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    [–] Difference between reality and dream LaoSh 2 points ago in funny

    We know they move in herds and can be baited. Just coral them into a geographically sound location like a peninsula or cliff top and set up a cull. You could use something like those big heli mounted chainsaws they use to cut trees to go for the nape of the neck. Stick them on a blimp and go to town. Or you just use whatever gas they are using to propel themselves and combust it in large bombs and just rip them apart, nape included.

    [–] Jerrie Cobb, the first woman to pass astronaut testing in 1962 has died at 88. It took over 20 more years for NASA to send a woman into space and Jerrie continuously fought for equality in the space ranks. LaoSh -2 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    The USSR was specifically looking for all the 'firsts' they could win over the USA. Most of their space program was largely useless beyond simply putting things in space. US astronauts were already highly decorated and experienced combat pilots, a very male dominated field. They were put under greater scrutiny and selection pressures than the most elite special forces. The USSR, like the rest of their space program, rushed to put ANY woman they could find into space. I'm sure the woman they sent up was remarkably talented but she likely wasn't the best person for the job. When the US sends a woman (or anyone) to space, they are the best people avaliable. It just takes a while for enough women to get the many many years of combat flight experience that NASA was looking for in those days.

    [–] Difference between reality and dream LaoSh 9 points ago in funny

    I think it would be pretty cool. I'd love to apply basic common sense to their military tactics. Might not win but given their best strategy so far is slingshotting teenagers at the problem I'd probably be seen as a god for suggesting anything else.

    [–] Thank you, Fire Fighter crews LaoSh 0 points ago in funny

    Not all stupid people are religious but all religious people are stupid.

    [–] Why the hell are the Chinese outraged about this video? Shouldn’t they cheer that someone is showing the truth? LaoSh 7 points ago in China

    Comparing the current state of politics in the US to Nazi Germany or Communist China is a disservice to the countless dead at the hands of the latter.

    [–] Democracy isn't Libertarian LaoSh 1 points ago in Libertarian

    Because that would just mean that the few productive Alabamans will need to get taxed out the ass to support the rest of the state so they'll leave and go live with productive people in blue states (although they apparently don't mind supporting their red voting welfare queen's)

    [–] Democracy isn't Libertarian LaoSh 48 points ago in Libertarian

    Because they pay for it at market rates while also having their taxes go to subsidise farmers when they can't compete with foreign imports.

    [–] Democracy isn't Libertarian LaoSh 22 points ago in Libertarian

    Why do you think that Middle America is entitled to other people's tax dollars? It's these low pop deep red states with a disproportionately high representation in the government that have always been the net receiver of federal tax dollars. Are Alabama's roads that much more important than the roads of the people paying for Alabama's roads?

    [–] Republican economic policies LaoSh 3 points ago in Libertarian

    Most of the deficit is owned by US citizens. You buy treasury bonds for a fixed time period. These are great investments and get snapped up really quick because they are about the safest investment (if they fail, the next best thing would be bullets and preserved food). As the debt grows, they create more treasury bonds to sell to Americans who snap them up.

    [–] Ubisoft gives Assassins creed Unity for free because of Notre Dame disaster LaoSh 1 points ago in gaming

    Real talk. UBI might be shit but they aren't doing business with a shell company set up by a fascist regime for the purpose of extracting tech from the west in order to expand their surveillance apparatus to expedide the ongoing ethnic cleansing of several minorities in China.

    [–] Ubisoft gives Assassins creed Unity for free because of Notre Dame disaster LaoSh 1 points ago in gaming

    So that is why that dude burned the Cutty Sark. They were a decade early but that is how good a game blacknflag is.

    [–] Right LaoSh 2 points ago in Libertarian

    Implying communism creates anything. Humans create things, communism steals them and gives them away.

    [–] My MIL gifted this to my SO, and signed it the day she passed. Its very special to him and signed with metallic sharpie. How can we protect the writing? LaoSh 35 points ago in gaming

    Even if you found a way of perfectly preserving the message, those things break eventually after good use. I'd be heart broken if I fucked up one of the sticks or if the trigger springs started to give and I needed to replace the controller

    [–] WIBTA if I suggested therapy for my creepy, bone-collecting niece LaoSh 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Counterpoint, virtually everybody could benefit from talk therapy purely for maximising mental health and development.

    [–] easter with dad LaoSh 3 points ago in funny

    Not just that, he made the laws of the universe such where sin is regarded as evil and requires such barbarism to resolve.

    [–] If WW3 broke out, it would probably be memed LaoSh 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    You have too much faith in our education system. It's going to be "Top 10 reasons the great Meme War of 2020 started. You won't believe number 4!"

    [–] This never gets old LaoSh 1 points ago in funny


    [–] Bears are like dog software running on gorilla hardware. LaoSh 7 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Ask if you can record a chat with her about her life. So many people's grandparents are brimming with epic stories that no one bothers to ask. I'm not sure what I plan on doing with it but I recorded a really great emotional convo I had with my grandma and grandfather and learned so much stuff I never knew. My grandfather was in the Finnish merchant navy in WW2, hearing his war stories via my grandma was great but it made me so sad I never got to meet the guy. The man she married afterwards was an Iranian refugee who became an immigration lawyer and he has some amazing stories about the revolution and leaving Iran then raising my uncles and aunts.

    [–] The world is in tears after Notre Dame, meanwhile we sit idle by as marvels millions of years in the making (eg: The Great Barrier Reef, The Amazon Rainforest) continue to degrade through our actions. LaoSh 2 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Saving Notre Dame just needs people coming together and working for a common goal. Saving the great barrier reef and the rainforests required us to do that 10 years ago. Now all we can do is firebomb the dickheads responsible and maybe save the next lot.

    [–] Apparently I'm a free party planner now LaoSh 0 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    I'm tempted to start writing BS questions to people on Gumtree and seeing if any of them make it here. Worst case scenario someone gives me something for free/cheep.