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    [–] Weekday Help Thread for the week of November 12, 2018 LaikaSol 3 points ago in personalfinance

    Hey, I’m not sure even where to start. I’m an engineer working in a large city. There’s this old resort with cabins my husband and I have been going to for years. We often fantasize about buying the place when the owners retire. Well. The owners have put it up for sale. It’s in a small town, 4 hours from the nearest airport. It would be a huge change personally, but one I think I’d welcome.

    I’m looking at the financials they sent and trying to figure out what my next step is. The entire property is for sale for just under $2M. We’ve got about 300k semi liquid. I’d have to finance a business loan and possibly owner finance a down payment. Not to mention move and turn my life upside down. I’m not sure if I’d have to give up my career just yet.

    Are there people out there who could guide me through this process? Not just the purchase itself but finding a loan, evaluating the financial risk, appraising the business, etc. When I ask my more financially geared loved ones they all just think I’m crazy for considering it. But surely I’m not the only person to take a giant leap like this. I’m 40, not 21, and I want to consider this responsibly.


    [–] I pee my pants during workouts LaikaSol 382 points ago in xxfitness

    I have no advice. But if I saw you at the gym with your pants wet like this I’d assume you were just sweaty.

    For what it’s worth. No need to be embarrassed IMO.

    [–] YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS LaikaSol 11 points ago in bipolar

    Ugh. Don’t want it to go away though. I’ve had some med changes and I don’t want to call my doctor to tell her because she’ll increase my lamictal and it will go away.

    I hate this disease. Except right now obviously.

    [–] Upvote this if you’re also an absolute complete fucking mess right now. LaikaSol 67 points ago in bipolar

    Not a depressed mess. But feeling dangerously unstable and having to freeze my credit cards because I almost impulse bought $10k in furniture. Then I scheduled a meeting with a coworker about staying our own business and I think she was legit concerned about me but I’m so happy and never want it to end.

    Cue depressive episode in 3, 2.....

    [–] Must attack treat to get it off bed. Then put back on bed. LaikaSol 1 points ago in Greyhounds

    Another unrelated comment: where can I buy that rug? LOVE IT.

    [–] I used to have at least one good hand. Please help. LaikaSol 2 points ago in calmhands

    I’m not sure if my nails are healthier but they are for sure growing faster anyway. For what it’s worth.

    [–] I used to have at least one good hand. Please help. LaikaSol 5 points ago in calmhands

    Take it one hour at a time. Celebrate all the hours. Keep a list of times you successfully resisted. Use cuticle clippers to remove any rough spots that tempt you.

    Start taking biotin to speed up the regrowth.

    You can do this. And it won’t take long. Just persistence.

    [–] Can I Wear My Hell Week Shirt Now? LaikaSol 1 points ago in orangetheory

    I wore mine to class today. Considering washing it tonight so i can wear it tomorrow too. Haha.

    [–] Monday, 10/29/18 OTF Workout LaikaSol 3 points ago in orangetheory

    I agree. It was somewhat easy to take a Green Day today and thank god for that. I think my quads and glutes are bleeding still.

    [–] Anticlimactic AF LaikaSol 5 points ago in orangetheory

    I got my shirt today! I would have been very upset. I’m wearing this B to work tomorrow. My office is business casual so I’m going to have to get creative.

    [–] What day is it. Where am I? LaikaSol 12 points ago in orangetheory

    3 min pushes + 1 minute all out is actually my idea of hell. But I will do this and I will like it!

    [–] I'm sorry team LaikaSol 2 points ago in orangetheory

    Haha same.

    [–] Thursday, 10/25/18 OTF Workout LaikaSol 7 points ago in orangetheory

    Surprise burpees? RUDE.

    [–] Calling all Early Birds- Newbie Question LaikaSol 1 points ago in orangetheory

    Yeah this will make all the difference. Drink a lot in the few hours before bed and a full glass in the morning.

    [–] Chest Monitor Warranty Issue LaikaSol 1 points ago in orangetheory

    My studio let me borrow for free in the meantime. F that. It’s under warranty.

    [–] How to track re-comp progress. LaikaSol 1 points ago in xxfitness

    Thank you for your response!

    In a few weeks I’m going to do a caliper test, followed by an inbody, then a DEXA right after. Just to prove this to myself.

    [–] Need help with pushups LaikaSol 2 points ago in orangetheory

    I’ve been going 4x a week since January and I would have been thrilled with 52 minutes.

    [–] What’s your « body goals » LaikaSol 2 points ago in xxfitness

    I just want a flat belly. And it’s really seeming like I can’t have it. And maybe that’s ok. But damnit i really want it.