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    [–] ‘We Can’t Afford It’ LetFreedomPlink 1 points ago in tuesday

    That's not a fair comparison - you're comparing the best of the public sector to the worst of the private sector. If you're looking for a fair comparison to privatized street gangs, look no further than William Tweed of Tammany Hall.

    [–] Modern updates to the AR platform with Jim Sullivan, one of the AR-15's original designers LetFreedomPlink 3 points ago in 2ALiberals

    Yes, but the NFA will not be repealed anytime soon. We should consider ourselves lucky if an AWB isn't passed in the next congress.

    [–] Weekly Buy Curious Request Thread - 01/18/2019 LetFreedomPlink 2 points ago in gundeals

    Looking for a good deal on an Aero AR-10 receiver set in FDE.

    [–] Another "fuck you" to the NFA: Franklin Armory tries -and makes- another not-SBR. Enter the Providence, a non-Semiautomatic not-SBR LetFreedomPlink 5 points ago in Firearms

    an overpriced "fuck you" to the NFA in the more restrictive ban-states

    The N in NFA stands for National. Restrictive states are restrictive due to their shitty state laws, not national ones.

    [–] Trump will have a Primary challenger, but it will come from his left LetFreedomPlink 0 points ago in tuesday

    Show me a Democrat in 2019 who isn't campaigning against gun rights and I might consider voting for them. As much as I hate Trump, I won't vote for his opponent if it means that I'm voting against my 2A rights.

    [–] NRA EFFECTIVENESS LetFreedomPlink 14 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in liberalgunowners

    Gun Owners of America is trying to get the NFA thrown out. There's a thread on it here.

    [–] [Parts] Franklin Armory 5550A Binary trigger gen 3 - $317.99 LetFreedomPlink 7 points ago in gundeals

    I've heard that you can outrun the bolt with the Franklin, while the Echo is designed to prevent that from happening. Also, I've heard that the Franklin can't be installed into an 80% lower without shimming or milling, since the floor height of the fire control group area is a critical dimension for proper operation. On the other hand, I've heard that the Echo is constructed out of lower quality materials. I have full auto BCGs, so BCG compatibility isn't really a concern for me.

    [–] Switzerland: So Many Guns, No Mass Shootings | The Daily Show [5:54] LetFreedomPlink 2 points ago in mealtimevideos

    Federally, there is a 3 day waiting period for handguns as per the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act.

    Not quite. All guns sold through a licensed dealer must go through a background check, with few exceptions (such as having a concealed carry permit, in some states). If for some reason the background check takes more than 3 business days, then the sale can proceed without getting the results. This isn't an issue because most background checks come back in a few minutes.

    [–] Weekly Buy Curious Request Thread - 01/11/2019 LetFreedomPlink 6 points ago in gundeals

    Looking for a good deal on either a Franklin Armory BFS3 or Fostech Echo Gen 2 binary trigger.