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    [–] C. Sanchez Red card KingSimmons 18 points ago in FantasyPL

    Have him and James Rodriguez πŸ˜‚

    [–] No parking school days 7am-4pm question KingSimmons 2 points ago in philadelphia

    There's a couple cars in the school parking lot but no kids (Meredith school). Feel like ppa is still going to dick me over

    [–] Seeing green KingSimmons 1 points ago in philadelphia

    Figure of speech dumbass

    [–] How balanced was your offense in 2017? Rushing vs. Receiving Quad Chart shows KingSimmons 12 points ago in nfl

    Chart with a balance line

    Anywhere near the blue line shows a very balanced offense, obviously you want to be to the top right vice bottom left

    [–] Seeing green KingSimmons 0 points ago in philadelphia

    and I always give them room ya shit stain

    [–] Seeing green KingSimmons -2 points ago in philadelphia

    What's the deal with riding behind a bike on a one way street? Do you pass them or ride their ass until they move over?

    [–] Who were the busts of last year’s draft? KingSimmons 2 points ago * (lasted edited 19 days ago) in nfl

    Amari Cooper had 680 yards in his 3rd season from the same draft class. Aglohor came 3rd out of all the wrs in that class this year by yards, behind Diggs (by 81 yards) and Crowder. But he was first in TDs tied with Diggs with 8

    [–] Innocent until proven guilty KingSimmons 8 points ago in nba

    I would hate to have r/NBA on my jury that's for sure