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    [–] [Serious] History is full of well-documented human atrocities, but what are the stories about when large groups of people or societies did incredibly nice things? Labiosdepiedra 0 points ago in AskReddit

    So we're just going to forget all the stuff we did to distabilize that area from the 1950's through the 1990's? What's happening in the middle east is not just a result of 911.

    Not to mention that the arab spring was more than partially funded by the US. We had plenty of organizations working in the area to "promote democracy".

    [–] Aaalright... just gonna clean my eyeballs real quick Labiosdepiedra 0 points ago in funny

    I mean religion has been around for ever. There's nothing new about mental illness being the new normal.

    [–] As a former car salesman, these are the common fallacies that people used to justify purchasing a new car. Labiosdepiedra 1 points ago in personalfinance

    I've a 2009 Ford flex that I love. It's been paid off for like 4 years. I'm only getting rid of it because the last 2 years I've spent nearly half the cars value in repairs. Now it needs a new front end. No thanks. So I'm getting a 2018 for 21k. I've been saving for 2 years so I'll be paying it cash.

    [–] Bernie Sanders launches second presidential campaign Labiosdepiedra 1 points ago in politics

    Are we going to continue that DNC talking point? I mean Clinton got 4 million more votes than he did in the primaries.

    [–] She clearly won the challenge!!! Labiosdepiedra 8 points ago in gifs

    Capitalism isn't supposed to be a government structure. It's supposed to be economic principle used to power a democratic government.

    [–] Father spinning gun on finger accidentally shoots self at daughter's birthday party Labiosdepiedra 2 points ago in news

    See I hate it when people just don't think things through. Like who even gets a tattoo on their holstering side?

    [–] North Carolina Election Board Finds Evidence Of Significant Fraud To Help GOP Candidate Labiosdepiedra 1 points ago in politics

    See thing is these are exactly the type of crimes we need to be tough on and send messages with. These and white collar crimes.