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    [–] I wish I could get an erection on command. #ED LaoSh 1 points ago in TheMonkeysPaw

    Granted, the command is your mother's maiden name.

    [–] Do all healers think this way? Lol LaoSh 0 points ago in elderscrollsonline

    I've got a hybrid tank/healer combo. It can basically survive anything but it can barely pull 3k dps (and that drops to nothing when the DPS decide to stand in the AOEs). It ain't pretty but it's great for carrying derptarded DPS through dungeons. It is also god tier for running vets with 3 good DPS

    [–] I'm sure we're all hungry for some loops. LaoSh 3 points ago in starcitizen

    Unless they are hoping for Nintendo level of reach I really don't think they are going to see many more buyers. It's not like people are going to rush out and buy a $2000 machine just to play SQ42. I'd wager the majority of people who own a machine capable of playing SQ42 already own it.

    [–] Squadron 42 Roadmap Update (2019-01-18) LaoSh 0 points ago in starcitizen

    I'm more annoyed at how long they have been treading water for. What the fuck does "white box narrative" mean? They just finished writing the script for it all in 2018?

    [–] Star Citizen Roadmap Update (2019-01-18) LaoSh 3 points ago in starcitizen

    CIG using best practices that have been part of the industry for the past decade? Never! That would imply that the game dev experience CR got in the 90's is no longer relevant.

    [–] Star Citizen Roadmap Update (2019-01-18) LaoSh 2 points ago in starcitizen

    I'll eat my hat if we see Arc corp before June. My money is on Arc Corp rushed out for Xmas and playable in 2020.

    [–] Star Citizen Roadmap Update (2019-01-18) LaoSh 2 points ago in starcitizen

    Hopefully they run out of money before the game starts to look too dated. I'd love to see what a real developer could do with the assets and talent they have on board.

    [–] Shocking. I just added up all of my 2018 expenses.... LaoSh 25 points ago in personalfinance

    Honestly, being poor for years and then getting a well paid job is the greatest feeling. It's pretty easy to be "richer" than most of your co-workers even if you are earning less because you have good spending habits.

    [–] I'm sure we're all hungry for some loops. LaoSh 3 points ago in starcitizen

    Anthem hasn't been running in pre-alpha for half a decade. Star Citizen has already moved more copies than games of it's type can expect to sell. Sure maybe it will get Wii sports level of popularity and everyone and their mother is going to rush out and buy a $2000 gaming PC to play it but I'm not holding my breath.

    [–] What's the fastest a guy's made you regret giving him your number? LaoSh 29 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I got a story from the guy side. In my younger days I drummed in a few bands, one of which did a lot of church gigs because the singer was related to the pastor. Played at a pretty big baptism, did all the normal Christian rock nonsense and a few requests. Between sets I was taking advantage of the buffet and struck up a conversation with a hottie. Hit it off right away and both laughed at how lame the whole church thing was (edgy atheist for life). Anyway, told her that my main band had a gig the next night. Hindsight being what it is I probably should have told her it was a death metal band and we were playing at what was basically a strip club. Turns out she was a hardline fundamentalist and thought the baptism was lame because it wasn't her brand of crazy. Only found out when I got a voicemail calling me a degenerate during the set. Drunk me still somehow thought I could salvage the situation at 1am with half a bottle of whiskey and several bowls of hydro in my system.

    [–] Are rebellion/mayor riots in China really even possible at this point? LaoSh 14 points ago in China

    I think rebellions in the traditional western model are out of the question. Mass gatherings and civilian actions are just imposible given China's surveillance apparatus. What is still viable is distributed semi independent cells. Ignoring the politics of the matter, the challenges of organising against the US occupation of Iraq in the early stages of the conflict are similar to those that would face any rebel forces in China. Regular communication systems are generally considered compromised and the technical knowhow to use more secure systems is just not present in sufficient density. The vastness and diversity of the country in both politics and geography is also pretty significant. A separatist group out east would have a very different time of it than a rebellion focused on regime change in the coastal cities for example. The former would deal with increased scrutiny from the regime yet could make use of porous land borders to acquire materiel and personnel. The latter would be able to operate with a greater degree of freedom yet would have strained logistical lines. Both would have access to a great deal of resources from outside of the country yet would face serious challenges in bringing them in and acquiring targets that the regime could not paint as innocent. I think the Spanish resistance in the 50's are a reasonable example of how a militia could carry out operations against a regime with a very strong propaganda arm.

    The wild card in all of these are the Chinese military. It is of course possible that they would carry out the orders of the regime to the letter, in which case crushing any armed resistance would be incredibly straightforward. But that is not guaranteed. The politics behind the scenes are not well known but the smart money is on at least some men defecting to any significant rebellion.

    [–] I'm sure we're all hungry for some loops. LaoSh 39 points ago in starcitizen

    Right around the time they sell a ship for $200 who's function is shooting sand-worms.

    [–] I'm sure we're all hungry for some loops. LaoSh 5 points ago in starcitizen

    But they have already sold S42 to anyone who is going to buy it.

    [–] I'm sure we're all hungry for some loops. LaoSh 17 points ago in starcitizen

    Hope so. I think that people finally realise that if they keep buying ships then all that will get developed is more ships.

    [–] I'm sure we're all hungry for some loops. LaoSh 22 points ago in starcitizen

    It's pretty fun if you've dropped thousands of $ into it. Mate of mine has a whole heap of ships and enough UEC bought for him to fully kit up and buy whatever he wants. Running with him is pretty great but trying to do the same shit with 3k UEC and an aurora a piece with my other friends is not great.

    [–] 10yearschallenge from ASRock LaoSh 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Exactly, they come with all these premade cooling and cable-management stuff. Back in the days of those thick beige cases we had to crack open the band saw and drills if we wanted better airflow. Really made your build feel "yours"

    [–] First images from NASA's inSight rover on Mars LaoSh 2 points ago in funny

    TBH not sure, only interaction I've had with them is them pressuring me to sign petitions and explaining the benefits of their kind of meditation.

    [–] Cross post from funny/sad. LaoSh 3 points ago in Libertarian

    Because those local business can't continue running at a deficit?! They aren't the government. If they keep giving free shit away they are going to be less competitive than people who don't give free shit away and be replaced.

    [–] 10yearschallenge from ASRock LaoSh 2 points ago in pcmasterrace

    I miss those old molex ribbons. They looked so cool. Takes me back to the days of limewire and windows xp when my rig was running on spit and prayers. The clusterfuck of issues that thing had made me feel more like a techpriest than any of this simple, snap in plug and play stuff we have today.

    [–] WIBTA for filing noise complaints on my neighbor with a mentally ill child? LaoSh 9 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    CPS is there for more than just taking kids away. They can hook the parents up with support networks and suggest therapists to work with the family. Dealing with someone who suffers from mental disorders can be incredibly unintuitive some times and just simply loving them and caring for them won't work.