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    [–] Chinese water deer and their teeth. LadySayn 26 points ago in natureismetal

    I know how serious this situation is to the animals but damn, even their fights are cute.

    Moose, Elks and even Whitetails look mean as hell when they tussle. These two look like a couple of Labradors playing.

    [–] Chinese water deer and their teeth. LadySayn 150 points ago in natureismetal

    Deer are an incredibly diverse and interesting group, from the muntjac (fun fact, these guys can have little fangs too) to moose.

    I love Fang Bambi

    [–] AITA for honking at cars in the passing lane? LadySayn 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NTA, and you are correct, but you’re also essentially screaming at a void and putting yourself in danger of a road-raging psycho.

    Where I live, so many cruising idiots clog the left lane that the middle lane tends to be fastest. No amount of screaming, honking or cursing will make them learn the rules of the road and you might get a nutjob to brake check or even pull a gun on you.

    [–] NSFW Wildebeest puts up a good fight but lone hyena savagely punishes it by turning its insides out; wildebeest stays alive to watch the process LadySayn 8 points ago in natureismetal

    Hyenas are way more intelligent than pop culture makes you think. They have even been compared to some primates. Scientists think it’s because they need advanced cognition skills to function in a social group as large and complicated as a hyena clan.

    [–] [91/181] Love Is A Bananaphone (Raffi/Pat Benatar) LadySayn 1 points ago in SharedBPM

    Yeah, I remember laughing at this sometime in the early 2000s on either YTMND or Newgrounds.

    [–] AITA for recording my brother doing drugs and then showing our parents who then kicked him out of the house? LadySayn 23 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Not to be the Fun Police, and I’m absolutely not the type to hate on drugs and wear a D.A.R.E shirt, but coke is the single drug where out of all the people I knew only one, one, came out the other side not a fuckup. And this includes family members.

    I should add post-college, though the coke users in my college were batshit too.

    Oh and obviously NTA, OP.

    [–] AITA for giving my child a "culturally inappropriate" name? LadySayn 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NTA, and in fact what you’re doing is wonderful and the name comes from a special place. As a POC with a “white name”, fuck that noise. I was so sick of hearing that “you have a white name” shit from other black kids growing up.

    [–] AITA for telling my family to go fuck themselves after my pregnant wife had an "incident"? LadySayn 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    It sucks but it sounded like she had like 5 seconds to think in a house with wall-to-wall carpeting (in 2020... and her family is the one doing the shit talking?! Lol).

    I know firsthand what a bitch fireplaces can be to disassemble and clean up, but there won’t be a permanent stain...

    And of course OP, NTA and you kick ass for defending your wife.

    [–] AITA for pouring water on my little sister while she was asleep? LadySayn 7 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    I have fibro, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, herniated discs and more and if it wasn’t for the (non narcotic) pill cocktail AND strong THC strain they have me on I would literally be thrashing around and screaming in pain on bad days. I limp, have “fallen and I can’t get up” falls, and am only 30.

    Weed can be, and is, abused. But some people need to use it heavily and extensively, and it’s sure as hell not for jollies.

    [–] AITA for pouring water on my little sister while she was asleep? LadySayn 2 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago) in AmItheAsshole

    Obviously NTA and no matter how fatigued she is (or claims to be), she’s acting like a huge brat. mention she is seeing doctors, but what kind of doctors? Could she have any condition that could explain why she is so exhausted, and why she could even be relying so heavily on weed in the first place? Chronic pain, fibromyalgia, insomnia, a mental illness or personality disorder? It just sounds too wild to be 100% behavioral in nature - could be she has an untreated illness of some kind, the weed is seriously not agreeing with her, or she is sleep deprived to nearly a mental crisis level if she is acting out like that in between periods of being stoner comatose. Does this behavior or her sleeping patterns change when she’s not using weed?

    I’m not excusing her behavior at all, but it’s setting off some red flags in more than just the usual “brat” kind of way. I use weed myself and go nuclear when woken up abruptly, but that’s because I have almost uncontrollable insomnia and Fibro on top of other chronic conditions that make any sleep at all incredibly difficult and the sleep quality poor. The MJ was actually legally, medically prescribed to help that. Every time I get woken up unnaturally, it’s basically like waking a colicky newborn after mom had worked for 4+ hours to put her to sleep. Obviously I adult, use alarms (multiple if the day is extra important), do my best not to snap, etc., but am just providing a possible explanation besides her just being nasty or spoiled.

    Just some food for thought - no matter what, it sounds like she needs help.

    [–] If anyone was wondering about the insane scale of the Australian Bushfires. Here is a video of a group of Firefighters trying to save this property. LadySayn 5 points ago in natureismetal

    No drama but

    The Camp Fire in Cali had gusts nearing 90 mph. There’s plenty of Youtube footage of people racing for their lives, for those fortunate enough to have vehicles that could still run in hell, and they are clearly barely at the flame’s edge like it was a staged disaster movie scene. There were even people fried into charred skeletons, still sitting in the smoldering remains of their cars.

    There are multiple horror stories of deaths coming from family members who thought they had time because they saw smoke or some other warning sign but didn’t move because they didn’t get the order yet, or they missed a material possession, or something else, and the fire literally ate them alive before they had a chance. And all of this is not even factoring in the melting cars and lung burning nightmare fuel posted above.

    Please educate yourself and if you live in a fire-prone area, stay safe and faaaar the fuck ahead of a wildfire.

