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    [–] Was watching LOK when i caught something similar LO_OFFICIAL_MUSIC 3 points ago in TheLastAirbender

    Other than S2
    its pretty awesome
    and the score of LOK is miles better than ATLA

    [–] 1 Billion Gold! LO_OFFICIAL_MUSIC 1 points ago in future_fight

    currently sitting on 65million
    hopefully i'll get there.

    [–] He's here (Doomsday Clock #8) LO_OFFICIAL_MUSIC 1 points ago in DCcomics

    we'll prolly find out in 2 months lol

    [–] New Elseworld promo LO_OFFICIAL_MUSIC 0 points ago in DCcomics

    This looks very similar to the first 'Avengers' poster style.

    [–] How 99.9% of us feel waiting for the A4 trailer to drop LO_OFFICIAL_MUSIC 2 points ago in marvelstudios

    Movie Ending was different from the comic.
    tho i prefer the movie version