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    [–] PsBattle: This Shiba Inu dog with a leaf mane Kissaki0 1 points ago in photoshopbattles

    I'm not really a photographer either :)

    Just a novice gimp user with a little experience.

    Not sure how long it took me but probably also 30 minutes or more...

    [–] Hologram tech shown off at CES Kissaki0 1 points ago in gif

    Multiple moderate size fans of spinning LED bars aligned as a cross.

    [–] How many bytes of information can a single neuron store? Kissaki0 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in askscience

    Your eyes receive visual input through photons of frequencies of the visible spectrum. The visual receptors at the back of your eyes accumulate these and send strength/number of these light photons as electrical signals to your brain.

    The brain has a huge network of neurons dedicated for visual input handling. A pattern of visual input will enter this network through multiple lanes. Then the network will send output to other parts of the brain; the unconscious and the conscious. At some point you perceive the signals as 3D space and objects, interpreted light signals interpreted according to what you(r brain) learned from experience.

    When you dream, the brain "fakes visual input". The huge network of neurons interpreting 3D space and objects does this through well established routes through the network. By providing fake input these networks use a lot of the same well established lanes through the network, and hence, you dream of familiar stuff. Stuff you recently experienced or learned about, but also stuff from older memory - different parts of your neuronal network that is memory.

    I'm not a pro medical scientist, so I'm not sure about the specifics of dreaming state. But this makes sense to me.


    Especially see the DeepDream that shows interesting "dream like" output from a trained computer program.

    [–] How many bytes of information can a single neuron store? Kissaki0 17 points ago in askscience

    That is hard to answer, because the presumption of this question that neurons store information similar to how bits store information is just not the case.

    Bits are deterministic value storage for our deterministic computation algorithms (which arguably changes with neural network style AI algorithms). A neuronal network however stores information in a network of neurons. Neurons trigger with a probability on accumulated triggering input power.

    Contrary to deterministic algorithms which are planned and can be followed - input, manipulation, output - neuronal networks are too complex and/or too indirect to understand - there is input and output, but the network is not planned, crafted and studied; it is trained with input data and feedback on that input data to make it learn desired output.

    So a single neuron arguably stores no information. But it does have properties like activation probability, activation energy and connections to other neurons (which is probably not what the question asks for as 'stored information').

    [–] PsBattle: This Shiba Inu dog with a leaf mane Kissaki0 1 points ago in photoshopbattles

    You’re welcome! :)

    If you're interested, I also made this seamless doge tile some time ago. :D

    [–] PsBattle: This cat shaking its head with its tongue out Kissaki0 1 points ago in photoshopbattles

    Wow, that's great!

    Maybe adjusting the colors to red/blue would make it a perfect fit. :)

    [–] PsBattle: This Shiba Inu dog with a leaf mane Kissaki0 12 points ago in photoshopbattles

    Do you have a reference at hand? pic with him in adequate position and reasonable size?

    [–] PsBattle: This Shiba Inu dog with a leaf mane Kissaki0 48 points ago in photoshopbattles

    Lost in leaves

    Well… I’m not that good with the clone tool. But maybe good enough? :P

    [–] San Francisco Federal Building Kissaki0 1 points ago in pics

    In this context

    How to win your argument: 1) repeat the same things back to the person who just said that idiotic statement

    quoting the person is obviously not the intent, but repeating what that person said towards that person in his tone

    Quoting is a different context. While it may not be distinguishable in speech if you don't mark it as such, that is different in formatted text. Quoting in text is clearly visible as a quote.

    To win the argument, you'll have to talk back to him. If you're just quoting without further text you did nothing. You quoted what was written. That has no statement or argumentation value.

    In contrary to quoting, by writing/saying the same again, it is not a non-value quote but a deliberate statement.

    [–] San Francisco Federal Building Kissaki0 0 points ago in pics

    I’d argue quoting is not repeating the same things back

    [–] Remove Voice Packs from 300 Gems Chests Kissaki0 1 points ago in Smite

    Oh, that's interesting. A good differentiation.

    [–] Bomb lands near reporter but doesn't explode Kissaki0 10 points ago in videos

    Not sure if you're literal or sarcastic with those three dots. Just gonna take the chance and explain: Allah akbar translates to "God is big/mighty". Not just an Isis war cry, but a common phrase there. "Thank God".