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    [–] Why doesn’t God Real? KrishaCZ 1 points ago in atheism

    go drunk, you're home

    [–] Wtf KrishaCZ 4 points ago in IHE


    [–] Top Minds rally against the United Nations because the UN wants to recognize drawings as a form of child pornography. KrishaCZ 13 points ago * (lasted edited 7 hours ago) in TopMindsOfReddit

    Okay, may get downvoted but here we go.

    Pedophilia is "just" an attraction/fetish. Nobody knows for certain what causes them, or even if they have a cause in the first place. You can't just ban pedophilia, gayness, being into vore or attraction to feet because that's just how people are.

    Of course, the problem here is that pedophiles are attracted to children, who can't give consent. But here's where lolis come in. By having drawn porn, pedos have something to satisfy them that doesn't harm anyone.

    During the communist era, all forms of pornography were banned in Czechoslovakia. After the fall of the regime and loosening of the law, the country saw a massive drop in all sex crimes. I don't have the exact numbers and I don't know how much globally removing a ban on lolis would do, but I can imagine some actual CP would get replaced by "innocent" lolis.

    TL;DR I prefer pedos jerking it to lolis than raping kids.

    EDIT: Some grammar and more examples

    [–] Help regarding piracy laws or illegal stream KrishaCZ 3 points ago in czech

    Our pirates aren't actually that big on legalising piracy. František Kopřiva (the second youngest MP) is my cousin and he told me that he doesn't pirate at all, he has Netflix and so on.

    [–] Murder floof KrishaCZ 5 points ago in ProperAnimalNames

    I'm pretty sure there were some cases of deaths by cheetah but the were definitely the outliers.

    [–] Murder floof KrishaCZ 43 points ago in ProperAnimalNames

    Apparently cheetahs are actually fairly docile and almost alway rather run from humans than attack them? Also they are giant stressballs so in a zoo (San Diego I think) they gave them therapy dogs which is just CUTE.

    [–] Official Discussion - Alita: Battle Angel [SPOILERS] KrishaCZ 0 points ago in movies

    I don't know, I think the acting was amazing, especially Rosa Salazar and Christoph Waltz.

    [–] [Attention: image may disturb you] WHY MOJANG?! WHYYYY??!! KrishaCZ 3 points ago in Minecraft

    They are not lighter, they just have this light border around them and the metal parts are misaligned.

    [–] Studio Series SS-44 Leader DOTM Optimus Prime is ridiculously awesome! KrishaCZ 3 points ago in transformers

    Can't tell, is Optimus himself the same as his previous SS self? I didn' t like how that one has fake windows going over the real windows but I might try and get this one.

    [–] h e l p KrishaCZ 2 points ago in bioniclelego

    YO YO

    [–] Is payback worth it in 2019? KrishaCZ -1 points ago in needforspeed

    Honestly at this point, probably wait for the new NFS or get The Crew 2. Many people say it sucks but I enjoyed it much more than Payback.

    [–] What's the best adult joke in a kids movie? KrishaCZ 7 points ago in AskReddit

    Similarly, in Spy Kids: Oh shi..itake mushrooms.