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    [–] 'Jeopardy' Wasn't Designed for a Contestant Like James Holzhauer LetsGetMochas 7 points ago in television

    It's syndicated so your best bet is finding someone's home recorded version on something like YouTube or daily motion

    [–] When the night is over, pen, 10x8.5 LetsGetMochas 2 points ago in Art

    This is amazing. Lord Huron's lyrics, album covers, and performance have a lot of nature themes so obviously I associate them with pines/deserts. I like this interpretation a lot.

    [–] [Inspiration] Loafer Asthetic LetsGetMochas 1 points ago in femalefashionadvice

    Last summer I sprinkled this in all my flats and it made my life so much easier

    [–] Business casual style ideas that don’t make me look like a Plain Jane? LetsGetMochas 2 points ago in TheGirlSurvivalGuide

    All of my clothes from H&M are the ones I get complimented the most on, they definitely have a great selection of business and casual clothes. OP, if you can wear pencil skirts to work that will open up a lot of options for you.

    [–] Need advice and help on clothes shopping! LetsGetMochas 2 points ago in TheGirlSurvivalGuide

    Shopping can be extremely challenging, I have definitely spent a fair amount of time crying in dressing rooms. I went from tomboy/no style to feminine just by understanding my body better and knowing my proper size. This should be a good start at figuring out what your body type is and what kind of clothes will be flattering on you. Remember this is just advice and not an actual guideline, wear what makes you feel confident.

    If you are not sure what colors to wear this can also be useful. My style has changed a lot over the last few years but I typically like to wear high waisted skirts, shirt that is not a printed tee, and hosiery (it is super comfortable if you don't get the cheap stuff). I like to have one piece of my outfit be a solid color and the other have either a texture or a pattern.

    I really like Zooey and Mindy's fashion choices. Owning a few timeless fashion pieces can go a long way. Good luck!

    [–] Need help! LetsGetMochas 1 points ago in TheGirlSurvivalGuide

    I think the dress is the better option, and the slit probably won't be an issue unless you are always spinning. But, whatever you feel comfortable in will be the best option. The back is totally fine, you can always wear a shawl if you think it makes it look more formal.

    [–] John Mulaney Stand-Up Monologue - SNL LetsGetMochas 6 points ago in television

    I noticed that the one time January Jones hosted

    [–] Hungarian Parliament Building LetsGetMochas 5 points ago in pics

    Grand Budapest Parliament?

    [–] What are you boycotting? LetsGetMochas 2 points ago in AskReddit

    6 years clean in 2 weeks. BE AWARE there is a chance your Facebook will reactivate without your permission.

    It just happened to me and I found other stories about the same thing on the internet. Deleting Facebook wasn't an option when I first got off, then about a month ago I got an email saying welcome back. I was mortified to find out it had been reactivated randomly. I didn't know the password so it took me over a day to get in and permanently delete.

    The good thing is you can download a zip of all your data before you delete.

    [–] Zip it LetsGetMochas 5 points ago in Letterkenny


    [–] Solo'd my first 2K, I unpuzzled it as soon as I was done (Buffalo/America's Mainstreet) LetsGetMochas 2 points ago in Jigsawpuzzles

    That was the part I did last and also the hardest. Luckily there is enough texture to help move things along. Good luck!

    [–] How do you make friends? LetsGetMochas 1 points ago in AskReddit

    1. Volunteer, chat with other volunteers and invite them to grab a drink, food, whatever
    2. Get a little tipsy at a bar, then talk to other tipsy people at the bar, if they are cool make solid plans to get tipsy together some time. This is how I found a roommate.
    3. Always say yes to (safe) social situations and don't cancel unless there is an emergency