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    [–] Do You Know this Man? Long Lost Father: Story in Comments Lantingdeet 1 points ago in HongKong

    OP didn't say, but if it is, the birth mother has already forgotten the location. However.... It's apparently in HK

    [–] Do You Know this Man? Long Lost Father: Story in Comments Lantingdeet 3 points ago in HongKong

    NOT ME

    Sharing this post from Facebook. Original Post:

    "Hi there. I am from Scotland & my Husband is half Chinese (born in Scotland) He was adopted as a baby back in the 60s. He has always wanted to know his real dad but we don’t know where to start as he is in Hong Kong and we have no connections there. When he tracked his birth mother and asked her she only offered him a photograph taken in Hong Kong back in 1962 (we don’t know where) And his first name - Liam. I just wondered if any of you had any advice or could help share this story/photo in some way? Thank you."

    Additional Information from OP:

    "I don’t think he worked for the army. He was just a friend that his birth mother (Shirley) and her then husband met while over there. Shirley and Liam had the affair and she then left Hong Kong with her husband back to the uk and never spoke to Liam again. She left Hong Kong pregnant with my husband. We don’t know if Liam knew this."

    The photo doesn't look entirely like HK, but I am told that lots of barracks and resort type developments would have double sloping roof, possibly even with chimneys.

    Any insight, tips or advice on how to proceed is very much appreciated! Thanks!

    [–] Piece of the 'Horrifying Ritual' post Lantingdeet 2 points ago in HongKong

    Spark Alliance urge those protesting at PolyU to send photo, personal info and a “Non-Suicide Declaration”.

    Spark Alliance is an NGO founded in 2014 during the "Umbrella Revolution", and seeks to support protesters after their arrest.

    Translation from their Facebook Page: " a group of enthusiastic friends who are concerned about the arrested and political prisoners have set up a Spark Alliance and support for the purpose of supporting non-party parties, arrested and imprisoned persons other than the spotlight, for those in need, the relatives and friends of the family provide a variety of support services, including free arrest and bail and related legal advice, arrest and escort and emergency medical assistance for the arrested persons, visit and assistance to persons in custody and their families, and assistance in re-employment after release".

    [–] Piece of the 'Horrifying Ritual' post Lantingdeet 2 points ago * (lasted edited 19 days ago) in HongKong

    Baptist University Student Reporter voicing his thoughts to the Police in the Taikoo Shing area on 2019.11.03, translation as follows:

    Caption at start "Baptist university student Tang Chap Mun shows his unscathed body before [potentially] being taken to the San Uk Ling Holding Centre".

    Police: Take off your shorts

    Tang: You're asking me to take off my shorts!

    Tang: I am now suspecting you want to anally rape me.

    Tang: He [the policeman] just told me that San Uk Ling Holding Centre is really fun for anal rape.

    \Public onlookers woo**

    Tang: After being detained at San Uk Ling Holding Centre, I will not have the chance to voice my opinion.

    \Tang inaudible statement**

    Tang: I'm letting everybody know I will not commit suicide!

    Tang: If after being imprisoned I can not leave or I can not go home, them everyone should know what has happened inside.

    Tang: Right now, they have captured me and my whole body is unscathed.

    Tang: I will not commit suicide!

    SCMP report of the incident

    [–] Piece of the 'Horrifying Ritual' post Lantingdeet 2 points ago in HongKong

    The above clip shows a local resident voicing his opinion to Curry Lamb during a town hall meeting on 2019.09.26, translation as follows:

    Hello Everyone

    Everyone knows you have no power/say [in the current situation], so there is nothing to talk about.

    However you say you want to listen to the public opinion, but we have already been talking for 3 months and in 3 months you haven't listened, so what are you listening to now?

    Lastly, I love my life and I will not commit suicide.

    \Audience claps**

    Thank you...

    And if you respond to me dont call me your friend, I am not your friend.

    [–] First tattoo on my neck? Lantingdeet 3 points ago in tattoos

    Do you have a neck tattoo?

    [–] First tattoo on my neck? Lantingdeet 5 points ago in tattoos

    You will be ostracised by the world for getting a neck tattoo. Although your thought process is in good nature, having a girl's name tattooed on your neck will raise a lot of questions and judgement from strangers. But if you can bear the pain, anguish and turmoil for the rest of your life, then you do you.

    [–] NSFW car vs man. Lantingdeet 6 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Broken both ankles/feet?

    [–] Need opinions for tatto Lantingdeet 2 points ago in tattoos

    There are many opinions about tattoos online. Your paper would by no means uncover new material on the opinions of tattoos. Change the focus of your paper...