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    [–] Kyles! A fellow Kyle is on Jeopardy! KyleTheScientist 7 points ago in Kyle

    Something about him makes me want to root for him. Maybe it's the name?

    [–] Just found my this subreddit how's it going Kyle my name is Kyle KyleTheScientist 4 points ago in Kyle

    Wow Kyle that means a lot. Hope your night is just as Kyle as mine.

    👉😎👉 zoop

    [–] How dare they! KyleTheScientist 2 points ago in Kyle

    Those CUNTS

    [–] Just found my this subreddit how's it going Kyle my name is Kyle KyleTheScientist 3 points ago in Kyle

    Hey what's up Kyle just here with my non-Kyle girlfriend looking through Reddit when we saw your post. Welcome to r/Kyle Kyle.

    ❤ Kyle

    [–] Forever Sploot KyleTheScientist 11 points ago in ilikthebred

    You got my girlfriend to laugh out loud so this is the #1 r/ilikthebred in my eyes. Hilarious

    [–] '4D' Ring Rotation. [A] KyleTheScientist 3 points ago * (lasted edited 18 days ago) in perfectloops

    This is a REALLY good explanation video with visuals and physics demonstrations. It walks you through it all in 2-3 dimensional space before moving up to 3-4 dimensions.

    And it's pretty short.

    [–] VideogameDunkey's Game Ratings (~2012-present) [OC] KyleTheScientist 1 points ago * (lasted edited 24 days ago) in dataisbeautiful

    Made in Processing using data I gathered from watching a shitload of YouTube videos. X-Post from r/Gaming who gave me some advice on how to improve my data.

    Even though it's stated in the graph it's worth reiterating that these are scores out of 5, despite there being several 10/5 scores.

    This data is absolutely meaningless as most of these are joke ratings that don't actually reflect his opinion on the game, but I like graphing things and this seemed like a fun data set. Criticism welcome!