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    [–] [DISC] Mahou Shoujo Site Ch. 85 KirinoNakano 1 points ago in manga


    No body:still Alive,and the Butler still Alice they probabily havê something to him

    [–] I Bet is Kirino taking the pictures KirinoNakano 3 points ago in Oreimo

    The other book is a 55 pages of Kuroneko and Kyousuke fucking with a lot of BDSM

    [–] Bloom Into You Anime Confirmed KirinoNakano 1 points ago in shoujoai

    Yeah, it is pretty bad.

    Nope,is better than Bloon into you

    [–] [Spoilers] God-Begotten Monsters? KirinoNakano 1 points ago in Supernatural

    No Hulk punched her...

    Ops wrong ragnarok