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    [–] How West Berlin appeared on a 1988 East German Map LenonTV 1 points ago in MapPorn

    White spot on the map shows where Germans did drugs, beer and sex. joys of liberty :*

    [–] Never trash something if you can repair it LenonTV 1 points ago in functionalprint

    That must be your 100th 3D print so far as you do it pretty good. I'm just curious, if you do 3D printing occasionally, how long do you spend here in measuring and printing?

    [–] Why are markets so volatile? JP Morgan's quant guru thinks 'fake news' is to blame LenonTV 1 points ago in economy

    Never thought of that and it is an interesting idea. Coding more lines to filter web sources or buying white lists from google or facebook might save some $$$.

    [–] Oh jeez LenonTV 0 points ago in aviation

    Compliments for the driver ❤️

    [–] European countries above 49th parallel LenonTV 1 points ago in europe

    Does that mean the weather in both continenta is equaly similar?

    [–] Kittiefight : cryptokitties mortal combat, checkout it out : LenonTV 1 points ago in CryptoKitties

    Supose that’s the only way to save mu kittie from kittieHell ‘_’

    [–] This guy LenonTV 1 points ago in business


    [–] How LinkedIn Got Their First Users 🤓 LenonTV 8 points ago in startups

    Nice post! It’s like reading of a business history. I suppose you should start making youtube content, video content is winning agains blogs though..

    Can you write about Spotify one day? The idea that some European company successfully compete with Apple is somewhat beautiful.

    [–] Mexican Government Officials Visit Canada To Learn About Marijuana Legalization LenonTV 0 points ago in worldnews

    Mexica can earn $1T/year after they legalize cocaini. That would hurt Americans, amigos 😏😎

    [–] I’ve been investing for about a year. Feeing good about my gains. LenonTV 1 points ago in wallstreetbets

    u/olsont1 your portfolio is nasdaq stocks only? What industries? Any cryptos? Market corections happen often, sorry for that, only way to gain profit year after year is to learn more

    [–] Nice LenonTV 2 points ago in shittyrobots

    That’s the dumbest robot i’ve seen. I love it!

    [–] [PDF] NordVPN, ProtonVPN and HolaVPN's Connections to Data-Mining Giant, Tesonet - an Organizational Chart with Links LenonTV 2 points ago in privacytoolsIO

    To be honest, this whole scheme reminds me French elections and Russian faked email leaks to cripple cool guy called Macron. In short, it’s a sweet mix of true data and fake info to exaggerate some points and that’s why an info is a bit worthless.

    Edit: the mass scale of an anonymous chart also shows that it’s not done by an individual but rather by an organization. Competitor mostly.