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    [–] A Polar bear scavenging a Bowhead Whale carcass LadySayn 3 points ago in Natureisbrutal

    Horrific gore aside, this photo is so well composed it looks like it was professionally illustrated.

    [–] GameFreak right now LadySayn 1 points ago in pokemon

    Ive been playing PokeMMO. It’s basically gens 1 (Firered), 3, and 5 glued together with 4 coming soon. A few mechanics were changed for the worse to make it grindier but its worth it to have full multiplayer.

    [–] New symptoms. What now? LadySayn 1 points ago in Interstitialcystitis

    Symptoms first, then confirmed with bladder instillation.

    [–] Karen! LadySayn 2 points ago in pokemon

    I could swear that even when walking, the trainers spidey-sense you in gen 3. Like they will turn and see you no matter what 90% of the time. This doesn’t seem to happen in past or future gens, they are just goddamn ninjas in gen 3.

    Maybe it’s just me? Lol

    [–] A rhino that got shanked by an elephant LadySayn 3 points ago in Natureisbrutal

    Coming from a woman; it’s ok. We don’t need people to get offended on our behalf. I personally interpreted it as a mild joke and a comparison to the hormonal changes undergone during musth.

    Truth be told, I’d rather hear men acknowledge the suffering women go through during periods (even humorously) than pretend they don’t exist.

    [–] Coyote’s Leftovers - it left just the face of a raccoon. LadySayn 3 points ago in Natureisbrutal

    My guess is since trash pandas eat trash, the coyote leaves the guts and tongue alone because they taste like digested trash? I don’t know, figured coyotes were trash connoisseurs too. Maybe it’s a disease avoidance measure.

    [–] Mongoose nabs a big cobra LadySayn 3 points ago in Natureisbrutal

    Someone mail this person a copy of Rikki Tikki Tavi, stat.

    (Yes they do)

    [–] German AND American Roaches only in Bathroom LadySayn 1 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago) in pestcontrol

    Oh, I know. However, it seems odd that a place devoid oftheir usual favorites would suddenly out of the blue get so many German scouts (American roaches, I expected to see in the most humid room of an old house). There wasn’t even any trash because there’s no trash can - I carry trash out because of my roach phobia!

    Anyway after some detective work, I may have a source. The home next door is empty and an older and probably nutty person lived there, according to my relative. Whether she was too old to take care of herself or had hoarding tendencies, it doesn’t take much to create the conditions for a German roach bonanza. And then when she passed on and the home became abandoned, of course scouts would spread out for food. Our bathroom is the closest room to her house, and the yards are fairly close to eachother (suburb).

    I bought caulk and sealed the cieling hole, used gel bait along the floors and inside the sink as well as inside the flourescent lights, cleaned very well, and am going to get a handyman to replace torn screen outside our bathroom attic. I imagine the occasional visitor is inevitable, but sealing and baiting by themselves will be big.

    [–] My dear deer LadySayn 24 points ago in AnimalsBeingDerps

    Might deerlete *

    [–] Chevrolet badged V6 Commodore struck by unsecured load. Photo released by NSW police. LadySayn 8 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    Took a second to process this, even though the title clearly states NSW. If this was an American car the poor bastard would have been beheaded.

    [–] Wow lore in one tweet LadySayn 31 points ago in wow

    WoW lore in one word: CoRrUpTiOn

    [–] MTA bus ablaze in the Bronk, NY. 8-07-19 LadySayn 7 points ago in CatastrophicFailure

    Google-fu says no one hurt, thankfully.

    Going to steal the name Bronk for my next DnD character. Bronk of Throg’s Neck

    [–] New Worgen F Vs. Old Worgen F. I couldn't be happier with their new look. LadySayn -1 points ago in wow

    They aren’t more furry. They nerfed the T and A and made them more muscular looking, more like the horror movie monster. They have meaner facial options than what we see in the OP (especially with glowing eyes).

    Did furries break everyone’s collective minds or something?

    [–] WCGW if I flip this monkey off LadySayn 79 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    Yes, humans really are the odd ones out here. We literally bare our teeth to show pleasure. You know, the things that are usually an animal’s weapons.

    [–] How come the details/textures on the male Draenei Feet/Hooves look amazing, whilst the female's one look plain and low-effort? Why is there a huge bulge on the female Draenei feet? It looks so ugly! LadySayn 3 points ago in wow

    The bulge is where the other two hoof “toes” would be in some cloven-hooved animals like deer. The little ones that don’t usually touch the ground.

    Looks like an artist copypastad ungulate hooves without studying why that part of the leg looks that way.

    [–] For real though. LadySayn 9 points ago in rareinsults

    Chim chiminey, chim chiminey, chim chim, cheree, A future of skin cancer’s waiting for me

    [–] MELTDOWN MONDAY: WEEKLY RAGE THREAD LadySayn 1 points ago in wow



    [–] the goblin models are looking great! LadySayn 9 points ago in wow

    And I thought the Worgen glitches were bad.

    That second face. JESUS

    [–] Here's a picture of the Female Worgen with glowing eyes. (From the 8.2.5 PTR) LadySayn 5 points ago in wow

    Classic werewolves didn’t have tails, and in fact in ancient irl legend one of the ways to check if it was a wolf or werewolf was to see if there was a tail when one ran through the woods.

    I’d LIKE one, but considering the source, I’m fine without one.

    [–] Azeroth is forever, lad! LadySayn 1 points ago in wow

    I have no idea why this made me laugh so hard.


    [–] New symptoms. What now? LadySayn 2 points ago in Interstitialcystitis

    You may want to look into pelvic floor therapy even before you can get an official diagnosis. It can bring an immense anount of relief (though I won’t lie, treatment hurts like a bitch). It’s also win-win because that can aid in a lot of symptoms and conditions that affect the pelvis.

    Also I definitely agree with gettig an OBGYN that’s good with urology as well. I drove 2 hours to the center of my state to an endometriosis specialist, and he diagnosed me with IC within minutes.