Oh we'll just tell them to stop pinging other subs"

    "Oh we'll just play a little joke and muddle their comments a bit"


    [–] /r/The_Donald is a transgender hate subreddit. Kimbobbins 51 points ago in AgainstHateSubreddits

    There's trans pedes on here every day who aren't looking to be constantly offended but fuck you for lumping us in with social justice twats. :v

    12 points.

    No one who's a true friend will feed your delusional mental illness pal

    31 points.

    My head hurts after reading this. Nobody is doing you any favors by lying to you when they tell you that your problems will be solved through "transition". In fact, you mutilating yourself is only going to add to your problems. I'll pray that you rethink the consequences of your "transition" before it's too late.

    18 points.

    the transgender trend is a social psy op to normalize the emasculation of the population

    155 points.

    The pussification of the white American male.... I'm going to start hoarding testosterone, somewhere along the way they've effected us physically. Vaccines, water, GMO, idk.

    48 points.

    What in the actual flying fuck is wrong with these people? Do they have absolutely no empathy what so ever? I honestly can't believe these people can be so hateful and bigoted.

    This is what Trump has done to America. His bigoted views and nutjob alt-right (NAZI) cronies have allowed this hateful crap to be normalised.

    Good job America, with every passing week you set the social progress of your country back another few years. By the time Trump's impeached, you'll be back to beating gays and lynching blacks.

    [–] Who can spot the difference? Kimbobbins 84 points ago in MarchAgainstTrump


    [–] 60lbs to 95lbs. One year of anorexia recovery; no doctors, no tubes, no intervention, just me and a lot of hard work. Kimbobbins 3 points ago in pics

    Thank you :)

    As for damage... Couple in with being bulimic, it ruined a couple of my teeth which had to be removed, I cannot keep a stable weight and still find it extremely difficult to maintain good eating. If I slip up and start to skip meals or eat less than I should, I often compensate by overeating, so I kind of bounce around between a good weight, slightly overweight and pretty underweight. Whilst suffering from anorexia over a long period of time, I became very weak, my skin was awful, I was hyperemotional all the time.

    As for mentally, I was anorexic as a result of weight and bullying from around 13, on and off til I was 16, then had another relapse around 17. In that time, I was diagnosed bipolar, which on top of everything else made life pretty hellish. Like I mentioned before, being hyperemotional, coupled with the mood swings and mania really did screw me up just a bit.

    As for help, clinics and hospitals can be a good resource for anyone suffering from a mental illness, but for long time sufferers who can't see a way out, there's nothing really certain. I went to live with family abroad who could be there for me 24/7, I had all my meals managed for me, and was made to eat as much as I could safely manage. There was always someone there to talk to.

    All you can really do is help them, be their shoulder to cry on, be there to listen, help them with their meals, when they kick and scream and give up, get them back on track, but at the same time don't force it on them.

    I'm not a professional or anything, just someone speaking from experience, you never really fully recover from some things. Even now comments about my weight are an instant trigger. Be there for them I guess, the resulting depression and anxiety can do just as much damage as the immediate illness.

    [–] 60lbs to 95lbs. One year of anorexia recovery; no doctors, no tubes, no intervention, just me and a lot of hard work. Kimbobbins 5 points ago in pics

    I don't think they intend to treat you in a way that makes you feel like you're being helped without actually helping, but as someone who's been there myself, it was obvious that the people there just had too many people to see and too many patients to work with to make a focused effort on one person.

    I was dangerously anorexic and relapsed 2-3 times through my early to late teens and being in and out of hospitals never helped me once, save for the time it almost killed me. The biggest help? Being somewhere comfortable. I had it hard at home, so I went to live with relatives in a place where I felt comfortable, with people who had the time and attention to help me.

    I did relapse again around 17-18, but home life had gotten better, so certainly family members were there to help me through it. Being somewhere you feel safe and comfortable with people you trust is more of a help than any clinic or hospital can be when it comes to things like eating disorders.