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    [–] I committed tax fraud King-Of-Throwaways 20 points ago in gaming

    I really like the piranha plant inclusion. Not every character needs to be a focus-tested fan-favourite. Unpredictable choices make things fun.

    [–] Effective Altruism Is The Nerdy Social Movement That Teaches People How To Do Good Better King-Of-Throwaways 27 points ago in philosophy

    No, the moral alternative is to support the active political organization of the poor alongside charity relief.

    What would that consist of, in practical terms? I’m not sure how a wealthy person can effect systematic change for the underprivileged outside of providing opportunities for them (e.g. funding mosquito nets to prevent malaria).

    [–] People who had someone condescendingly explain something that they didn't know you're an expert on, what happened? King-Of-Throwaways 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Role playing games usually follow the pattern of the players going somewhere, interacting with someone, and discovering something. For example, you start in a town, talk to a drunkard in a tavern, and learn about a magical plague that’s turning the townspeople into sheep.

    The designated “dungeon master” will be the person describing the characters, setting, and story to the players, but who wrote the ideas? Who came up with the drunkard’s name, the town’s layout, and the magic plague premise? That’s the content. Some dungeon masters like to come up with their own content, but others like to buy or borrow preconceived scenarios because writing a lot of intriguing content is hard work.

    Of course, role playing games have a lot of agency. The players could say, “fuck this town. Let’s go find a castle,” and then the dungeon master sighs, dumps their content in the trash, and has to improvise.

    [–] The World Design of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night | Boss Keys King-Of-Throwaways 5 points ago in gamedev

    I sometimes wonder about SotN players who go the wrong way, encounter too hard enemies or an unbeatable obstacle, and give up on the game after struggling at the impossible for a few hours. The same goes for the clock puzzle or the bad end. There must have been literally thousands of players who stopped playing SotN after encountering one of these counter-intuitive design elements, so it's, in my opinion, a valid criticism.

    However, I know some people love these obscure elements, and that's why they still persist in some modern games - Dark Souls, for example.

    I think the best approach is just to not waste the player's time. Don't let the player go the wrong way if they'll have to backtrack for 15 minutes, but do let them go if they can fight their way through. If the player must solve an obscure puzzle, make the clues overt enough that a player knows when they should or should not be trying to solve it.

    [–] PSA: Construct 2 secretly embeds a unique code in your game that can be used to identify you King-Of-Throwaways -9 points ago in gamedev

    First, there's the issue of using someone else's license hash on a different game and then breaking "their" license terms publicly, in order to damage them. The hash doesn't authenticate the build after all.

    If the hash is so easily edited as to be a useless identifier of the owner, then aren’t the privacy concerns moot?

    [–] Illegal 'Whale Jail' Has Been Spotted in Russia, Lifting The Lid on a Massive Animal Exploitation Industry King-Of-Throwaways 3 points ago in worldnews

    It bothers me how “the ends justify the means” is a villain’s speech in a fictional story, but the height of morality in animal testing.

    [–] PSA: Construct 2 secretly embeds a unique code in your game that can be used to identify you King-Of-Throwaways -5 points ago in gamedev

    From the way this is phrased, I’m getting the impression that you think this is unacceptable, but I’m struggling to think of a plausible situation where this could be harmful to the developer. Your suggested scenario where a person publishes two games under two names, has them both extracted and examined by a curious player, and then suffers undeserved fallout as a result is unlikely, at best.

    [–] A new way to think about the "1 Man Indie Dev" King-Of-Throwaways 4 points ago in gamedev

    By that standard, famous one-man-driven indie projects like Minecraft, Braid, and Undertale wouldn’t qualify as having “solo dev” creators.

    [–] Nani😂😂.. King-Of-Throwaways 1 points ago in Animemes

    The best of both worlds: having a father who killed themselves out of shame and disappointment.

