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    [–] People who got F-2-7 visas and transferred out of teaching. Why? And was it worth it? KyleKairu 1 points ago in korea

    It's obviously you in both photos and you have a severe case of dissociative identity disorder if you actually think otherwise.

    Did he show you the photos? I have not seen any of these photos. I am not sure who you found, but feel free to keep harassing them if it makes your life feel more fulfilling.

    I'm trying to read your post without falling asleep... "blah blah blah you're the real racist for not using singular they, as a white dude I've experienced little racism so there's no racism". snore

    When they receive it, don't expect a call.

    Already had an interview. Went fine because you have the wrong person and whoever you called probably laughed for three hours about the nutbag who called them up over an internet argument. I'm laughing with them right now.

    And your epic meltdown is complete.

    Mine? lmao. I wish there were other people reading this deep so they could see this. You posted some random dude's photo in bad lighting for all I know, and it still looked like a European dude. You were the one who said you were not ashamed. Let's see that mug of yours! Remember when you said that you were not afraid? You sound pretty scared now.

    I'm glad I was taught differently and am the type of man that will say anything I write online face to face as well.

    Back up your words big man. Where's your picture? You'll never send it because everyone knows you're just a white person with a slight tan using redneck family stories about the Crusades as an excuse to be racist. I am sure you are an obvious PoC, just like I am too because Uncle Wade is actually part Cherokee, you can see because of his high cheek bones.

    [–] People who got F-2-7 visas and transferred out of teaching. Why? And was it worth it? KyleKairu 1 points ago in korea

    Two KyleKairus, who are both in Oregon

    You really are not the brightest. You thought that was me? Don't quit your day job Sherlock.

    you wanted me to ask my former Korean boss if "he" approved of Korean women dating foreign men.

    I specifically said their daughters and black men. You can't even get that straight. But kudos to your bosses if they chose the right way. Has nothing to do with them being Korean, old white people in America have just as much of a chance of being racist toward black people marrying their daughters. My whole point from the beginning was that Korea is equally racist to any Western country, and them being Korean doesn't make them magically egalitarian, but keep trying to spin it like I'm the racist for calling out racism. "Reverse racism" has always been a hilarious defense.

    I was able to speak with one HR director on the phone

    I'm dying lol. I'm imagining you taking all that time to research two companies and sit on hold to tell someone you got your feelings hurt on the internet a year ago. I'm really dealing with a nutbag here. Got a lot of time, don't ya? I'm sure that dude you stalk in Oregon will be real disappointed he can never work for those airlines. Why don't you message him and tell him of your master revenge? Hahahahha

    white dudes like yourself lecturing to people with darker skin

    Remember when you said you weren't afraid to show your mug? Where is it bro? Get out your sharpie and complete the challenge. I'll still toss you that grand. Maybe you can use it to get some counseling or a hobby.

    [–] People who got F-2-7 visas and transferred out of teaching. Why? And was it worth it? KyleKairu 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago) in korea

    You were attributing your lack of success with Korean women to Koreans being racist.

    Hmm you definitely have the wrong person here.

    down to your failed effort of a beard

    Yeeep you definitely one million percent have the wrong person.

    Every foreign guy I know and even a foreign gal has success with the local ladies [...] not because of "racism."

    Uhh yeah. Most foreigners have better success than the locals imo. Are you confusing me with someone else on your stalker list that once disagreed with you online? You definitely are not talking about me.

    your reddit nickname is identical to your online dating profile

    Turns out Kyle is a pretty common name and Kairu is how you say it in Japanese. You are pretty bad even for a "Reddit Detective". Do you also think I did the Boston Bombing? lol

    Still waiting for a clear picture with you on your bed holding your username and timestamp with sharpie on the head, Mr. Rocky Mountain Oysters. You just said how you are not ashamed of showing your mug on Reddit right, so show us you mean what you say. Are you going to delete/edit these comments too? Or just continue stalking random Kyles in your winter vacation free time. It does provide me bottomless amusement. Hey maybe one day you'll actually find me. I'll keep a sharpie ready just in case.

    Big deal. I've splashed my mug on reddit and I meet people from reddit in person. Why wouldn't I? I've had nothing but positive experiences.

