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    [–] On some days I feel quite alienated Kreth -2 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    I hate how on the Web you are automatically called a weeb for enjoying anything japanese, i hate people, can't we just behead the lot of em.... I don't even read mama that much anymore, more light novels and manhuas and Chinese manga...

    [–] Prepare to die, edition Kreth 3 points ago in gaming

    hehe always a laugh when i read your comics sir grafo =p

    [–] What is a clear and objective food crime that people are getting away with because we're fighting about pineapple pizza? Kreth 4 points ago in AskReddit

    and they are opneing and eating swedish surströmming raw without any handling ... first rule is you open that shit underwater and then wash it off and then get rid of the scales and shit .. but no american youtubers just open the can and eat it fucking raw ....

    heres a video of a swede preparing the food item

    [–] What "black market" existed in your school? Kreth 2 points ago in AskReddit

    ? We got the monthly stipend from the government for like 100 bucks

    [–] I donated my hair for the 6th time today. Kreth 1 points ago in pics

    Me like an idiot stomped the hair down nearest drain in the shower when it got past shoulder length

    [–] G2 Acquires Hafu for TFT Kreth 1 points ago in leagueoflegends

    you´ve been watching too much skyblock!

    [–] Seasons Kreth 5 points ago in polandball

    early october late september for snow here, and dont go away until late may

    [–] 8 years clean from heroin today Kreth 1 points ago in pics

    trainspotting is really uncomfortable to watch <.<

    [–] Seasons Kreth 3 points ago in polandball

    it usually never is over 20c here in summer

    [–] Seasons Kreth 11 points ago in polandball

    I live in northern sweden, and i hate fall why is it already here stupid shitty fall shitty rain, at least snow makes it bright outside , i just hate fall

    [–] Almost the luckiest man alive Kreth 1 points ago in gaming

    I got a picture of a guy who hit and got 5 aces in a row, was crazy

    [–] Found on r/gravityfalls but it's true Kreth 71 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in pcmasterrace

    I got my old velociraptor disk still running 10k vroom baby

    [–] McDonald's discontinues the Happy Meal and intruduces the Angry Meal. What kind of food and toys are in it? Kreth 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Red licorice is the decil, what even is that shit. In sweden we only have laktris (sweet) and salmiak (salty) both are black

    [–] What’s some advice you can give to Young guys (18-25) that are suffering from loneliness? Kreth 2 points ago in AskReddit

    When i was 24 i lived in a city 20 hours by train from home and friends and didnt have a job atm and all my friends in the new town had moved away, and that year was the first year no one told me happy birthday, spent it in my bed crying, the following year i took a vacation to german and lost my virginity at an fkk, had sex with 16 different girls that weekend.

    [–] Mamma Mia, here we go again! Kreth 24 points ago in pcmasterrace

    I got the r9 290x

    [–] Is it just me? Kreth 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Oh yea fel asleep during the stream, time to catch up