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    [–] Fallout 76 is Entirely Online [OC] Kimbobbins 1 points ago in gaming

    Because morons seem to think that because they're trying something different, everyone is losing out on a traditional Fallout game. With or without 76, there wasn't going to be another normal Fallout game for a long time.

    [–] Fallout 76 cover and release date! Kimbobbins 19 points ago in gaming

    I don't care if we don't get mods. I just want to dick around in Fallout with my friends. As long as the story content is still there, there's no reason to be unhappy with this.

    For any "purists" who won't touch it because it's online? Fallout 4 hasn't gone anywhere.

    [–] Already triggered Kimbobbins 1 points ago in Battlefield

    People aren't complaining about the Western front though, that I'd understand. People are complaining because one of the leading characters is a physically disabled woman.

    [–] Already triggered Kimbobbins -2 points ago in Battlefield

    Twist it all you like, you're pissed because there's a fictional woman at the head of a fictional story. It's that simple.

    [–] Already triggered Kimbobbins 9 points ago in Battlefield

    Immersive is a buzz word for games and has been for a while. It means nothings. It's marketing.

    [–] Already triggered Kimbobbins 7 points ago in Battlefield

    A single woman completely destroys your motivation to play a game you'd otherwise play for months. I'm sorry but that's hilarious

    [–] Already triggered Kimbobbins 12 points ago in Battlefield

    This isn't a game about the Eastern front, though?

    [–] Already triggered Kimbobbins 4 points ago in Battlefield

    And you're trying to make it seem as if they are rewriting history and shoving it down your throat. This game, although based on real life events, is a complete work of fiction. They are writing the story they want, not what you want. They want to see female heroes, we have female heroes.

    [–] Already triggered Kimbobbins 13 points ago in Battlefield

    If a woman in a video game is enough to shatter the whole experience for you then perhaps you need something a little gentler. May I suggest Wii Tennis? Or is the whole no arms thing immersion ruining too.

    [–] Already triggered Kimbobbins 11 points ago in Battlefield

    Writing a woman in to their own FICTIONAL story is like shattering the spacetime continuum, got'cha.

    [–] Already triggered Kimbobbins 9 points ago in Battlefield

    Why are games held to a higher standard then? It is a game made purely for entertainment. Not to teach a history class.

    [–] Already triggered Kimbobbins 18 points ago in Battlefield

    How's you figure that one out bud?

    "Oh they're adding women on the Western front? Guess every other woman involved in WW2 ever just didn't exist then."

    You people just want to be outraged because it's a woman. This game is not history, they're not going to rewrite history because DICE put women in a game. Grow some balls.

    [–] Already triggered Kimbobbins 6 points ago in Battlefield

    Misogynists looking to be outraged because the female is at the forefront of the story and not in the kitchen.

    [–] Already triggered Kimbobbins -3 points ago in Battlefield

    Inglorious Bastards is based on WW2 also, where's all the ree's "but muh history" when two Jewish American soldiers are spraying down the entire Nazi high command with tommy guns in a french theatre?

    [–] Already triggered Kimbobbins 117 points ago in Battlefield

    "reeee but muh historical accuracy"

    It's a game.

    A GAME.

    Jesus christ these people see a single women and lose their collective shit. If you want historical accuracy go watch a documentary.

    [–] Fem Kylo Ren based from Shadman's Art by Jessica Nigri Kimbobbins 32 points ago in cosplaygirls

    Why the fuck do people keep promoting Shadman, the dude draws child porn to be edgy.

    [–] I destroyed one of the few friendships I've had in a long time in a long, desperate attempt not to lose it. Kimbobbins 2 points ago in confession

    I'm already in counselling, but thanks. I've brought it up a couple times but this is all fairly recent. I just feel pretty defeated over it. It's done now, can't fix it.

    [–] Leaked Messages Reveal How Women At The BBC Have Clashed Over Trans Rights Kimbobbins -2 points ago in ukpolitics

    Perhaps these feminists never really agreed with the inclusion of LGB rights under feminism in the first place?

    TERF's often speak out against LGB women also. They deserve no sympathy what so ever. I've never come in contact with a TERF who hasn't been completely vile, bigoted and intolerant.

    [–] God of war then vs now. Kimbobbins 0 points ago in gaming

    "It's ok guys it's not real child pornography it's only pretend"

    [–] God of war then vs now. Kimbobbins -18 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in gaming

    If you're a pedophile perhaps. Get help.

    Downvoted for speaking out against a dude that draws child porn, stay classy Reddit.

    'cus a guy who draws shit like this is a real stand up guy amirite.

    [–] Apparently breastfeeding is simply a matter of willpower Kimbobbins 3 points ago in badwomensanatomy

    Fuck these people, my sister struggled producing milk from the very start and had to be given medication/hormones to help her body kickstart the process.

    [–] Reddit at its finest Kimbobbins 1 points ago in facepalm

    Like I commented in the thread itself, Reddit is full of bitter unhappy people who can't help be negative when they see someone else who's happier then they are. I swear half the people who browse /r/happy only do it to be a huge downer.

    [–] Today marks six happy months with my beautiful girlfriend Kimbobbins -22 points ago in happy

    Man there's some bitter fucking people on here. How miserable does your life have to be that this makes you feel the need to be negative.