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    [–] Artemis Reign? KitonePeach 3 points ago in namenerds

    I agree with you, though. It's overall quite odd, and sounds like it would have to be the protagonist of a magic-influenced fantasy novel more so than a child in a small town. Plus the fact that each part of the name is from a completely different languages, and has to get along with a Peachy last name just seems off. Everyone in our entire bloodline have fairly normal names, so it'd stand out suspiciously.

    [–] Artemis Reign? KitonePeach 2 points ago in namenerds

    I do like the sound of it, but it's oddly disorienting that it has so may languages in the name. Greek mythology, Reign has a French origin, and our German last name, when everyone we're related to has a fairly typical English name. It's a bit much to comprehend.

    And the last name/ ongoing family nickname being Peach just gets along weirdly with the rest of the name, too.

    [–] Artemis Reign? KitonePeach 10 points ago in namenerds

    We really will have to depend on her dragonslaying success, else she bring shame to the Peach lineage.

    [–] Artemis Reign? KitonePeach 2 points ago in namenerds

    I do like the idea of switching out the middle name for something a bit more familiar. I think the big novelty of my sister's name idea was just how all-over-the-place it felt language wise. The rest of our family have normal names (my sister is a Jennifer, for example), so this idea was quite the surprise. Next time I see her, I'll see where her head's at on ideas, and see if I can steer her. She's stubborn though, so I can't make any promises!

    [–] Tree with a face. What do you think it has to say? KitonePeach 3 points ago in FairytaleasFuck

    Seconds ago, little creatures are coming

    And they are asking if I am god

    And I am asking what god is

    And they are telling me

    And I am not this god.

    And this god is nowhere.

    Little creatures are explaining faith.

    And moments ago is the beginning

    And I am here then and here now

    And there is no where for god to be hiding.


    A great beast is walking through the sands

    And they are climbing into the air

    And now they are making a tear

    And now.. They are gone

    And now you are here

    Little creatures wondering through the air

    And they are dragging in places and echoes of lives

    And they are asking me about god.

    I am going to tell you something, little creature.

    You are swimming further and further out to sea

    And beyond are things blind and terrible

    And I am showing you now...

    They are blind, but they are seeing you.

    And you are coming to them.

    After this you are not returning here

    I am climbing into the air

    And closing the sky

    And I will tell you a second thing

    There is a hole at the center of everything

    And it is always growing

    Between the stars I am seeing it

    It is coming

    And you are not escaping

    And the universe is forgetting you.

    And the universe is being forgotten

    And there is nothing to remember it

    Not even the things beyond

    And now there is only the hole

    (I swear this isn’t complete random ramblings. ‘Tis the words of a god-seeming creature in Night in the Woods).

    Edit: Mobile formatting might make things awkward. Tried to fix it but I’m sorry if it’s horrid.

    [–] What book fucked you up mentally? KitonePeach 1 points ago in AskReddit

    That sounds great! I wish you well readings!

    [–] What book fucked you up mentally? KitonePeach 6 points ago in AskReddit

    I definitely plan to read it soon! Just haven’t been able to stop by a bookstore recently. I’m gonna keep an eye out for other major books that showed up on this askreddit though, so I’ll probably amass a huge reading list once again!

    [–] What book fucked you up mentally? KitonePeach 22 points ago in AskReddit

    You know, I didn’t expect to see a Warriors book in this thread. But now that you’ve mentioned it, I definitely get what you mean! I liked the side stories better than the main ones, overall I think. Specifically Bluestar’s and Hollyleaf’s, since Hollyleaf got trapped underground and only had a ghost for a friend. Jesus.

    [–] What book fucked you up mentally? KitonePeach 20 points ago in AskReddit

    I think 1984 is far more likely than Brave New World. BNV takes a lot of ideas that definitely could happen at any moment, or are happening currently, but it puts them to an extreme that’s difficult to achieve anytime soon. 1984 is pretty much always happening in small doses, and has been increasing for quite a while. Though, we’re a couple decades late on that. So we’ve got that going for us.

    I haven’t finished Fahrenheit 451 yet though, so I’ve no idea where that stands on it, but from what I’ve heard in literature classes, I wouldn’t be too surprised if something along my basic understanding of it were to occur.

    [–] What book fucked you up mentally? KitonePeach 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I still think about The Devil in the White City (about the Chicago World fair, a major architect behind it all, and H. H. Holmes the Serial Killer). I read it for a summer assignment in high school. I had already known about Holmes’ Hotel, but the book gave so much more detail about the murders and how he got away with them, while also giving some information on other important people of the time, and what events were going on in preparation for the World’s Fair.

    [–] What book fucked you up mentally? KitonePeach 2 points ago in AskReddit

    1984 is one of my favorites. I used it twice for projects in my AP Literature class senior year (I was supposed to read a different novel for the first project, but my parents threw a fit about it, so the teacher let me do 1984 for both). It was great already being highly familiar with the story and watching my classmates when they went through and read it for the first time.

    [–] What book fucked you up mentally? KitonePeach 150 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah, and her husband is a doctor, I think. But because everyone saw most feminine psychological health issues as hysteria or other dumb things at the time, they pretty much kept her locked up in that room. They didn’t let her interact with the kid or go outside much at all, which didn’t help with her depression and the growing stress made her lose sanity quickly.

