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    [–] Not even a single player DLC Kyizen 1 points ago in gaming

    Ha, trying waiting for HL3...

    [–] So, you recently got Iron Man from his (newly permanent) Legendary event and want to know what to do with him? Look no further! Kyizen 2 points ago in MarvelStrikeForce

    Very cool write up. I've been working on my power armor team. I got Orange abilities on War Machine and Rescue and working on bringing them all to level 70, they still kick butt at 65-67 right now!.

    I'd love a write up on a Brawler team. I put one together and they are a lot of fun to use but now I feel like we have no many flex options just knowing who to use when and how would be useful. My current set up is Ms Marvel, Gamora, Capt Marvel, American Chavez, and Black Panther. I do sub Spiderman, Deadpool, and others in Gamora's slow depending on what I am doing. Your thoughts?

    [–] Dear FoxNext, Please Put Colossus In The Blitz Store Kyizen 3 points ago in MarvelStrikeForce

    He is too good for Blitz store maybe Arena or just premium orbs. Hope for another blitz for him but Blitz way

    [–] Fight or Fright collection event trailer Kyizen 61 points ago in apexlegends

    Reason why I loved Left 4 Dead back in the day. Just getting on the chopper while everything was going to hell behind you!

    [–] Microsoft flight simulator 2020! This looks awesome Kyizen 0 points ago in gaming

    Where have you been? Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2 are all MMOs they released ^_^

    [–] [Petition] Make Champions Raid Permanent Kyizen 2 points ago in MarvelStrikeForce

    76/80 on Colossus. I'd be in favor of getting those orbs back!

    [–] Crypto PSA: You can grab your buddies banner in the storm with your drone 👌. Kyizen 2 points ago in apexlegends

    They really need to make Wattson have a 10 - 20% storm damage reduction on her passive

    A) She helped designed it so she should have some resistance to its effects

    B) It would help buff up her character now that Crypto is a hard counter to her, having her be able to fight and rescue teams in the storm would be a reason to play her...maybe?

    [–] Thank you for making iron man easier to get Kyizen 8 points ago in MarvelStrikeForce

    I was more like thank you for making the event insta and 2 days, instead of the 5 day notification and 3 day run time!

    [–] And of course they’re adding Surprise Weapon Lootboxes. Kyizen 1 points ago in gaming

    Glass half full or half empty? Are they taking away this feature or is this a bonus feature that is exclusive for a year...

    [–] LF someone to play with once in a while Kyizen 1 points ago in ApexLFG

    Added you mate. Feel free to send me an invite if i'm on. If I don't join it's cause i'm only playing 1 or 2 games or in a full squad. I'm in Gold IV right now but enjoy ranked cause half the lobby doesn't drop Skull down and insta die each game.

    PSN: Kyizen

    [–] Would you like a 2 or 3 month break from new charakter releases? Kyizen 1 points ago in MarvelStrikeForce

    Just don't focus on the new characters...problem solved. They aren't going to disappear if you wait 3 months and will be easier to get.

    [–] New Apex player on PS4, pretty noob, looking for good people to play with and learn from. Kyizen 2 points ago in ApexLFG

    Feel free to add me and throw me an invite. I might not always join (If I'm only playing 1 or 2 games or have a full squad) but otherwise i'd love to play with someone who is eager to learn and have fun

    PSN: Kyizen

    [–] Boston Dynamics: Spot Launch Kyizen 1 points ago in videos

    Why not both? ^_^

    [–] How the hell am I supposed to get into FTD now? Kyizen 3 points ago in MarvelStrikeForce

    You might not like it but it works. My friend refreshed the supply store and got 8 toons into FTD while I had 2 ready and we started at the same time

    [–] How the hell am I supposed to get into FTD now? Kyizen 1 points ago in MarvelStrikeForce

    Refresh supply store and War store 3 times daily if you are seriously pushing for FTD team

    [–] Season 3 Meltdown, Coming October 1st. Kyizen 1 points ago in apexlegends

    Got to put in the leg work to make some 'online' friends. Not you in particular but in general there are forums you can post that you are looking for a group, or groups looking for a solo to make the 3rd ect.

    [–] Hi. I'm Beto O'Rourke, a candidate for President. Kyizen -4 points ago in IAmA

    I agree! It was a great race and what he accomplished even though not winning hopefully has changed Texas.

    [–] Hi. I'm Beto O'Rourke, a candidate for President. Kyizen 9 points ago in IAmA

    Yes, he was so close to beating Ted Cruz. Beto, I believe you'd make an amazing Senator and you should run again!

    [–] The Doctor and the Medic Kyizen 4 points ago in MarvelStrikeForce

    It makes the tales of the Shield Medic just that much more funny

    [–] Players Can TRANSFORM Terrain in the World of Death Stranding | If There is Enough Player Traffic in a Certain Area, That Area Will Eventually Flatten Out and Become a Road! (Via Kojima's DS TGS Gameplay Narration) Kyizen 1 points ago in DeathStranding

    Been saying this, people who play this game at launch will be like settlers in America traveling East to West across the country, no directions or roads just wilderness. It will be a very different game from launch for someone who say picks it up 2 months down the road.

    [–] My first Fear the Darkness Completion! Kyizen 2 points ago in MarvelStrikeForce

    Grats! I'm on mission 10 but every day I get a little closer. Just getting the first 5 guys to T13 was a great success even if they were hardly making a dent being able to get attacks in Fear was the first step. I hope to get him soon before everyone does. I feel with T14 and level 75 around the corner Fear is going to get easier!