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    [–] Stay strong! LO_OFFICIAL_MUSIC 1 points ago in future_fight

    MRUT's are normally available in the store once a week i think not 100% sure about that but ive seen a couple of them in these past few weeks for 2,600 crystals

    [–] Stay strong! LO_OFFICIAL_MUSIC 1 points ago in future_fight

    i bought the magneto pack a few weeks ago
    kinda relieved now lol
    but nw i gotta collect for a MRUT for Nova

    [–] All Uniform Sale 40% off 16/7 LO_OFFICIAL_MUSIC 4 points ago in future_fight

    haha not gonna fall for it
    SDCC is near
    Its prolly a trap
    also im waiting for MRUT for Nova

    [–] Worst decisions you've made in this game? LO_OFFICIAL_MUSIC 10 points ago in future_fight

    Bought 6 Unis without sale
    and then the Uni sale came 2 days later

    [–] I'll sing your song if you want! LO_OFFICIAL_MUSIC 2 points ago in NeedVocals

    Hey i love your voice
    would like to collab
    heres my spotify page if you wanna check me out:

    [–] Why the pioneering Japanese anime ‘Akira’ is still relevant 30 years later LO_OFFICIAL_MUSIC 0 points ago in movies

    but i hope it doesnt
    While i love ragnarok
    i dont want comedy or light hearted stuff in an Akira movie

    [–] Daily Gloating Thread - July 13, 2018 LO_OFFICIAL_MUSIC 6 points ago in future_fight

    Got Ironman upto Lvl 70 and his Uni to Legendary

    [–] Seven Lions - Dreamin' (feat Fiora) LO_OFFICIAL_MUSIC 25 points ago in EDM

    seems like we say that about every time Jeff releases a new song lol