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    [–] Seen so many starting posts on here recently and it’s time I got on it too. Come on guys and girls, we got this👊 LaikaSol 3 points ago in intermittentfasting

    THE difference between succeeding and not is planning. No surprises. If you know you have a commitment on Wednesday that won’t afford you enough time to make a good dinner, prep one in advance. These obstacles will be there every day. Make it easy to succeed.

    [–] what's something you wish was illegal? LaikaSol 7 points ago in AskReddit

    Upgrade to a felony if it’s in a national park. Fucking idiots.

    [–] If your exes all gathered in a room, what's one thing they would unanimously agree on? LaikaSol 1 points ago in AskReddit

    She’s probably cheating on you.

    True for every boyfriend except the one I married. Once a cheater, not always a cheater.

    [–] Recommendations for a 4 night backpacking trip in Glacier National Park? LaikaSol 3 points ago in WildernessBackpacking

    Came here to say this. I have a reminder on my calendar to book at midnight tonight. We’re not going to make it this year but I put it on the calendar to repeat every year. Just in case.

    [–] Travel to Olympic National Park LaikaSol 2 points ago in olympicpeninsula

    Hate to put this on the internet but the word is out on TripAdvisor anyway, but AFAIC, Kalaloch Lodge on the coast near forks is where it’s at. On site restaurant that’s good, close enough to the rainforest, coast (obviously), lake crescent, etc. Hurricane Ridge is great and all, but if you stay in that area you’re about 3-4 hours away from everything else. Well, to be fair you’re kind of always 3-4 hours away from the next thing anyway in Olympic. But I was more interested in the coast and rainforest so Kalaloch was an ideal location for me.

    Assuming you want the full Olympic experience and not just the beautiful mountain views. Plus then you don’t have to stay in Port Angeles.

    My favorites were 2nd Beach, Ruby Beach, Quinault, and of course the Hoh River, which took my breath away. Loved the ridge hike at hurricane ridge, too.

    [–] I eat a brick of tofu daily, how can I continue doing this without wanting to kill myself? LaikaSol 8 points ago in veganfitness

    Get all the water out by pressing it out with paper towels and a heavy object. I usually let mine sit for like an hour with a cast iron pan on top and change out the towels every 20 min or so. Then add literally any liquid flavoring (broth, soy + rice vinegar, anything) and then pan fry.

    Someone online said it won’t absorb oils but my anecdotal evidence tells me this is not true. But seriously, squeeze out that water so it can accept flavors. Game changer.

    [–] The Bachelor - Post Finale/Bachelorette Announcement Thread LaikaSol 3 points ago in thebachelor

    Every bachelor ever says, “I’m just so comfortable with her. I’ve never felt this way before. We just have this unbelievable connection.”

    It’s never concrete things like I love her laugh or how kind she is or that we have the same sense of humor. Or hell, that we have the same life goals. All of the reasons they list are all lust reasons. Or initial attraction reasons. Not marriage reasons.

    [–] The Bachelor - Post Finale/Bachelorette Announcement Thread LaikaSol 2 points ago in thebachelor

    Yes. Fully believe she’s not as into him as he is into her and she’s just trying delusional in thinking a lifetime of that is ok.

    [–] The Bachelor - Post Finale/Bachelorette Announcement Thread LaikaSol 3 points ago in thebachelor

    Allllll of this. Remember season 1 when the contestants and the bachelor were in a position where their career was solid and they had lived their crazy lives already and were ready to settle down. The whole point was here was this guy who’s a catch and bc he hasn’t been able to find love, were giving him 25 women to choose from.

    This season reminded me of that line in High Fidelity. John Cusak (rob) says “it takes a certain disposition to be terrified of dying alone at 23, and we were of that disposition”.

    I was really hoping Colton would learn the ‘she’s just not that into you’ lesson that we all have to learn as we get older. But instead this season perpetuates the myth that someone who says they aren’t ready and is unsure if they love you is actually ready and sure and all that’s needed is for you to push harder. Like what.

