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    [–] Mona Lisa is ugly as fuck. Kufflink78 5619 points ago in unpopularopinion

    I don’t know if this is a confession or an unpopular opinion but here goes. If I could pick any time period to go to, I’ve always stated that I would go back to this exact time period preferably in the same room while he was painting her, but I’ve never said why. Ive kept this painting as my computer background since forever.

    I’ve jacked it to this painting more times than I can ever count and it’s always my go to

    Body odor turns me the fuck on and all I could think about this painting is how sweaty her ass must have been while she was sitting there, posing for this painting in the sweltering Italian heat. I’ve fantasized about everything from the sweat under her boobs to how much her armpits must have smelled since deodorant was not commercialized back then and they did not shave in that time period.

    I fucking belong in this time period. I would fuck the shit out of her and all the 1500s smelly ladies in the library. Fuck your opinion