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    [–] Гърция позволи на гей двойки да осиновяват. След колко време виждате подобен закон в България? Krizerion 14 points ago in bulgaria

    Проблема не е толкова в осиновяването, колкото в acceptence-a на еднополовите двойки (въпреки, че на лезбийките се гледа доста по-некритично, отколкото на гейовете). Аз, като човек попадащ в тая група, въпреки че никога не съм имал проблеми с приятели и познати за това, че съм гей, не мисля, че масата е зряла за да приеме такова нещо. Именно затова някога бих си отглеждал детето в чужбина.

    [–] DORMAMMU! I'VE COME TO BARGAIN Krizerion 6 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in Transmogrification

    Also I'd like to add, that I role play this as a shadow priest. When I watched Dr Strange, Dormammu was the same as a Void Lord. For those who didn't watch it, he made a pact with Dormammu not to invade the Earth. In my roleplay, Dr Strange went with the bad guys and is gaining power from the void energies and Dormammu

    [–] DORMAMMU! I'VE COME TO BARGAIN Krizerion 23 points ago in Transmogrification

    Well, there is no other way to display the time stone on the armor :/

    [–] After the Infinity War movie, this is my new favorite transmog Krizerion 6 points ago in wow

    Yes. After the movie I was a total fan of Thor and Dr Strange, so I decided to farm a transmog for my mage. Sadly, my mage is a Blood Elf and now I am leveling a Void Elf, because of the haircut and beard. Also there is one awesome offhand item - Tesseract Timepiece, but sadly it's no longer obtainable :(

    [–] what eu4 map mod do yall recommend. Krizerion 3 points ago in eu4

    Commonwealthball of course!

    [–] TIL: As Bulgaria, you can go full defensive ministers, generals and doctrine and be able to defeat every army in Europe with minimal casualties Krizerion 38 points ago in Kaiserreich

    R5: Title says it all. I am currently on a complete rampage through Europe. I find nice place around a river and just dig there while the enemy sends wave after wave trying to breakthrough.

    [–] Literal Translation of Country Names Krizerion 14 points ago in europe

    More like "Land of the Bulgars"

    [–] I got myself a terrifying end boss! Krizerion 1 points ago in hoi4

    They fabricated on me. Long story short, I lost the war in 1,5 years or so

    [–] German Monarchy? Did I miss a memo? Krizerion 3 points ago in hoi4

    Also there is a chance that Netherlands will not allow Wilhelm II to return to Germany, which will lead to a chain of events which will put Victoria III to the German throne and you will have a decision to restore the Holy Roman Empire. It's pretty dope tbh

    [–] I got myself a terrifying end boss! Krizerion 3 points ago in hoi4

    Because France and USA have War Goal against me and will declare any moment