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    [–] Serendipity, Arthur Henri, Digital, 2019 KindaGoodPainter 25 points ago in Art

    And yet there seems to be an influx of these kind of posts. Idk if it's meta, sarcasm, or what, but y'all clearly like the formula.

    [–] [SPOILERS] My take on Theon from the last episode KindaGoodPainter 4 points ago in gameofthrones

    It's a delicate balance between advertising your work in Patreon and posting humble OC to a sub that would truly appreciate it. This feels like a trojan horse post. That's why I'd assume people are annoyed.

    [–] More PKN Tensions again... KindaGoodPainter 1 points ago in PKA

    The armchair psychology is real in here.

    [–] WELCOME TO BANWORLD (The Wings of Redemption Story) EP 1 KindaGoodPainter 1 points ago in PKA

    Quick tip. Your voice volume is lower than the clips you use. This is most noticable on mobile especially. Causing me to come constantly turn the volume up and down. It's not wildly off, but enough to make a difference.

    [–] [SPOILERS] I made a Character Safety chart for Episode 3 KindaGoodPainter 1 points ago in gameofthrones

    Here's my theory; Jamie gets killed off-screen sacrificing himself for Brienne. Later, we see Jamie pull up on Cersei and kill her, shortly after being revealed to ACTUALLY be Arya. But just as this is happening, Bron pops out and kills her with the crossbow thinking she's Jamie.

    [–] Black, Aykut Aydoğdu, Digital Art, 2018 KindaGoodPainter 1 points ago in Art

    Is the dog's head on the right an exact duplicate of the one on the left?

    [–] Some fan art I made in my graphics class. Ready for the new season! KindaGoodPainter 5 points ago in StrangerThings

    Just a small critique. it feels very bottom-heavy at the moment because there is a lot of visual noise with his arms crossed, the bat logo and, the title. The text would much better sit above him, in that space. It would balance out the I composition better.

    [–] Lil Dicky - Earth KindaGoodPainter 1 points ago in videos

    To be fair, I think Dicky is trying to sell out. He's stated in the past that he's only doing this to eventually fund/fuel his career in writing films.