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    [–] What’s the most overpriced thing you’ve seen? LastArmistice 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Apparently not, according to this article.

    Seems like Quebec is more relaxed about beer and wine sales than any other province, and you can in fact buy beer at convenience stores in Ontario as of recently.

    [–] What’s the most overpriced thing you’ve seen? LastArmistice 6 points ago in AskReddit

    In Canada you basically can't buy any alcohol anywhere except designated liquor stores. 0 chance of finding beer at a convenience store/gas station. The laws used to be even stricter than they are now and certain shops could only sell beer and wine, not hard liquor, but have since eased up.

    In the last 5 years, in BC, the laws have been changed ever so slightly so that certain grocery stores can sell wine... but only wine, and only wine from BC vineyards and only if they go through a strict licensing process.

    It's strange since Canada is incredibly progressive and lax on most things but when it comes to alcohol laws, man, you'd think we had a massive temperance presence in the country. Happy hour is banned in most of the country, alcohol taxes are incredibly high, you can't drink in public spaces anywhere, you can't drink on a boat, you can be fined if you have (closed container) alcohol in your vehicle within arms reach of the driver, in addition to the strict segregation of alcohol stores from anything else.

    [–] Thank You For Today (Survivor 2020): Round 6 LastArmistice 2 points ago in DeathCabforCutie

    It's definitely one of my favorites off the album, but I could complain that some of the lyrics are a bit... cheesy/unsophisticated, and it feels like maybe just a bit emotionally dishonest? I'm not convinced Ben has actually had the experiences he sings about. Sounds like a fantasy. However...

    'I can't expect you to be honest

    Or to be faithful every day to the end

    I just need you to be always a friend.'

    Are some of my favorite lyrics on the album.

    [–] Here’s Every Song From ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 LastArmistice 1 points ago in netflix

    I agree tbh, it also strikes me as a cheap way to invest the audience into what's going on.

    "Hey it's that song you like. Now you gave positive associations with this character/scene."

    I feel music in shows like this should be relevant thematically/mood-wise and/or used tastefully sparingly. The music in this season was gratuitous and I felt a bit manipulated by it.

    [–] Scheer says Trudeau is sidelining Parliament, but insists it’s different than when Stephen Harper shut it down four times | Global News LastArmistice 5 points ago in canada

    It would be totally awesome if each party could stand on the merit of their policies and beliefs.

    Unfortunately, part of being electable is bolstering the belief the other parties are lesser quality. It isn't enough to be good, you have to be better than the other guys. One way to get a leg up is picking at your opponent's weaknesses (corruption, deceitfulness, abuse of power, faults in logic/unrealistic promises, etc).

    [–] If you believe your total 2020 income will be under $40,000, Golombek suggested putting away 25 per cent of your CERB income, as a general rule. LastArmistice 20 points ago in canada

    The CRA is used to working with people via payment plans. As long as you're steadily chipping away at your tax bill, you will be fine. I've had to arrange payment plans several times when I was self-employed and it's really not a big deal on their end.

    That all said, CERB should have been taxed at source, only leaving those with higher than average incomes with a tax bill at the end of the year.

    [–] Abolish rent. Abolish landlords. LastArmistice 2 points ago in lostgeneration

    Thanks for validating me, it may come to that.

    [–] B.C. faces calls to intervene in Vancouver homeless camp after confrontation LastArmistice 1 points ago in canada

    Housing stability also improves the ability for the person to overcome addiction. It's a well-documented fact.

    [–] For all the Kate fans out there LastArmistice 41 points ago in lost

    She's an absolute babe but man that bathing suit is fugly.

    [–] TIFU for not shitting for a month. LastArmistice 1 points ago in tifu

    Just a bunch of stuff boiled over. I was mouthing off to my mom so she grabbed a glass and threw it at my head, it broke and honestly hurt but not too bad. I ran away to a friend's house, my aunt picked me up a few days later and explained I was going to live with them for awhile since things had gotten out of hand. It was a really painful experience all around because they lived 2 hours away so I had to leave everything behind in the middle of the school year with no warning. I never even got to say goodbye to some of my friends and this was before social media and everything.

    I'm just now getting through this whole thread, sorry!

    [–] Abolish rent. Abolish landlords. LastArmistice 17 points ago in lostgeneration

    We've lived in the same condo since 2010, when we began renting it was $890/month. I was scrolling through Facebook ads and there was an apartment in our building, exact same floor plan, listed for $1700. Honestly it scares me. Our landlords have recently told us they're looking to sell and I have no idea how we're going to find a pet-friendly place in our budget. My cat is a cripplingly shy senior kitty with health problems and I shudder to think about what would happen to her if she had to go to a shelter.

    [–] TIFU for not shitting for a month. LastArmistice 2 points ago in tifu

    Oh I have a bidet now, never going back.

    [–] TIFU for not shitting for a month. LastArmistice 2 points ago in tifu

    This was 15 years ago. Do you think that's still possible?

    [–] TIFU for not shitting for a month. LastArmistice 79 points ago in tifu

    What a crappy way to spend a vacation! Sorry man.

    [–] TIFU for not shitting for a month. LastArmistice 5 points ago in tifu

    The thought's crossed my mind but honestly I think it's more likely they just thought I was being 'lazy'. They had some weird rules like absolutely no naps allowed, if I was watching TV or reading for more than an hour or so they'd tell me it was time to get some exercise or do a chore, that kind of thing.

    [–] TIFU for not shitting for a month. LastArmistice 5 points ago in tifu

    That is the case. Not sure why so many people are honed in on that detail.