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    [–] What are you boycotting? LetsGetMochas 2 points ago in AskReddit

    6 years clean in 2 weeks. BE AWARE there is a chance your Facebook will reactivate without your permission.

    It just happened to me and I found other stories about the same thing on the internet. Deleting Facebook wasn't an option when I first got off, then about a month ago I got an email saying welcome back. I was mortified to find out it had been reactivated randomly. I didn't know the password so it took me over a day to get in and permanently delete.

    The good thing is you can download a zip of all your data before you delete.

    [–] Zip it LetsGetMochas 2 points ago in Letterkenny


    [–] Solo'd my first 2K, I unpuzzled it as soon as I was done (Buffalo/America's Mainstreet) LetsGetMochas 2 points ago in Jigsawpuzzles

    That was the part I did last and also the hardest. Luckily there is enough texture to help move things along. Good luck!

    [–] How do you make friends? LetsGetMochas 1 points ago in AskReddit

    1. Volunteer, chat with other volunteers and invite them to grab a drink, food, whatever
    2. Get a little tipsy at a bar, then talk to other tipsy people at the bar, if they are cool make solid plans to get tipsy together some time. This is how I found a roommate.
    3. Always say yes to (safe) social situations and don't cancel unless there is an emergency

    [–] The French always come back to one thing LetsGetMochas 48 points ago in HistoryMemes

    Wasn't the last guillotine execution in 1977?