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    [–] Big brother is here, and his name is Facebook KirbyDarcy 128 points ago in technology


    Everyone is pretty mean..

    [–] Anyone care to share a story on how you were a big part of helping a fledgling marketing firm become the successful entity it is today? KirbyDarcy 14 points ago in marketing

    Not really a fledgling marketing firm but rather a big one (80 people). We had a client who sold apartments and wanted us to use facebook to advertise.

    Now, I would never spend over $1M to buy something that I see from a Facebook ad. At least that's what I thought.

    I did some research and had some good content about the area of the apartments and about the construction, material etc. I published the content in a popular magazine that I know people use to search for houses.

    Later on I pushed the content with Outbrain and used CTA to drive traffic to the Facebook page (more information - no landing page).

    After one month of collecting pixels I launched an aggressive remarketing campaign and I was able to sell. apartments. via. facebook.

    Total campaign budget half a million. Total Apartments sold: 5.

    And so our agency became famous for cracking the formula on how to sell houses with Facebook

    [–] [Homemade] Eggs Benedict Quesadilla KirbyDarcy 1 points ago in food

    This is awesome, will try to make it for dinner!