    [–] Support for Development of European Video Games 2019 -Call EACEA/24/2018 King-Of-Throwaways 1 points ago in gamedev

    Here is some context in a more readable format. I encourage EU-based indie devs to look into this, because it’s an excellent funding opportunity.

    [–] A Night in the Art Exhibit King-Of-Throwaways 1 points ago in gameideas

    If the developer sticks to pre-modernism, then licensing becomes much easier because the artists’ works will be in the public domain. That does rule out Picasso, though.

    [–] I don't have enough fate in my game's Writing... King-Of-Throwaways 3 points ago in gamedev

    I suppose the solution would be to keep the written dialog, and then recruit outside help to get the writing quality as high as possible. You can hire a freelance editor who specialises in fixing up scripts, or if your budget is tight, ask friends, family, and forum-dwellers for help.

    [–] Illusion 100 King-Of-Throwaways 2 points ago in funny

    “...Suspect answers to ‘Inspector Gadget’.”

    [–] What are you guys frustrated about? King-Of-Throwaways 4 points ago in gamedev

    I wholeheartedly agree with point number one. R/truegaming epitomises it. Want to discuss game mechanics or do some surface-level industry discussion? Pull up a seat. Want to discuss a game’s themes or do some artistic analysis? Lol, get out of here, this is a subreddit for vidyagames, not pretentious nonsense.

    The good news is that there are plenty of gamers who “get” it - they just aren’t quite as sizeable or as vocal as the gamers who are in it for the fun.

    [–] Question about game financing King-Of-Throwaways 1 points ago in gamedev

    I don't have much experience with mobile ads, so I'll let someone else answer that.

    [–] Question about game financing King-Of-Throwaways 2 points ago in gamedev

    Yes, absolutely. Risk of Rain took that route.

    [–] Question about game financing King-Of-Throwaways 6 points ago in gamedev

    I've spoken to a few publishers. Here's my experience.

    1. You have to have the game in a good enough state that the publisher can get a good assessment of what the finished game will look like. A "vertical slice" is ideal. A small gameplay video or a demo are great. You also might want some evidence that your game will succeed, perhaps in the form of a thriving twitter account or a growing fanbase. A track record of previously released games is also beneficial, because it demonstrates that you can actually finish projects.
    2. If the publisher is interested, they will ask what you need from them. You might, for example, need 1 year's worth of funding for your own expenses, plus some extra money to hire a composer. So asking for $40k in such a case might not be unreasonable.
    3. Assuming that you and the publisher agree to work together, you will sign a contract where, typically, the publisher takes around 30% of sales revenue. Some (most?) publishers deduct any borrowed money from your initial paychecks - so that $40k they gave you earlier wasn't a gift, it was an advance on sales. The publisher's take of 30% might sound like a lot, but bear in mind that a good publisher will offer marketing, localisation, and porting services that should make up that lost money.

    [–] Simple text-based interactive story engine (like Lifeline) - any suggestions? Unity would be overkill? King-Of-Throwaways 10 points ago in gamedev

    Look into Inkle's Ink. It's a simple, but very powerful scripting language specifically designed for narrative games like Lifeline. Bear in mind that it's not an engine - it's just a language - which means that you have to use it in conjunction with something else like Javascript or Unity for it to function. The "Inky" tool is possibly the quickest and easiest way to get started with it.

    Two other tools to consider would be Twine and Ren'Py.

    [–] Tiny socks King-Of-Throwaways 15 points ago in aww

    I’m not throwing away my... socks.

    [–] Customized game company idea.. King-Of-Throwaways 1 points ago in gameideas

    There probably are a couple of eccentric billionaires who bankroll their own dream games.

    I did once see a guy on r/gamedev who paid (I think) around $20,000 to an Indian development team to produce a mobile game to his specification. It wasn't good.

    [–] Customized game company idea.. King-Of-Throwaways 2 points ago in gameideas

    Most game companies would be happy to provide this service for you. The only problem is that you have to pay their wages through the game’s development.