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    [–] What if you were a gay male in medieval Europe? KyleKairu 1 points ago in history

    Could you tell me why? I've been meaning to read that book.

    [–] Anyone else tired of the "how can I casually learn Japanese?" questions? KyleKairu 18 points ago in LearnJapanese

    Oh Jesus. I've literally read this SAME POST so so many times over the years. "You don't believe in my new sub idea? Well that's just a symptom of the very problem with this sub!! I'll start a new (noob friendly/advanced/learn through vidya games/ take your pick) sub, with blackjack, and hookers!"

    Gets upvoted for young zeal, the old gruff guy looks down ashy cigarette hanging from lip, impressed smile barely visible in the shadows, "Well kid, I've never seen it work, but if you could make it happen... that'd be something, alright"

    Two weeks later the new sub is dead. Repeat ad nauseum:

    /r/russian doesn't have to deal with weebs and check to make sure everyone's wiping their own butts and doing basic things like opening a textbook before posting. We will never have the same atmosphere as the other language subs because of that. We also have a disproportionate amount of guides and grammar nerds ready to answer most questions in detail within an hour. Which is definitely not the case for other similarly difficult languages like Arabic. I will take our high resource/shitty atmosphere over the other subs any day.

    [–] Vape bubble KyleKairu -14 points ago in BetterEveryLoop

    What did I just read... i never thought smoking could be uncool but here in 2017 I guess a vape is the bastard child of a fidget spinner and a cigarette.

    [–] (nswf?) Won't forget this one. Thanks koohi KyleKairu 3 points ago in LearnJapanese

    You don't need to remember a whole story when you can just flashcard one basic word you already know. You could learn "understand" as "下にはたてる。分かる?" (I'm erect down there, do you understand? Lit. 'under is standing, understand?').

    Or you could just flashcard that word you already know and will encounter in Japanese every single day.

    [–] [English > Japanese] How do I apologize for not knowing how to say something? KyleKairu 2 points ago in translator

    There are many ways to go about this, and it really depends on the circumstances. Did you understand their question but are struggling to translate your answer? Are you trying to explain something but can't? Are you trying to translate an English word or concept but can't?

    The natural way to respond would be very different in all those circumstances.

    [–] (nswf?) Won't forget this one. Thanks koohi KyleKairu 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in LearnJapanese

    Any practice is better than no practice, but if you already know a word that uses the kanji you are trying to remember, you are better off learning from flashcards of that word (in this case 只今) than struggling through a mnemonic.

    Learning 只 as "a mouth and two legs" when you already know the word would be like a Japanese person learning "understand" as 下には立てる or something.

    [–] (nswf?) Won't forget this one. Thanks koohi KyleKairu -1 points ago in LearnJapanese

    Heiseig is a waste of time after the first 300 (learning the most basic radicals and stroke orders). You should be learning common words like this from use and practice, not remembering sex stories.

    [–] (nswf?) Won't forget this one. Thanks koohi KyleKairu 8 points ago in LearnJapanese

    That's a pretty convoluted way to remember 只. It's ただ, like just or only. A super common word. In fact you already know it in the form of 只今 (ただいま), "just now". Like when you tell people you just now got home.

    [–] DAE call a foreign country they've never been to home, after a 101 course in that country's language? KyleKairu 7 points ago in japancirclejerk

    The 101 thing wasn't a joke? I thought 101 was the "this is a cat" class that somehow half the students end up dropping out of anyway. I'm low key impressed. Half the ALTs probably couldn't read those simple ass kanji

    [–] Fifteen days ago I started syncing. Today I finished. What are my next steps? KyleKairu 3 points ago in Monero

    Easy wallet kind of defeats the purpose though, I don't trust anyone with my wallet but myself. I suppose we could just download the node from a trusted source, but then we need to trust that source completely or else lose our money.

    [–] In the US, young US-born Latino males report higher levels of discrimination than documented and undocumented Latino immigrants. Researchers believe that U.S.-born Latinos "have higher expectations for inclusion... and greater awareness of unfair treatment and blocked opportunities" than immigrants. KyleKairu 10 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in science

    Oh yeah? Then British people must be treated just as poorly with their accents, right? German people too right? Since skin color and discrimination aren't involved at all.

    Edit: We are in a thread about scientific research showing native English speaking, natural-born Americans report discrimination. But this comment about how there's "no racism involved" in judging people by their skin color before they speak is being upvoted. Lol

    [–] Ron Howard's 1999 Letter to Newsweek about TPM KyleKairu 40 points ago in StarWars

    Don't worry, one day your dad will accept the misdirection and appreciate you Jake.

    [–] A New Hope in the style of Pillars of Creation KyleKairu 3 points ago in StarWars

    You can count to infinity multiple ways and strangely not all of them are the same size or have the same things within them. Some examples:

    1, 2, 3, 4...

    Contains less numbers than

    1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4...

    And if you counted to infinity

    2, 4, 6, 8...

    You'd never reach an odd number. In short, infinity does not necessarily mean that all possibilities are reached.

    [–] Is it just coincidence that ん looks like "n" and sounds the same? KyleKairu 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in LearnJapanese

    The Japanese and Korean use of particles to mark case and topic is completely unique and different from Latin and other languages with constructions referred to as "particles" as far as I've read. And it's not just that they share certain features like honorifics, it's that they are implemented in the exact same way (rather than simply messing around with pronouns or t-v distinctions like most modern languages with honorifics, there are complex levels of humble and honorific speech focused on changing verb conjugation in almost the exact same ways in both languages). Interesting read up, and yeah I don't think any one of those things makes them related, but all of those things taken together would make for an insane coincidence. I can see that being unable to construct a proto language would make concluding this definitively for the comfort of academics impossible though.