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    [–] Even tho I have an 1LT :( Kojak95 1 points ago in camaro

    Dad jokes are the best kind of jokes.

    [–] Even tho I have an 1LT :( Kojak95 1 points ago in camaro

    SuperDave is being SuperLame lol

    [–] China Number 1 Kojak95 3 points ago in HistoryMemes

    revolution sounds

    [–] This would be awesome! Kojak95 1 points ago in Spintires

    But I mean have the even fixed the vehicle audio and effects problems in multiplayer?

    [–] I think 2008 was the best year for video games Kojak95 3 points ago in gaming

    Honestly Far Cry 2 stands alone as the most in-depth and we'll done Far Cry IMO. So many cool and groundbreaking (at the time) game mechanics.

    Just the ability to start grass fires that routed enemies and the fact that if they engaged you in a firefight and lost you they would go to your last known location and search for you.

    [–] I think 2008 was the best year for video games Kojak95 4 points ago in gaming

    Honestly I loved the story of GTA IV the most because to me it was the most believable. It really painteda darker picture of what living in a big city and being involved with organized crime might actually be like whereas although the visuals and game mechanics of GTA V are better in many ways it still feels so flaky to me.

    [–] NO MR. PHARAOH DON'T DO IT Kojak95 2 points ago in memeingthroughtime

    Eehhhh Nubian, we got lotsa dat.

    [–] 2010 lt dirty but sexy Kojak95 5 points ago in camaro

    Pls wash.

    [–] American Family Diner Starter Pack Kojak95 3 points ago in starterpack

    Mmm diner coffee and runny eggs.

    [–] I guess not everyone digs the JLO and Marc Anthony vibe Kojak95 7 points ago in Tinder

    Tall women are generally really gorgeous in my experience. I'm 6'2 and love it when I meet girls around my height.

    [–] "Times change... Moscow doesn't" Kojak95 86 points ago in gaming

    I took a train through Detroit and with sheer amount of derelict buildings coupled to the fact that I actually saw people filming pornography on the side of the railroad tracks, was enough to leave an impression.

    [–] Man isn’t even in the Marines yet Kojak95 64 points ago in iamverybadass

    Doing "UP! - THEY SEE ME! - DOWN!" across a football field in full kit so many times I lost count... shudders

    [–] oof Kojak95 71 points ago in HistoryMemes

    ...Lost Tyree, lost Dutch... They came... From behind!