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    [–] Someone give tips I get high kill games but barely any wins? LRFE 1 points ago in FortniteCompetitive

    Play for the win, try not to take any damage (play like you're always on 10 HP) and don't take every single fight (try to third party).

    [–] The erg is to Rowing as..... LRFE 9 points ago in Rowing

    but what if I wanna get into Harvard Elementary College?

    [–] Help with setting goals for pieces (14 y/o Freshman) LRFE 2 points ago in Rowing

    No problem. When you're a freshman, the only thing that matters is that you get faster, doesn't matter where you start.

    [–] Help with setting goals for pieces (14 y/o Freshman) LRFE 11 points ago in Rowing

    Not sure why your post is downvoted with no comments, was a genuine question.

    Some people are crazy fast. That's the way it's always gonna be. I can't really offer you that much insight into average erg scores, but I can tell you what you need to know about erg scores.

    As a lightweight: you need to be sub 6:35 (minimum) to be recruitable, preferably the lower the better. So as a freshman, you'll be able to shave off a lot of seconds. Anywhere from 8:00 to 7:00 is fine, under that and you're in great shape for a lightweight.

    As for 6ks, it would be around 2k+7 or +8, so whatever you get on your 2K. Maybe you have more endurance than power, or vice versa. Don't worry too much about it.

    10K is about 2K+11 or +12, again, depends on endurance.

    Some personal insight about erg scores: they really don't matter that much. The Maritime lwt 4+ that won nats had erg scores of 6:35 (ish), 6:38 (ish), 6:55, and the last one probably somewhere around that. Erg score isn't everything, and for lightweights these guys weren't that fast on the erg (all seniors, in spring) but completely tore up the competition at nats.

    If you wanna get fast, just push yourself. Your goal should be to get fast, not to get to a certain split or 2k time.

    Edit: stroke seat of that 4+ got into Columbia (gap year tho), so erg scores aren't everything. Columbia is nutty fast for lightweights

    [–] Help my 2k LRFE 5 points ago in Rowing

    It makes me sad that whenever r/rowing does the OUIJA "Steady State" the last E never gets any love because you have to click see more and there are like 20 people who think they're the first to say E

    [–] Is 1500 x 8 beneficial? LRFE 1 points ago in Rowing

    Steady state improves aerobic capacity, this kind of workout is more power and sprint (AT, leaning towards sprint)

    [–] Motivation During 2K LRFE 17 points ago in Rowing

    "you hold my dick while he's suckin' it"

    [–] get fitness/splits up as fast as possible LRFE 3 points ago in Rowing

    You'd probably sit at 2k + 13 and then bring it down for higher rates. It's all about power.

    [–] Is Squatting ATG Harmful? LRFE -21 points ago in Fitness

    Not sure what you mean by that, obviously you should be squatting weights you are capable of squatting.

    [–] Is Squatting ATG Harmful? LRFE 3 points ago in Fitness

    Does other research show that there is no effect if you do parallel vs. ATG?

    [–] Another Lightweight Recruiting Guide LRFE 9 points ago in Rowing

    But is my 8:30 (5:20 weight adjusted) good enough for Harvard Elementary High School?

    [–] Fortnut LRFE 1 points ago in abortnite

    victory royale