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    [–] Stacked rafts KyleTheScientist 1 points ago in gifs

    When laziness meets innovation

    [–] iPool party KyleTheScientist 1 points ago in gifs

    The real gif is in the comments

    [–] Elder Scrolls through time KyleTheScientist 1 points ago in gaming

    I like how Altmer started out brown but they were like, "Nah we have enough"

    [–] [Haiku] A-ha pat pat ka ka KyleTheScientist 7 points ago in youtubehaiku

    2nd most upvoted and no comments. I feel like I have to break the silence.

    [–] Also, how the fuck did I get up here!? KyleTheScientist 21 points ago in HowDoIGetDown

    I really don't know how he managed to get all the way up there without thinking to himself "holy shit I have a thousand needles in my paws" at some point

    [–] Because we can, doesn't mean we should. KyleTheScientist 14 points ago in funny

    Thank god. I was frantically scrolling through hoping that someone would've tried them so that I could know how they tasted.

    I had almost given up hope.

    [–] Tetris Vaccine KyleTheScientist 1 points ago in blender

    Needs more contrast. I feel like there's just too much of the same gray color.

    I also feel like the blocks shouldn't be floating, it would be cool to see them all crammed into the syringe somehow.

    I love the idea though. A solid play on words

    [–] This machine that trades hugs for soda KyleTheScientist 4 points ago in mildlyinteresting


    You put your hands on the sensors and it drops a random soda

    and where?

    At my university, they just set it up today

    Also why?

    Coke wants people to post their products on social media

    [–] A rare cloudy day in the desert. KyleTheScientist 87 points ago in misleadingthumbnails

    Gonna have to try a little harder than that to fool me HIGGINS

    [–] Hello people, here's a fanart of the crazy snake lady...boy? KyleTheScientist 57 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago) in darksouls

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