    [–] What book fucked you up mentally? KitonePeach 9 points ago in AskReddit

    Yes! I did a report on this with one of my friends in high school. All the short stories we read for that class were really interesting to me, but most students didn’t seem to care about them. It’s beautiful for explaining the protagonist’s psychology and expressing how flawed people’s idea of women’s health was.

    [–] Cute sibset! Harper and Marlowe KitonePeach 4 points ago in namenerds

    I love the name Harper. Named one of my rats Harper, since there aren’t many humans around for me to name!

    [–] [No Spoilers] Tried to get close to the ship, looked down and saw this KitonePeach 9 points ago in subnautica

    I don’t know exactly how it started, but overtime people built up this idea that one of the reapers around the Aurora is ‘Sammy the Safety Reaper,’ and that anytime he attacks the player, he’s doing so to show you that you’ve not been cautious enough to be safe. It’s kinda weird, but made for some comical fan art.

    All the leviathans in the game actually have been given names now, and a few of them are little nods to different events, players, etc.

    I found the post of their names & locaions for ya.

    [–] Cleaning my room and doing some laundry after being depressed for 3 months (time lapse) KitonePeach 6 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    Hey, just wanted to say that I love your reply to that crude comment, and I would give you a variety of Reddit’s finest minerals to you if I could. You worded your reply to the toxic individual beautifully, and I really respect that. On behalf of everyone, thank you!

    [–] When that shadow creeps in 😱 KitonePeach 4 points ago in thalassophobia

    You right, you right, but to be fair, the teleportation isn’t nature’s fault, so I can at least get a few points back on that one, yeah?

    [–] When that shadow creeps in 😱 KitonePeach 2 points ago in thalassophobia

    I have! It’s definitely amazing, though it’s not optimized well... I had my friend behind the computer running cheats to teleport me to each leviathan so I could see them up close! Then we went into survival mode in two places: the first by the aurora, and I swam around reapers (I’m a little disappointed that there’s no attack animation before death). Then I went to a cyclops out in the void, and watched the ghosts while the cyclops caught fire. It was interesting.

    [–] I designed a sticker and one if my customers took this pic of it with their snek! KitonePeach 23 points ago in Sneks

    Hey everyone! This post is a lie and OP did not, in fact, make this sticker. u/stabbittherabbit is the maker of this sticker, and posted this pic a long time ago.

    [–] When that shadow creeps in 😱 KitonePeach 68 points ago in thalassophobia

    Usually water that is devious of life. Dirtier, murky waters have a lot of micro-life forms and generally are where you’d see more things moving about. This water is as clear as it is because there isn’t much life going on nearby, which might be a bad sign for the local ecosystem.

    Conversely, there’s a few places where having clear water is a good sign for the ecosystem, like the clear waters around coral reefs, which show that the reef is self-sustaining enough that it keeps the ecosystem around it clear and balanced.

    This is why darker waters, like those near the arctic and Antarctic, are as dark and murky as they are. There’s a lot going on under the deep water, and that’s where most life thrives, be it minuscule, or whale-sized.

    I’m betting that the water in this video is close to the equator. And since it’s in a relatively shallow area, it makes sense for it to be as clear as it is. Warmer waters that are this shallow don’t tend to have too much life.

    [–] When that shadow creeps in 😱 KitonePeach 11 points ago in thalassophobia

    Yes! I’m so excited for Below Zero! What I find amazing is how a lot of the creatures in the Subnautica games (especially Below Zero) have completely feasible and realistic adaptations, and usually have traits really similar to those of Earth’s ocean life. So not only are the creatures in the games impressive and scary, but they reflect what we see in Earthen waters (to a degree, shame we don’t have leviathans).

    [–] What are some strange places you’ve found your escaped snake? KitonePeach 1 points ago in snakes

    I’m studying zoology in community college, and our classroom has a lot of snakes. Apparently one of them managed to get out of its enclosure without the teachers or students noticing (idk which snake), and it was only noticed when someone said, “that computer cord looks like a snake”. Luckily, a student had noticed it climbing the wiring behind the teacher’s desk. Also luckily, this was in a different class than the one that has the woman who’s deathly afraid of snakes. She was very stressed to learn of the event.

    [–] Not super happy about Daisy's new trick, but I am impressed. KitonePeach 6 points ago in RATS

    One of my rats (Finley) is an expert climber and has gotten herself stuck outside of the cage twice. Luckily, one of these times was last night and I managed to get her to go back home on her own, but he precious time she had gotten spooked and ran under the cage (a critter nation on top of a stand), and I had to catch her, against her will, to get her back home. I’ve been working on training them to come up to me and to trust me more, so hopefully if she ever gets out like that again, she won’t be too stressed. I’m just lucky that Harper isn’t much of a climber. She’s so much easier to keep track of and train!

    [–] Jeffree eating a wax worm, one of his favorite snacks 🤤 KitonePeach 1 points ago in spiderbro

    I’ve never met anything as aggressive as they are, and I’ve seen some pretty violent animals.