    [–] I've struggled with this for a long time. People have started asking me if I'm on drugs. It's humiliating but mirrors are everywhere and I have a deep compulsion to get "imperfections" out by picking at any little blemish that shows up. People used to like me before this all this stress came up.. LaikaSol 5 points ago in Skinpicking

    This also helped me tons.

    Also I get a lot of satisfaction by covering up anything I’ve picked with a hydrocolloid bandaid. I leave it on overnight and peel it off in the morning. All that nasty stuff is sucked out and leaves a swollen spot on the bandaid. Like you’ve transferred the gunk from your skin to the bandaid. Which is super satisfying. There’s still a red mark on your face, but it’s flat and easier to hide. My face is covered in bandaids right now bc I’ve been super stressed and picking and squeezing everything I can find.

    [–] How Many Gave Up Alcohol Or Are Considering It? LaikaSol 2 points ago in fitness30plus

    Yes. I gave it up. At this point i only want to drink when I’m socializing with people I don’t know very well. Aside from that, I’m finding it pretty easy. And really loving my Saturday and Sunday mornings without hangovers.

    [–] What is the point of a Masters? LaikaSol 1 points ago in AskEngineers

    Nothing but resume fluff for me. But they offered a dual BS/MS program at my college so I did it bc it was easy. One job 3 years out of school thought it was worth a 10k pay bump, and I carried that bump from job to job. So it paid off for me.

    But in general I think engineering MSs are not worth it unless you’re trying to teach or get into research.

    [–] Cant decide on HRM LaikaSol 1 points ago in orangetheory

    I love the core but love the functionality of the burn. Anyone use the Wahoo and get the same data (steps, mileage, incline tracking)?

    [–] Treadmills for sale LaikaSol 9 points ago in orangetheory

    FWIW, some of the wearing out ones at the gym would make me worried about buying a heavily used one. I know they take care of them, so there’s that, but station 3 at my location has one that really vibrates. Very clear it’s in its last legs. And who else do you know that ever runs a treadmill to the ground.

    OTF 💪, haha.

    [–] Feeling like I *might* do DriTri LaikaSol 3 points ago in orangetheory

    Sign up! I didn’t feel ready last time and did fine. 59 minutes? I’m going to be more prepared this time and I’m last I have my first try to compare my performance too. Like a before picture for the dri tri.

    [–] I have an interview for an industry not related to my current career/responsibilities. I feel like I have no transferrable engineering skills and I'm wondering how to make a good impression. I'm interviewing for MEP Engineering. LaikaSol 2 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in AskEngineers

    The thermo and heat transfer knowledge will help you. Do yourself a solid and download the trial version of revit and start drawing piping and ductwork. They’ll be impressed you knew what to learn and took it upon yourself to do it.

    Look into the basic components of refrigeration equipment (condensing units is a good simple one). Look into the various components of central plants (cooling towers, pumps, chillers, boilers, water treatment). Look over some fan basics. Learn to read architectural plans. Refresh on psychrometrics. It’s easy but you’ve forgotten if you haven’t used it recently.

    Source: 15 year MEP Engineer.

    [–] Who’s currently not drinking and enjoying climbing the waitlist? LaikaSol 1 points ago in orangetheory

    40 year olds! Haha. But seriously I’ve done it still drunk from the night before. I just really learned a lesson that day.

    [–] Who’s currently not drinking and enjoying climbing the waitlist? LaikaSol 8 points ago in orangetheory

    Makes me laugh and lose my inhibitions and allllll the things that come with that.

    Except the hangover is super rough and I feel like it sets me on an emotional rollercoaster for 3 days minimum and I cancel all my classes and eat terribly so at the end of the day, the cost benefit analysis doesn’t work out. For me.

    [–] Who’s currently not drinking and enjoying climbing the waitlist? LaikaSol 6 points ago in orangetheory

    1) they fill up 1 month in advance at my studio 2) 7am is HARDCORE for me on a Saturday so it’s sort of rare that I’m feeling it by the time Friday rolls around. Surely can’t predict that 1 month out.

    [–] Who’s currently not drinking and enjoying climbing the waitlist? LaikaSol 3 points ago in orangetheory

    Jealous. I’m not drinking for many reasons right now. But if I could do OTF at 7am with a hangover things might be different, lol.