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    [–] My dads ‘79 Z28 Kojak95 1 points ago in camaro

    That's a badass intake! Crate engine or original engine?

    [–] Hello neighbor Kojak95 2 points ago in Eyebleach

    Heavy metal cats*


    [–] ThIs is Too deep S Kojak95 7 points ago in im14andthisisdeep

    And this is pod racing.

    [–] Hehe I like a popular shoe brand #notlikeothergirls Kojak95 5 points ago in notliketheothergirls

    I had this problem with a gf who liked to touch windows. I found repeatedly returning to the car wash and re-washing them solved that issue post haste.

    [–] This cosplay Kojak95 3 points ago in gifs


    [–] This cosplay Kojak95 32 points ago in gifs

    Doubt you'll find one, this reeks of "I saw this on a forum/comments page once"

    [–] New Video breaking down Charles Holloway’s life, characteristics and story ! Kojak95 4 points ago in LV426

    I'm with you on this one. I wanted to like Prometheus but it was poorly executed IMO

    [–] Cat Catches Fly Kojak95 3 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in Catculations

    That look after the cat caught the fly was to warn all other creatures of its power.

    E. Cat didn't catch the flu...

    [–] Credit to u/Kinyek Kojak95 1 points ago in HistoryMemes

    Why does her mouth look like a cat's? ... I don't get anime.

    [–] Moonlight in the smoke looks like a ghost Kojak95 1 points ago in gifs

    Careful, that Lost Soul is about to fly at you.

    [–] A very contented cougar Kojak95 24 points ago in Eyebleach

    Awe, it's just a giant deadly house kitty.

    [–] If she pisses into a glass? Kojak95 2 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    The whispering winds of shit.

    [–] thought I would join too. like father like son Kojak95 2 points ago in musclecar

    Exactly! I also have a base model '72 and it's a bit of a mystery. I'm no Nova expert but I do know the SS can be more easily differentiated just by some of the options (engine, etc) but the standard Novas seem extremely similar.

    [–] thought I would join too. like father like son Kojak95 2 points ago in musclecar

    Is the only giveaway for the nova the clear park lights vs the orange ones or how else would you differentiate a 69-72?

    [–] Fictional fighter jet in Hobbs & Shaw? Kojak95 1 points ago in FighterJets

    Ya I was gonna say, that thing looks like it has rabbit ears sticking out of the empennage. Lol