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    [–] If you are tired of being ashamed and want to come out. Who should you tell first? Do I tell my parents and then make a social media post to get it out of the way or go through friends and relatives first? Lehemee 1 points ago in askgaybros

    Although I'm not that young anymore, I feel somewhat of an obligation to come out publicly because I've heard all the comments, I've seen the homophobia and someone on here once wrote that I need to do it to show people that not all gay people conform to stereotypes, that there's nothing wrong with it and the thought it may help someone like me who is struggling are the reasons I want to do it.

    I also can't help but feel that coming out as bi is a cop out as I prefer men but I do like women and don't want to jeopardise anything in the future if I met a girl. Sorry I've heard that people dislike that about bis - that they just take what ever but the fact is that I like both, I just strongly.

    [–] A message to all the salty ass bitches. Lehemee 0 points ago in askgaybros

    'Literally no one cares' was the comment, anyone that writes that is a sad cunt with fa better to do with their lives

    [–] I hate relatives asking me about a "girlfriend" Lehemee 2 points ago in askgaybros

    Man, mine have stopped, now they start making the 'he's going to end up like (insert single older person)' part of me thinks they are afraid to ask because I am on the cusp of dickhood

    [–] When your straight friends always ask to see your Grindr Lehemee 9 points ago in askgaybros

    lol I think they would be even more freaked out if they knew about saunas and the fact you can just walk in, pay a fee and make use of one of the many penises available, I get that not all bros go to these places but they are wild

    [–] I’m 29 and never been in a relationship? Lehemee 1 points ago in askgaybros

    Mate I'm turning 29 in a month and I'm the same. Tbf I'm not out but going to 100% very soon. I do have regrets about not seeing people when I was in my late teens/early 20s and arguably most attractive. No point beating yourself up about it. Some people are obsessed with others having experience but there's still time.

    [–] Would you drive 40min for dick? Lehemee 1 points ago in askgaybros

    Lol I walked like 5 miles last night for some ass haha should've only been one I was drunk and shit at using google maps. I literally walked past this guys house 4 times before realising I was being daft haha