    [–] AITA for telling my 7 year old the truth about his mother? LadySayn 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NTA. In fact, you handled it excellently and worded it very well. You’re an A+ dad and basically rescued your son from what sounds like an already awful situation that was quickly deteriorating.

    This was right around the age when I found out what “the sickness called addiction” was from my father when my mom was wandering around doing chores robotically, ignoring me, because she was coked out of her mind. I had no idea what these borderline catatonic fits were and had gotten used to taking care of myself when dad was working. Having a concrete answer made so many things click into place, even if it was from the perspective of a dumb little kid brain putting the pieces together from a mixture of her behavior patterns and 90s drug PSAs rather than a mature place of understanding.

    Kids need to know these things (after a certain age, of course) because they are not stupid and not knowing why and letting them jump to their own conclusions could be even more damaging to their psyche.

    [–] Is this shit supposed to be funny? There's not even a joke, it's just "Alliance bad xDDDD" LadySayn 2 points ago in wow

    I think anyone over 12 knows that it’s supposed to be tongue-in-cheek.

    AV sucks for alliance and has since basically day 1. It’s ok to poke fun at that fact. It didn’t read to me as some blanket BLUE BAD thing.

    (I have played both factions and pvped on both factions for multiple years, sometimes swapping from expac to expac, majority alliance from Cata to now).

    [–] What even is hunter spec design right now? LadySayn 2 points ago in wow

    I agree with you 100%. As a veteran player my MM hunter doesn’t even feel like the same thing anymore, it feels like... I dunno, a crappy version of a MoP elemental shaman with a bow instead of spells and totems. And my ranged survival spec feels like nothing, because it doesn’t exist anymore.

    It doesn’t even feel like an archer anymore (and this is NOT a request to bring the deadzone back). I can’t describe it. It feels like an uncanny valley class, like it looks like the hunter but feels just so subtly wrong.

    [–] What content that feels "meaningful" and worth doing is there in WoW right now (other than the standard raiding/mythic+/pvp)? LadySayn 2 points ago in wow


    Archaeology got me through Cata. Transmog and mount farming got me through the downtime at the end of MoP and Legion. Before those were things, alts and re grinding my favorite mounts before they were account wide got me through the slow times of BC and Wrath. Now with Vulpera out and BFA’s gearing system turning me off of raiding altogether, I’m going to raid log in classic and enjoy retail’s strengths in the meantime - more transmog farming, and this time maybe pet battles too!

    Have fun however you want to have fun and don’t let anyone tell you that particular way is wrong (unless it involves harming/griefing other players).

    [–] When you've finally ironed out all the kinks in your current expansion but the next one is already in the pipeline LadySayn 3 points ago in wow

    I agree, launch Legion kind of sucked but it gets remembered fondly because the bad class design was well hidden (for most classes) by artifact weapons. But then you had the same WQ hamster wheel, the same Pathfinder mandatory grinds on awful terrain like Highmountain, same “progress tied waaay more to gear and RNG than skill” with completely random Legiondary drops.

    I dunno, it didn’t do anything for me until the end when the artifact grinds and legiondary randomness was fixed... and by then, it was all about the mage tower. BFA doesn’t even have that.

    [–] When you've finally ironed out all the kinks in your current expansion but the next one is already in the pipeline LadySayn 3 points ago in wow

    I love building upon old content as an expansion progresses. Doing it in BFA, though? I’d rather level up archaeology and fishing to cap again. On all my alts.

    [–] When you've finally ironed out all the kinks in your current expansion but the next one is already in the pipeline LadySayn 2 points ago in wow

    As a hunter, this. At least I could raid log without extra grinds, had 3 ranged specs to play (no offense to melee survival hunters, they should have just made a 4th spec rather than gutting the favorite spec of many hunters for years) and the leveling was AWESOME the first time.

    [–] When you've finally ironed out all the kinks in your current expansion but the next one is already in the pipeline LadySayn 4 points ago in wow

    Same. Even the Vulpera and Zandalari can’t bring me back to BFA’s endgame when I was a constant raider from vanilla to WoD, with spotty raiding in Legion and finally becoming a LFR hero in BFA specifically because of this rent-a-power crap and over reliance on rep grinds.

    My main class (hunter) isn’t fun. The rep grinds aren’t fun. Pathfinder isn’t fun, especially when part 2 is held back a year after expansion launch for no reason. The current gear grind is not just unfun, it’s a total mess. I’ve played mobile freemium cash grab “rpgs” with better progression systems than modern WoW.

    Classic may be old, it’s graphics may be crusty, it’s collectibles few and far between with many being locked behind absolutely brutal grinds, and it’s raids may be piss easy and played out. But you know what? It’s a blast compared to BFA.

    [–] My Monk Meeting the Arbiter in the Shadowlands Alpha LadySayn 5 points ago in wow

    And we get some more Arbiter lore, too: his desk is made of mahogany. It is made of mahogany from the planet Malchior 7, where the trees are three hundred feet tall and breathe fire.


    [–] AITA for killing a fish in front of some kids? LadySayn 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NTA. Research has finally come out that proves fish feel some sort of pain on the hook. It wasn’t going to survive release, you were going to eat it, and it was suffering.

    If the mom wanted to protect her kids from the gore of fishing that bad (Oh no? Do they pass out in the kitchen whenever mom prepares a whole turkey?) she could have said “give me a sec. Come on children, let’s go inside.”