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    [–] HUMOR: Shazam’s reaction after reading this review. LO_OFFICIAL_MUSIC 8 points ago in DC_Cinematic

    Critic's name is


    He also gave Alita: Battle Angel and LEGO Movie 2 negative reviews aaaaaand gave Transformers: The Last Knight a positive review.

    [–] Need an Audio Engineer for Vocal Editing! LO_OFFICIAL_MUSIC 1 points ago in PostAudio

    Hey im willing to help
    could you specify what exactly do you need?
    Is it fitting the vocal to time or pitch correcting etc..?

    [–] A EDM song with meaningful lyrics? LO_OFFICIAL_MUSIC 1 points ago in EDM

    EDEN - icarus
    basically anything by him imo

    [–] Starfish (2019) Official Trailer #2 HD LO_OFFICIAL_MUSIC 3 points ago in movies

    can someone tell me where i can find the trailer music?

    [–] What’s a 10/10 album? LO_OFFICIAL_MUSIC 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Madeon - Adventure (EDM)

    [–] Grant started an EP! LO_OFFICIAL_MUSIC 1 points ago in Monstercat

    GRANT's Music >>>>>>>>>>> Everything else