    • DobbnailBoot2016; guy who deleted his previous account from shame instead of taking his own $1000 selfie challenge

    [–] People who got F-2-7 visas and transferred out of teaching. Why? And was it worth it? KyleKairu 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago) in korea

    Dude, you're pretty nuts. Whoever you found definitely is not me. Send them a message for all I care. And if you goaded me into sending a picture then I did not send my own for sure (precisely because I knew you were this unhinged). Your first hint should be that someone who has lived in Japan or may be living there has precisely no Asian friends? I hope you're not teaching children with those detective skills, Mr. Holmes.

    I vaguely remember this all now, but I haven't held onto it so bitterly, to me it was just a chuckle from years ago. I don't know who you are harassing and stalking, but I wish I knew so I could tell them some race baiting possibly Sicilian dude with a Unabomber beard is after them.

    Ah now I remember you pretty clearly. You were the guy who said he was so obviously Middle Eastern that you got randomly checked at Incheon every time and were grateful for it. Then refused to take a clear picture with a timestamp and your username. And now you're saying:

    Big deal. I've splashed my mug on reddit

    Well you definitely thought it was a big deal when you were talking about how much you think racial discrimination at airports is awesome. I'm still waiting on a clear picture in good lighting with a username and timestamp. So far you look exactly how I expected: vaguely Mediterranean white dude. If that's even you.

    I take my online privacy fairly seriously, and if I thought there was even a chance you found me I would delete my account. You didn't, and I'm really not afraid you ever will with your detective skills lol. Go ahead and comb through my comments again, since you have the time. Your rundown of my life history is also pretty inaccurate, but we're all used to inaccurate life histories from you so it's nbd.

    [–] People who got F-2-7 visas and transferred out of teaching. Why? And was it worth it? KyleKairu 1 points ago in korea

    I'm worried about who you're stalking, because it's definitely not me lol. You need help bro.

    [–] Never Challenge the Cheerleading Instructor. KyleKairu 16 points ago in interestingasfuck

    Ah yes, African Americans (but none of the African nations for some reason) just happen to be the best at basketball for genetic reasons and not because that's all they do in their neighborhoods, just like South Americans happen to be the best at soccer and white Canadians happen to be the best at hockey. It's the Canadian genes for sure. All genetics, nothing to do with culture. Nothing to see here folks.

    [–] People who got F-2-7 visas and transferred out of teaching. Why? And was it worth it? KyleKairu 1 points ago in korea

    Oh you were you the guy who said that you were grateful for all the airport discrimination and had all the deleted posts about growing up in the Appalachians eating Rocky Mountain Oysters but no mention of any Middle Eastern heritage? I think we all found it hard to believe. Your blurry picture still just looks like a Greek guy at best. If you think your Fred Durst beard makes you "pass" as obviously Middle Eastern and therefore can speak "as a Middle Eastern person" advocating for racial discrimination, then you're still pretty silly. I'm glad you're still butthurt over the whole thing though.

    [–] People who got F-2-7 visas and transferred out of teaching. Why? And was it worth it? KyleKairu -14 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago) in korea

    Edit: I misunderstood the question as talking about F-series visas in general. My bad. Merry Christmas?

    [–] Can someone check the meaning of this for me? KyleKairu 1 points ago in japanese

    No, they don't. They know the days of the week and maybe one or two foods but that's the extent of the average Korean's hanja knowledge.

    [–] シツモンデー: Shitsumonday: for the little questions that you don't feel have earned their own thread (November 13, 2017) KyleKairu 2 points ago in LearnJapanese

    To clarify, it's like a dad saying "You're going to school!" in English. It's a statement of fact that has a commanding feeling. Whether it is rude or friendly depends on context.

    [–] Subway Justice KyleKairu 4 points ago in JusticeServed

    Did you not click the link?

    [–] Subway Justice KyleKairu 11 points ago in JusticeServed

    Common contraction in Japanese. See here.

    [–] Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams [Rock] KyleKairu 7 points ago in Music

    I always thought this was synthpop. Is New Wave just sad sounding synthpop?