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    [–] Gibberish Language for games? King-Of-Throwaways 5 points ago in gamedev

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Undertale varies pitch or syllables. It’s basically the standard JRPG “dedede” bleeps, but with unique bleeps for each character.

    [–] On vacation in London. Third day in a row! King-Of-Throwaways 1 points ago in vegan

    Camden has tons of options. I recommend Rudy’s dirty vegan diner (fast food) and Young Vegans (pies), both of which are in Camden market, near the stables.

    [–] What innocent question has someone asked you that secretly crushed you a little inside? King-Of-Throwaways 21 points ago in AskReddit

    Or maybe a protest against the clear favoritism women get when being sentenced for the same crime as a man.

    The discrepancy between sentences can be attributed to how men and women are perceived differently in society. “He’s a big man, so he must be violent,” “she’s a dainty woman, she can’t possibly have done anything,” and so on. This is absolutely something that feminism has addressed over the last century.

    [–] How true is Paddington movie's depiction of London? King-Of-Throwaways 3 points ago in london

    In my opinion, Paddington doesn’t portray a fictionalised version of London so much as an optimistic one. It’s like the city is being shown through the eyes of a hopeful, slightly naive child... or bear.

    It’s almost like the film makers are saying, “we know this isn’t how London is, but it’s how we hope it might one day be.”

    [–] This guy gets it King-Of-Throwaways 3 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    I think my lawyer is overcharging me. Like, yeah, I get it, I'm paying for someone who spent years in law school to get the necessary knowledge. But it still feels exploitative, like a firefighter who asks for ludicrous amounts of cash before saving your house from burning.

    [–] My mood every day during 2018 compared to 2017 King-Of-Throwaways 29 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    I tried to track my mood on the same app last year, but I had to stop after a few months because it was too depressing.

    [–] Mood King-Of-Throwaways 18 points ago in traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

    Remember to be really specific if you ever encounter one of those dick-ass genies.

    [–] If 0 is entirely evil and 100 is entirely good, what number are you? Why? King-Of-Throwaways 6 points ago in AskReddit

    I feel like this is the type of description that 90% of people would say applies to themselves.

    [–] Activism King-Of-Throwaways 88 points ago in vegancirclejerk

    Dying young is good for the environment. Perhaps keto is the most vegan diet of all. 🤔

    [–] How do I get over myself and break cycles of accomplishing nothing and/or abandoning projects? King-Of-Throwaways 16 points ago in gamedev

    I am happy to sign up to be someone’s gamedev rival. Services include:

    • Randomly showing up on your twitter feed to mock your lack of progress.
    • Bumping into you at a games convention while I’m out with my hot girlfriend.
    • Laughing at your choice of engine, no matter what it is.

    [–] [Poetry] Racist Grocery Store Item King-Of-Throwaways 17 points ago in youtubehaiku

    What an animal was bred to do has little relevance to the morality of killing it.

    [–] What YouTube channels are genuinely worth watching? King-Of-Throwaways 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Philosophy Tube is good.

    The older videos are snappy explanations of philosophical ideas. They might not be enough for people who want in-depth analysis, but they’re great as an introductory tool.

    The newer videos are longer, more artistic dives into politics and social issues.

    [–] Thoughts on Brawl Stars? King-Of-Throwaways 31 points ago in iosgaming

    I appreciate how you can go from clicking on the app icon to being in a match within 10 seconds.

    One time, while playing Solo, I received a text that I had to answer, so I exited the app for about 20 seconds. When I returned, my character was in a different place and the match was still going. I assume my character was taken over by AI during that time. I found that super impressive.

    [–] What are some psychology experiments with interesting results? King-Of-Throwaways 0 points ago in AskReddit

    Then perhaps we shouldn’t support animal testing and the consumption of animal products.

    [–] Best engine/template to use for MoBA? King-Of-Throwaways 12 points ago in gamedesign

    This is pushing the DIY analogy, but making a MOBA would be closer to building a house than painting a wall. It requires proficiency in several specialist areas and a ton of labour. That’s not to say a single inexperienced person can’t build a house, just that their efforts might be better spent on a smaller project, or perhaps just one manageable part of building a house - such as painting a wall.

    I encourage OP to try building a basic single player game with MOBA controls in Unreal. Once they’re confident they understand the engine, they will have a better understanding of what they need to put together a MOBA.

    [–] , King-Of-Throwaways 13 points ago in traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns