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    [–] Bo Bichette hits a leadoff home run off Clayton Kershaw! Liampom 26 points ago in baseball

    Dear Blue Jays,

    Please don’t ruin what you have going

    Love, Someone who isn’t a fan of your team but enjoys when teams aren’t shitty

    [–] Free Talk Thread Liampom 1 points ago in nba


    [–] Kerbal Space Program 2 | Cinematic Announce Trailer Liampom 3 points ago in gamernews

    I knew that a new one was coming when the first game finally went on sale

    [–] Jomboy is obviously good for baseball, and the Yankees should lighten up Liampom 1 points ago in baseball

    Jomboy has made me more interested in this season, if anything. He loves the Yankees as well and it would suck if that’s the team that sends his channel under.

    [–] PRESEASON WEEK 1 RECAP THREAD Liampom 7 points ago in minnesotavikings

    Just wanted to make sure that we all agreed that (god forbid) if Cousins goes down Zim should start Sloter in his place, right?

    [–] Ugh. Liampom 1 points ago in OOTP

    Yeah, this game hates making sense sometimes