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    [–] Yesterday’s episode was my favorite in a LONG time Kombatgirl 19 points ago in MtvChallenge

    It was sad to see Georgia like that just because you know (and she knows) she will only have bear to herself inside the challenge house where his options to cheat are extremely limited.

    [–] WCGW if i try a little diy haircut Kombatgirl 1 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    I’m 22 and I just did this yesterday. 🙃

    [–] Cory and Cheyenne sporting some coordinated outfits again for Ryder's birthday Kombatgirl 62 points ago in MtvChallenge

    Say what you want about them, I love them together as parents. I hope Cory gets his shit together and realizes he should be with Cheyenne.

    [–] Battle of the Shows Kombatgirl 2 points ago in MtvChallenge

    That would be tough since a lot of cast members have been on multiple shows. It would have to be their original show or something, which would make ex on the beach irrelevant

    [–] Why is Wes playing victim after telling Bear he'd rip his face off? Kombatgirl 1 points ago in MtvChallenge

    I mean yes but he didn’t threaten davonne. I don’t care that bear is her teammate. Also threatening to whoop someone’s ass is different than threatening to have them killed by your friends. That’s a little extreme lol

    [–] Mama Day apologized to Wes (in regards to upcoming ep) Kombatgirl 11 points ago in MtvChallenge

    Why is kam saying something “confirming” it? She doesn’t have anymore proof than anyone else lmao

    [–] Possible April Fools: Joe and Mikala have broken up. Kombatgirl 1 points ago in AreYouTheOne

    He’s such an idiot, why does mikala tolerate this shit for so long

    [–] Dario is possibly the GOAT challenger Kombatgirl 19 points ago in MtvChallenge

    I actually read this with the mindset that someone thinks Dario is a challenge god and I was losing hope in the fan base lol

    [–] MK11 delayed until August. Wtf?? Kombatgirl 1 points ago in MortalKombat

    Shit my pants not gonna lie lol

    [–] Well that sucks. Kombatgirl 21 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    Unfortunately everyone’s fine.

    [–] Kabal’s fatal blow is trolly af Kombatgirl 2 points ago in MortalKombat

    It’s weird that people get so mad about losing. It’s more of a learning experience kind of thing.

    [–] Diandra doesn’t owe Jozea an apology Kombatgirl 66 points ago in ExOnTheBeach

    As much as I’m team didi and don’t think she meant any harm by it, every relationship is different and I don’t think it’s cool to dog on somebody’s boundaries. It probably wasn’t something that was discussed so an apology after learning it made Jozea uncomfortable would be the mature thing to do.