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    [–] Which conspiracy theory do you believe is true? KyosBallerina 432 points ago in AskReddit

    She was supposedly having an affair with two of the Kennedy brothers (one of which was the President at the time and the other also ran for the position) and she threatened to go public with it (and maybe other dirt she had on them) potentially ruining their political careers.

    [–] Calm down Martin, Calm down. KyosBallerina 1 points ago in Qult_Headquarters

    Steal the assets of all the people they murdered?

    [–] What happened to SerialBrain2? KyosBallerina 5 points ago in Qult_Headquarters

    Maybe he finally got medication for his schizophrenia.

    [–] Found in a Flat Earth group KyosBallerina 10 points ago in Qult_Headquarters

    What the hell does this have to do with a flat earth?

    Also when did flat earth conspiracies get incorporated into the Qult?

    [–] Ellen is livestreaming straight outta Gitmo KyosBallerina 40 points ago in Qult_Headquarters

    namely; not opulent enough

    They fully expect it to look like Trump's with his gold toilet, because they're just as tacky as he is and that's what they'd want to do. smh

    [–] MRK HMRKA GRT ARGRN KyosBallerina 3 points ago in Qult_Headquarters

    English is made to be broken


    [–] MRK HMRKA GRT ARGRN KyosBallerina 3 points ago in Qult_Headquarters

    I wonder if Christian babies taste different than non-secular or pagan babies?

    What, you never had a buffet of different types of baby meat at your cult meetings? That sounds terrible. I think it might be time to harvest the adrenochrome from your regional leader (if you know what I mean).

    And yes, babies that inexplicably believe in a higher power taste the best. No difference between specific deities though.

    [–] MRK HMRKA GRT ARGRN KyosBallerina 2 points ago in Qult_Headquarters

    Eh. A bunch of us here are Americans and we don't feel that way. I think it's more specifically Conservative brainwashing if anything.

    [–] And yet they manage our life KyosBallerina 1 points ago in ABoringDystopia

    The main character literally killed someone last episode.

    [–] It's Theory Tuesday! March 24, 2020 KyosBallerina 33 points ago in stevenuniverse

    Steven is going to lose his powers you guys.

    This show is going full Star vs. the Forces of Evil.

    I originally thought that Pink!White Diamond was going to be a flashback to White purging herself of her "Pinkness" because it caused mood swings that made her less "perfect" (thus creating Pink). Steven would either see this with is powers or get told this, realize how much his mother had to go through to become Rose (because she was literally created as a ball of tempestuous rage), come to respect her, and realize he needed to do the same.


    I fully believe Steven is going to corrupt himself and turn into Wormy Boi. I think most people are on board with this idea at this point (whether we like it or not).

    I now think with Pink!White Diamond is not a flashback or a villain of this series, it's White's way of saving Steven. She is going to pull the Pink Diamond powers from him, returning them to herself, thus saving him from his corruption.

    Steven yelling at his dad for not being "normal" was foreshadowing.

    Steven will get what both he and Rose wanted. He's going to be something extraordinary. He's going to be a human being.

    [–] Behaving like a dad for once... KyosBallerina 6 points ago in miraculousladybug

    It's a copypasta about when Rick turned himself into a pickle in Rick and Morty.

    [–] Episode Discussion – Mr. Universe and Fragments KyosBallerina 49 points ago in stevenuniverse

    I mean, I definitely think full on corruption Steven could top this.

    [–] Episode Discussion – Mr. Universe and Fragments KyosBallerina 13 points ago in stevenuniverse

    Oh shit what isn't foreshadowing in this show anymore?


    [–] Episode Discussion – Mr. Universe and Fragments KyosBallerina 16 points ago in stevenuniverse

    It feels like this is what she wanted from him all along. Her Diamond to prove her worth as a Diamond, which unfortunately to Jasper means being capable of murdering her.

    [–] Episode Discussion – Mr. Universe and Fragments KyosBallerina 2 points ago in stevenuniverse

    Kind of disappointed Jasper didn't turn pink tbh. Not only would it be great to see that, but then what Steven did would be permanently visible for all to see. Forever.

    Knowing that he can now revive shattered gems (if he has all the pieces?) I wonder if he's revived any of the other shattered gems from the war. Or perhaps if given enough time he could fix the cluster.