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    [–] Top 10 Countries by Internet Users [1990-2019] [OC] Leprichaun17 1 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    Yeah for sure. It's getting better slowly, but pretty much everywhere else is getting better faster.

    [–] Foreskin matters for female pleasure too Leprichaun17 2 points ago in unpopularopinion

    This here. Seen a few times this comment was made and didn't understand it. Definitely doesn't retract completely, can still be completely covered while erect too.

    [–] Because Facial Recognition Makes Students and Faculty Less Safe, 40+ Rights Groups Call on Universities to Ban Technology. "This mass surveillance experiment does not belong in our public spaces, and certainly not in our schools." Leprichaun17 3 points ago in technology

    As far as I know, in most jurisdictions, you have no reasonable expectation of privacy in public places like this. This is why there's already surveillance cameras pretty much everywhere you go. People kicked up a fuss at the time it was becoming common-place too. What the owner of that video data chooses to do with it is up to them.

    [–] Tornado touching down in traffic Leprichaun17 0 points ago in interestingasfuck

    White car just got yeeted into another dimension.

    [–] Landlord selling unit with roughly 16 months left on lease. Leprichaun17 2 points ago in AusLegal

    Pretty confident vic is. As long as you're a party to the conversation you can record without consent or knowledge, but if you do make any recordings, don't share them without legal advice.

    [–] Landlord selling unit with roughly 16 months left on lease. Leprichaun17 13 points ago in AusLegal

    Absolutely entitled to stay until the end date as documented in your fixed term lease. New owner becomes the landlord as you said. You can choose to make an agreement to end the lease early. If you go this route, get everything in writing to make sure you can't be pinned for the cost of breaking the lease early.

    [–] After a year of work, I'm releasing my Net Worth spreadsheet, tracking your entire financial position and with automatic ETF optimisation/automation! Leprichaun17 14 points ago in AusFinance

    Nicely done! As an avid Excel nut myself who's recently transitioning to Sheets, I'm very impressed by the effort you've put into this.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, and I'm not sure if there's a way around this, but given that users first have to create a copy in their own Google account, if you make any updates (e.g. bug-fixes) to your main doc, the users will have to create a new copy and start over?

    [–] TIFU by shaving my butt Leprichaun17 3 points ago in tifu

    Formed a seal with chair. Pressure built up. Rocketed off my seat, louder than anything I've heard in my life. IT'S A TRAP!

    [–] I’m about to start a huge petty as hell parking war with my neighbour. Leprichaun17 3 points ago in confessions

    Surely this can't be true. So, SO many people wouldn't use their car for longer periods than that, especially when they holiday or whatever.

    [–] Tim Paine is THE COACH! Leprichaun17 5 points ago in Cricket

    Shane Warne publicly stated that the reason he can't play is because of a commitment he has in Cape Town on Tuesday morning. If he plays on Sunday, there's no airline that can get him there in time. So, as I said, it's because of the change to Sunday for Warnie.

    [–] Tim Paine is THE COACH! Leprichaun17 24 points ago in Cricket

    Pulled out when they changed it to Sunday because of other commitments overseas.

    [–] Tim Paine is THE COACH! Leprichaun17 19 points ago in Cricket

    Not sure about international, but it's being broadcast by Fox Sports if you can access that. Sunday 09/02 3:15pm AEDT.

    [–] Tired of your truck getting stolen? Leprichaun17 1 points ago in WTF

    Thanks mate, yeah my bad. Definitely remembering something wrong or confusing it with something else.

    [–] Tired of your truck getting stolen? Leprichaun17 1 points ago in WTF

    I could be wrong, but pretty sure you shouldn't do this with an EFI car.

    [–] Showing her panties in first class Leprichaun17 -8 points ago in RealPublicNudity

    A creep shot? Sure, if it were some secretive shot in a place with an expectation of privacy. But from your seat on public transport, where there's no expectation of privacy? No chance.

    [–] If you're a native English speaker, you have no excuse to not know the difference between they're, there and their or your and you're. Leprichaun17 4 points ago in unpopularopinion

    That's not it though - there's people that will use "they're" with the apostrophe instead of "their" - if your argument is that they're just being lazy or whatever because they're just writing casually, which I fully agree happens, this isn't that situation.