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    [–] jealous boye does an interrupt KyleTheScientist 27 points ago in rarepuppers

    One more fence try to stop me it's gone be some real deep holes in the back yard WOOF WOOF

    [–] Nothing ever seems loud until I try to do it quietly KyleTheScientist 47 points ago in Showerthoughts

    I was trying to open a box of cereal this morning while my dad was asleep. It was the longest and loudest action I've ever performed.

    [–] Has Doomfist ever been confirmed? KyleTheScientist -1 points ago in Overwatch

    It would be a terrible strategy on Blizzard's part not to release Doomfist sometime soon, as there's SO much hype about it. Denying it to the players would probably hurt them more than releasing him early would. Blizzard is a very audience conscious company, as they have shown on many occasions, and because of this I feel they'll seize the opportunity to release him soon. They're smart guys.

    [–] Workroom KyleTheScientist 4 points ago in blender

    Everything is spot on. Jesus. Even the lighting is getting me hard.

    [–] Exercising is free, but we keep finding ways to make it more expensive. KyleTheScientist 14 points ago in Showerthoughts

    People want to get slim quick, and are willing to throw money at anyone who can promise that to them.

    [–] Use a hashtag, use a #What? KyleTheScientist 3 points ago in FellowKids

    Must be a primitive type variable

    [–] Looking for an entry to game making, where do I get started? KyleTheScientist -4 points ago in java

    Yeah I'd take it slow, get your bearings with 2D, and when you're done with that, abandon java, download unity, and use c# to make games instead. Java really sucks when it comes to 3D

    [–] Ok then KyleTheScientist 10 points ago in memes

    Should've been:

    Shoot the Kids

    Frame the Family

    Hang them all

    [–] Camping in the nether KyleTheScientist 12 points ago in Minecraft

    Cats are demons, so.